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Chapter 256: The Guilty Master Lu

“Apart from this place, I havent found a safer place at the moment.

“So, I can only plant it here temporarily.

“Besides, dont I have to cure you Itll definitely take some time for me to completely eliminate the poison for you.

Its most convenient for me to plant it here.”

Lu Zijia met Mu Tianyans eyes without feeling guilty at all.

She comforted him with a smile, “Dont worry, I have a way to hide the aura of the Namo Buddha Lotus.

I will definitely not cause unnecessary trouble for you.

“Besides, the method I talked about last night that can help you improve your cultivation speed depends on it.”

Even though the Namo Buddha Lotus wasnt very useful for her, it was very useful for Martial Artists.

Besides, she could also use the Namo Buddha Lotus to make some elixirs.

By then, she would definitely be able to earn money!

Thinking of this, the smile on Lu Zijias face became even brighter.

She totally looked like a little fox.

“Depends on it”

Mu Tianyans gaze landed on the Namo Buddha Lotus that looked like an ordinary lotus flower again.

His eyes glittered slightly, as if he was thinking about something.

Suddenly, light flashed through Mu Tianyans eyes.

“Do you want to grow more Namo Buddha Lotuses”

“Thats right.

Second Master, you can buy them from me if you want.

The price is definitely negotiable.”

Lu Zijia had started looking for business before the lotuses were grown.

There wasnt anyone else like her.

Mu Tianyan was already used to the miserly side of Lu Zijia, but…

“Didnt you say that its an offer Why are you charging again”

Lu Zijia blinked guiltily, looking a bit innocent.

“Well… I only said its an offer, not for free.

An offer and for free are two different things.”

Noticing the guilty look in her eyes, Mu Tianyan chuckled in his mind and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Alright, Ill wait for your offer.”

Mu Yunhao, who watched things develop between the two of them on the side: “…”

Second Master found that the person who took away the Namo Buddha Lotus in front of them was Madame.

Shouldnt he be angry

Besides, he didnt forget that when he tried to test Madame in Zhao Village, Madame openly said that she had never seen the Namo Buddha Lotus!

As expected, Madame was too good at deceiving people.

A nobody like him really couldnt tell.

“Alright, I need to go home.

Call me if anything happens!”

Lu Zijia waved at them and walked into the villa.

“Are you sure we can reach you”

Lu Zijia had just taken two steps when she heard what Mu Tianyan said.

She immediately stopped and took out the phone on her body silently.

She felt guilty when she found that she forgot to charge it again!

As an ancient person in this world, she really wasnt used to high-tech things like cell phones!

“Ahem, Ill charge it when I get home.

Youll definitely reach me next time, haha…”

Lu Zijia touched her nose in embarrassment and chuckled with a guilty look.

Watching Lu Zijia leave, the smile in Mu Tianyans eyes remained.

“Second Master, I always feel that she doesnt seem like Lu Zijia.” Mu Yunhao frowned slightly and said.

No matter how much a person changed, it was impossible for them to become another person completely.

So, the more he interacted with Lu Zijia, the more he felt that this Lu Zijia wasnt the original Lu Zijia.

As for what Lu Zijia said before about going to the Palace of Hell and the King of Hell giving her a huge gift, he didnt believe it at all.

After all, that was too ridiculous.

Even a three-year-old might not believe it.


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