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Chapter 305: Lu Wanyuan Yielded

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Even though Lu Wanyuan looked down on Mu Tianyan, this disabled and inhumane person, she was still afraid of him.

After all, Mu Tianyans name of the living King of Hell in the mouths of outsiders wasnt fake.

Seeing Mu Tianyans cold and warning gaze at this moment, Lu Wanyuan turned pale in fright and lowered her head subconsciously, not daring to look at him for half a second.

She looked down on Mu Tianyan and was afraid of him at the same time.

She must say that this was truly contradictory.

Lu Zijia nodded at Mu Tianyan and walked to the side directly, stopping about 20 meters away from the car.

At such a distance, ordinary people wouldnt be able to hear what the two of them said if they didnt talk loudly on purpose, but Martial Artists could.

Lu Zijia stood still and turned around to look at Lu Wanyuan, who was following her, with a faint smile.

Seeing her like this, Lu Wanyuan immediately felt an inexplicable chill from the bottom of her heart.

But because of what her father and mother asked her to do, she bit her lower lip and resisted the urge to run away.


Lu Wanyuan took a deep breath and thought of a script in her mind again and again before she spoke softly and weakly.

However, as soon as she said one word, Lu Zijia interrupted her mercilessly.

“Ive said it before.

Im the only daughter my Mom has.

Dont establish family relations with people randomly.

If I hear something I dont want to hear again, youll have to get out of here directly, understand”

Lu Zijia put away the smile on her face and looked at Lu Wanyuan expressionlessly with cold eyes.

Besides, Du Xiangjun had already applied for a divorce from the court.

Even if they werent divorced, Lu Wanyuan wasnt her sister, not even in name.

Lu Wanyuans face flushed and tears glittered in her eyes.

She said in a sorrowful tone, “I know.

I dont blame you if you dont want to admit that Im your sister.

After all, my mother…”

Lu Wanyuan intentionally didnt finish what she wanted to say, but left some space for people to guess and also gave Xia Fangqing dignity.

Lu Wanyuan specifically mentioned her mother to irritate Lu Zijia so that she could get what she wanted.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zijia didnt seem to be enraged at all.

Instead, she looked at her coldly.

This made Lu Wanyuan unable to continue the script she had already prepared in her mind.

Lu Zijia wasnt willing to cooperate, so Lu Wanyuan could only force herself to continue acting.

“Zijia, my mother knows shes wrong and she also feels sorry for you and Auntie, so she decided to leave my father and never disturb my father and Auntie again from now on.”

Lu Wanyuan had originally prepared a lot of things to say, but unfortunately, she didnt have Lu Zijias cooperation, so she could only remove those things and went straight to the main point.

However, what she said was very interesting.

She only said that Xia Fangqing would leave Lu Bochuan, but didnt say where she and her brother would go.

Apparently, she wanted to play dumb.


Lu Zijia couldnt help but laugh, sounding extremely sarcastic.

She thought that Lu Wanyuan came to find her at this time because the Lu family asked her to come and find trouble with her.

Unexpectedly, she was here to provide a solution.

However, this solution was nothing.

Since Lu Wanyuan provided such a solution, it seemed like Lu Bochuan was afraid that Lu Zijia would sue him for bigamy.

Even though the sentence of bigamy wasnt long, he would still have to go to jail once he was convicted.

With Lu Bochuans identity, he certainly didnt want to go to jail.

If he went to jail, not only would his reputation be damaged, but the interests of the Lu Group would also be affected.

Compared to his own interests, what was this “true love” with Xia Fangqing


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