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Chapter 404: The Second Master Meeting His Mother-in-Law (1)

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In the car.

“Um… Second Master, there should be a lot of things for you to deal with at the Mu Group, right Youre so busy.

You dont have to go back with me.”

On the way, Lu Zijia was still trying to struggle and persuade Mu Tianyan not to be a mad king.

Mu Tianyan leaned his elbow against the window and supported his head with his hand.

He tilted his head slightly as looked at Lu Zijia.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly and his deep voice sounded a bit charming.

“How can other things be more important than Madam”

Mu Tianyan said these flirtatious words without blushing nor his heart racing.

He had no choice.

This girl in front of him, who moved his heart, had a lower EQ than him.

If he didnt say it more directly, how could he let her know how much he cared about her

Lu Zijia, who was being flirted with: “…” Why did this man keep saying things that made her unable to calm down lately

Also, when did this man become such a glib person

When they met for the first time, he spoke as concisely as possible.

It was impossible for him to say anything more.

She still remembered the two words “legs, cure” that this man said up till now!

He could just ask her to cure his legs.

Why did he have to say a shortened version It made her misunderstand him.

Thinking about it now… Alright, she really wanted to laugh.

Mu Tianyan, who didnt know his confession of love and was treated as a glib remark, saw that she was in a daze and wasnt speaking, so he thought she was embarrassed.

She must say this was truly a beautiful misunderstanding…

Heyuejing Community.

Lu Zijia didnt tell Du Xiangjun that she was coming back.

After the car stopped, a closed iron gate was in front of them.

“Madame, why arent you getting out of the car” Mu Tianyan had already gotten out of the car and was sitting in the wheelchair.

Seeing that Lu Zijia was still pretending to be appreciating the scenery in the car, he couldnt help but find it a bit hilarious.

This girl in front of him did things quickly and decisively, but she was sometimes indifferent and sometimes pretended to be muddled.

She also liked money, but she also earned it in ethical means, making her unpredictable.

This was the first time he saw her so distressed and hesitant, which made him want to caress her head and comfort her.

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It was already impossible for her to continue pretending that she was appreciating the scenery.

Lu Zijia could only get out of the car with a wry laugh and took out the key reluctantly, opening the door slowly.

Seeing that she was obviously stalling for time, Mu Tianyan didnt rush her.

He just watched with the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Mu Yunhao, who was holding all kinds of gifts on the side, actually wanted to say that he was really tired!

Du Xiangjun might have heard the sound of the door opening.

When Lu Zijia opened the door and entered, Du Xiangjun walked out of the villa.

Seeing that her daughter was back, Du Xiangjun immediately had a look of joy on her face.

“My baby girl, youre finally back.

I miss you so much.”

Du Xiangjun walked over and gave her daughter a big, tight hug.

Her eyes were still a bit red.

Apparently, she really missed her daughter.

The moment Lu Zijia was held tightly again, her body froze for a second, but she soon relaxed.

Feeling her mothers happiness and warmth, the hesitation that Lu Zijia originally had immediately dissipated and she also showed a sincere smile on her face.

“Mom, I miss you too.”

Lu Zijia said this from the bottom of her heart.

Even though she had experienced maternal love in her previous life, that was when she was still a child and she had already forgotten what it felt like.

So, when she was reborn in this world and felt a mothers love again, she became a little greedy.

However, she wasnt the original host after all..

No matter how hard she tried to find a reason to say that her personality changed drastically only because she died once, as her mother, Du Xiangjun should more or less feel something.


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