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Chapter 371: The Cause and Consequence (4)

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Seeing that Fang Chengtao didnt reach the point where he completely lost his conscience even when he was also trying his best to protect his daughters life, Lu Zijia nodded slightly with satisfaction and agreed.

She immediately said, “Your guess should be right.

That evil spirit is wearing a school uniform and shes about the same age as your daughter.

She must be Cheng Keqi.”

The expressions of Fang Chengtao and his wife immediately changed drastically after hearing that and their bodies tightened reflexively.

“M-Master, how did you know Have… Have you seen that evil spirit” Fang Chengtao choked and asked with a stutter.


Lu Zijia didnt intend to hide anything.

She said directly, “It wasnt her intention to make your daughter jump off the building just then.

That evil spirit wanted to push her downstairs.”

Of course, the evil spirit didnt really want to push Fang Yingying downstairs, but only to scare her.

“What! It… It was Cheng Keqi who tried to push my daughter downstairs This… This…”

Zhu Yunya was already extremely regretful after she came to her senses.

Hearing that the evil spirit was really Cheng Keqi and that she was at the point where she wanted her daughters life, Zhu Yunya was both terrified and ashamed in her mind.

Cheng Keqi had already reached the point where she wanted her daughters life.

How deep was her resentment towards her daughter

At this moment, Zhu Yunya couldnt help changing her perspective and thinking about how she would feel if her daughter was indirectly forced to die.

The more she thought about it, the worse she felt in her mind.

Indeed, her husband was right.

When did she become so immoral and lose her conscience She even hated herself when she was like that, let alone others.

“Cheng Keqis grievances are very strong.

After people die, if their conviction is too deep, resentment and dark energy will be produced.

If the resentment and dark energy are too strong, they wont be able to reincarnate.

“So, if you want Cheng Keqi to reincarnate, you must eliminate the resentment in her.” Lu Zijia said slowly.

Of course, there were two other ways, which was to forcefully dispel the resentment in Cheng Keqis soul or directly beat her soul into pieces, so she couldnt reincarnate anymore.

However, Lu Zijia wouldnt use the last two methods to deal with Cheng Keqi, because Fang Yingying owed Cheng Keqi.

Even if Cheng Keqi wanted to take revenge on Fang Yingying, it was understandable.

And yet, if Cheng Keqi really killed Fang Yingying for revenge, Cheng Keqi would still carry the sin of murder because of this and it wouldnt be so easy for her to reincarnate.

“As long as I can save my daughter, Ill do anything.” Fang Chengtao said firmly again.

He immediately looked around carefully and asked Lu Zijia, “Master, is she still here”

The “she” Fang Chengtao talked about was certainly Cheng Keqi.

“Shes already gone.”

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Lu Zijia stood up and glanced coldly at Fang Yingying, who was still curled up by the bed, as if she was completely immersed in her own world and didnt hear what they said at all.

“I dont think that evil spirit will let your daughter go so easily.

I suggest you be prepared.”

Lu Zijia thought for a while and said again, “Cheng Keqis parents divorced when she was young and she grew up with her grandparents, so they had a deep relationship.

“You can invite her grandparents here.

It might have an unexpected effect.”

Lu Zijia deliberately emphasized the word “invite.” Apparently, she was reminding Fang Chengtao and his wife not to play any tricks.

Fang Chengtao had never thought of harming Cheng Keqis family, let alone playing tricks.


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