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Chapter 402: An Unforeseen Situation of the Lawsuit

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Mu Yunhao, who was watching the two of them quietly on the side: “…”

Why did he suddenly feel like he didnt understand Second Master and Madame more and more

“Hang on.”

Lu Zijia, who was about to leave with Mu Tianyan, suddenly remembered something.

She turned around and looked at the two dead bodies on the ground and the blood rune that had already stopped flowing.

Even though this array couldnt even be compared to a defective one, it would be troublesome if someone found and used it to become the second Taoist Xuening.

So, this thing must be destroyed.

Lu Zijia directly formed a fireball in her hand and threw it on Taoist Xuenings corpse.

The fireball instantly covered Taoist Xuenings body and spread out in the blink of an eye, burning everything inside the bright red circle.

Seeing that Lu Zijia could throw out a fireball casually, Mu Yunhao and the others didnt think too much and thought that the fireball was made with talismans.

Only Mu Tianyans eyes glittered slightly, but he soon calmed down again.

No matter how different his wife was, he just had to remember that she was his wife.

However, his wife was different from everyone else.

Sooner or later, people with intentions would covet her.

At this moment, he desperately wanted to become stronger, strong enough to protect the person who moved his heart.

Lu Zijia had no idea what Mu Tianyan was thinking in his mind at this moment.

After putting out the fire, she pushed Mu Tianyans wheelchair and left.

Not long after Lu Zijia and the others left, Luo Baode, who left before, appeared at the door.

Seeing that the array that killed many people was devoured by the raging fire, he sighed silently and truly left after a while.

After dealing with the matter of the Fang family, Lu Zijia was free again and she wanted to visit Du Xiangjun.

However, before she walked out of the villa, she bumped into Uncle He, who happened to come to report to her.

“Madame, an unforeseen event happened to your mothers lawsuit with Lu Bochuan.” Uncle He went straight to the point.

The people Mu Tianyan sent to protect Du Xiangjun were still protecting her now, which was why Lu Zijia could go into seclusion in peace.

Hearing that there was an unexpected situation in the lawsuit, she couldnt help raising her eyebrows slightly.

“An unforeseen event What kind of event”

Lu Bochuan wouldnt bring his mistress to disturb her mother again shamelessly, would he

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However, what Uncle He said next wasnt what she guessed.

It turned out that Mu Tianyan didnt only send someone to protect Du Xiangjun, but also asked someone to pay attention to the situation of the Lu Family.

The witness and physical evidence of Lu Bochuans bigamy were conclusive.

He would probably be sentenced the next time he went to court.

However, Lu Bochuan was Old Master Lus only son.

Old Master Lu couldnt watch his only son be sentenced.

So, he didnt hesitate to use the favors he had gotten over the years and spent money to ask his connections for help, so that Lu Bochuans sentence for bigamy would be minimized, such as being fined or detained for a few days.

And the reason why Uncle He came to tell Lu Zijia about this was because he wanted to ask her about her decision.

Did she want to cut off Old Master Lus connections or did she have other thoughts

After thinking for a while, Lu Zijia decided to ask Du Xiangjun first.

After all, no matter how much she disliked the Lu family, she still had to consider Du Xiangjuns feelings, right

“Ill go with you.”

Lu Zijia, who had just told Uncle He her plan and was about to leave, heard a familiar voice behind her.

Lu Zijia looked over after hearing the voice.

As expected, she saw Mu Tianyan in the wheelchair.

“This is just a small matter.

I can deal with it.

I wont trouble you.”

Lu Zijia only thought that he wanted to go with her because he was worried that she couldnt solve the problem, so she rejected him without thinking..


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