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Chapter 292: Master, Master, I Love You, As Much As Mice Love Rice!

After checking that the quality of the emeralds was pretty good, Lu Zijia directly put 90% of them into the Ancient Space and kept the remaining 10% for her own cultivation.

“Woof, woof! Master, Master, I love you, as much as mice love rice!!! Woof!”

The golden pagoda, which was originally lying half-dead in the Ancient Space, immediately cried out in excitement when it saw a pile of emeralds with strong spiritual energy in front of its eyes.

People who didnt know better would think it was a dog!

“Woof, woof! Master, Master, youre awesome.

Master, keep it up! I definitely have faith in you.”

Hearing the golden pagodas kind words, which sounded like they were free, Lu Zijia rolled her eyes speechlessly.

Dont think she didnt know that she was only awesome when there were benefits, but was really bad when there was none!

However, she was a good master.

She could only be broad-minded and not argue with this “fence-sitter.”

“I got these emeralds with great effort.

You cant take them for yourself, or Ill beat you to death!”

Lu Zijia, who knew the golden pagoda very well, directly gave it a threatening warning.

The golden pagoda, which was chewing on a piece of emerald with rich spiritual energy in the space: “…”

Boohoo, Master was so cruel.

She knew that its stomach had become flat from hunger, but she still didnt let it fill its stomach first.

Its life was miserable.


“Have you already taken them for yourself”

Hearing no response from the golden pagoda, Lu Zijia, who was selecting the remaining emeralds to set up the array, immediately narrowed her eyes and spoke in a dangerous tone.

The golden pagoda was worried that Lu Zijias deity-sense would enter the space, so it threw away the half-eaten emerald immediately, feeling guilty.

“No, no, I didnt take them for myself.”

The golden pagoda quickly denied and immediately pretended to be upright and unyielding as it said, “Master, Ive inherited your good moral character.

I do things openly and honestly.

How would I possibly do something like taking something for myself

“Even if Im allowed to do so, my conscience wouldnt allow it, right Master, you have to believe me.


Lu Zijia, who had been deceiving people and stealing food from the tigers mouth secretly in her previous life: “…”

Was this little bastard being ironic It was being ironic! Dont think she didnt hear that this little bastard was hinting to her that she, the master, didnt set a good example!

Also, it was just the spirit of the space.

It wasnt a human being.

How would it have any conscience

“If I find out that you take them for yourself, youre dead!”

After threatening it angrily, Lu Zijia blocked the connection between the two of them.

However, even though Lu Zijia made such a threat, she didnt expect the golden pagoda to really not take the emeralds for itself.

The ultimate purpose of her warning was just to ask it to be careful not to take all of the emeralds.

Otherwise, even if she put all the emeralds in this world into the space, it wouldnt have the chance of upgrading.

As Lu Zijia expected, after sensing that Lu Zijia blocked the connection between the two of them, the golden pagoda immediately picked up another piece of emerald and started eating.

However, he stopped after eating three pieces.

There was a pile of food in front of it, but it couldnt eat them.

At this moment, the golden pagoda found itself extremely miserable.

It really missed the wonderful time when it could eat spirit stones every day in the past.

Unfortunately, that was a long time ago.


The night flashed by.

Lu Zijia, who was taking care of the Namo Buddha Lotus in the backyard the next day, was told by Uncle He that Song Zixuan came to find her.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and thought to herself, “Why did that unlucky man come to find me again Did he encounter a ghost again”


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