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Chapter 279: Master Lu Who Loves Tricking People

“What Someone took the money away!”

The female police officer already pitied Qiu Ansheng.

Hearing that the life-saving money for Qiu Anshengs mother was stolen, she was immediately shocked and furious.

The young police officer also looked enraged.

Apparently, he felt angry for Qiu Ansheng.

Lu Zijia nodded.

“You know the person who took Qiu Anshengs money.

Thats Grandma Qian, who was here just now.

“Of course, in Grandma Qians perspective, she didnt steal the money, but was taken as compensation.

“Simply put, Qiu Ansheng suffered from Grandma Qians fraud.

His kindness made him lose the money he borrowed with great effort to pay for his mothers hospitalization.”

Lu Zijia said indifferently, but the young police officer and the female police officer felt a chill down their spines.

Frauding happened a lot, but very few people died because of it.

And yet, they encountered such a case today.

Besides, according to Lu Zijia, Qiu Ansheng could be said to have been indirectly killed by Grandma Qian.

“How… How did you know about it”

Something suddenly came to the female police officers mind.

Her body, which had just relaxed, immediately tensed up again and she subconsciously glanced into the house.

Even though the young police officer wasnt as smart as the female police officer, he still felt that it was a bit strange that Lu Zijia knew so much.

Lu Zijia blinked and pointed in the direction of the young spirit floating on the side.

“Qiu Ansheng told me himself.”


The female police officers voice immediately rose an octave and her legs couldnt help shaking again.

She turned her head and looked at Lu Zijia with a stiff expression.

“You… Youre joking, right”

Lu Zijia shook her head very sincerely.

“I dont like to joke.” She only liked to trick people.


After getting a certain answer from Lu Zijia, the female police officer gasped and looked like she was about to pass out because of the huge blow.

Let alone the female police officer, even the young police officer couldnt help feeling a bit scared in his mind.

However, because of his dignity as a man, he resisted the urge to run away with her.

“If you dont believe me, youll know when you check it out.

Its only been less than three days.

I believe you can find out easily.” Lu Zijia said again.

“Alright, alright! Well go check right now.”

The female police officer couldnt help herself.

She said something as she ran out of the house with the young police officer quickly.

That speed was totally enough for her to participate in a sprint!

As a Taoist Master, she certainly could see things like ghosts.

Otherwise, how would she be able to take them down

Besides, they had tried to persuade the boy all morning, but still hadnt been able to calm him down.

And yet, Lu Zijia dealt with it as soon as she arrived.

This made them even more certain that the boy was truly possessed.

However, they still had to verify it, even though they believed so.

After all, the cops needed evidence to catch people.

“Thank you, master.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia made the cops investigate the case so easily, Qiu Ansheng bowed to Lu Zijia solemnly and sincerely again with gratitude.

Unfortunately, even if the cops investigated the case again, he wouldnt be able to come back to life.

At this moment, he truly regretted it.

He regretted choosing to commit suicide so foolishly back then!

The moment he jumped down, his mothers haggard face appeared in his mind and he also thought about what his mother would do after he died and her medical expenses.


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