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Chapter 372: The Cause and Consequence (5)

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However, what made Fang Chengtao shocked was that Lu Zijia knew that Cheng Keqis parents divorced a long time ago and left her to be raised by her grandparents.

He only knew about it himself because he asked someone to investigate Cheng Keqi a year ago.

Master Lu didnt know Cheng Keqi at all before, but she accurately told him about her familys situation.

If she wasnt really capable, she wouldnt have known at all.

Thinking of this, Fang Chengtaos attitude towards Lu Zijia immediately became even more respectful and polite.

“Thank you for the reminder, Master Lu.

Ill go invite them right away.”

Lu Zijia nodded slightly.

“Ill look for Cheng Keqi after the sun goes down.

Just invite her family over after that.”

“Alright, alright, no problem.

Even if I have to kowtow and apologize to them, Ill definitely invite them here.” Fang Chengtao kept agreeing with determination.

After Fang Chengtao left in a hurry, Zhu Yunya couldnt help feeling a bit embarrassed in front of Lu Zijia.

Her attitude towards Master Lu was so bad last time.

She hoped that Master Lu could be a bigger person and forgive her.

“Master Lu, its almost time for lunch.

Why dont you stay for a meal and Ill arrange a guest room for you to rest later”

At this moment, Zhu Yunya seemed a bit nervous and cautious.

She wasnt as sharp and mean as she was the last time they met.

Her attitude could be said to be completely different.

“Sure, thank you, Madam Fang.”

Lu Zijia didnt care about the change in her attitude, nor did she get angry because of her attitude.

It wasnt worth getting angry over someone she wasnt familiar with.

Of course, she felt like it wasnt necessary.

“No worries, no worries.

As long as youre satisfied, Master.”

Zhu Yunya seemed to be startled as Lu Zijia thanked her politely.

She waved her hands constantly to show that it was no trouble.

At the same time, she felt that this master, Lu Zijia, was much more easy-going than other masters.

Less than a week after Lu Zijia left last time, their family had hired a few masters one after another.

Those masters werent quite capable, but they all liked to put on airs.

In comparison, Zhu Yunya immediately felt that Lu Zijia was much better than those so-called masters.

After having lunch in the Fang family, Lu Zijia went to the room Zhu Yunya arranged for her to rest.

Zhu Yunya was afraid that Cheng Keqi would suddenly come back to find her daughter, so she made a careful thought and directly arranged Lu Zijias guest room next to her daughters.

That way, even if Cheng Keqi came again, she would be able to ask the master to save her daughter immediately.

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Lu Zijia certainly knew what Zhu Yunya was thinking, but she didnt care.

After all, any mother would do the same thing as Zhu Yunya for their daughters safety.

Lu Zijia was cultivating in the guest room.

When she opened her eyes again, it was already dark outside.


Seeing the sky getting darker and darker, Zhu Yunya, who had been waiting outside nervously, couldnt help feeling extremely anxious.

When she saw Lu Zijia come out of the guest room, her heart even skipped a beat.

“Is something wrong”

Seeing Zhu Yunyas hesitant look, Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows slightly and asked.

Zhu Yunya nodded with a troubled look.

“Master, my… my husband isnt back yet.

He forgot to bring his phone.

I cant reach him now.


Zhu Yunya wasnt afraid of anything else, but she was worried that her husband wouldnt be able to invite Cheng Keqis family here, failing to save their daughter in the end.


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