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Chapter 245: Master Lu Who Got Tricked by a Stupid Teammates

“Mu Tianyan, you are taking advantage of the situation.

Thats not what a gentleman does!” Lu Zijia said as she gritted her teeth while dealing with the evil spirit.

Mu Tianyan blinked as if he had learned Lu Zijias trick of pretending to be innocent.

His cold face was full of innocence.

“Ive never said that Im a gentleman.”

Mu Yunhao: “…” Second Master, is it really good for you to ruin your image like this

Lu Zijia: “…” Why did she suddenly find the mans innocent look very familiar

“I havent cured you yet.

If I die, you wont live for long either.”

Lu Zijia had no choice but to threaten him.

However, unexpectedly…

“Its alright.

We are husband and wife.

Its a happy thing if we can die together.” Mu Tianyan said indifferently.

The corners of Lu Zijias mouth twitched and countless black lines of speechlessness immediately fell down from her forehead.

Who was the one who said that they would no longer be husband and wife very soon a moment ago

This man was definitely going to get her!

Lu Zijia wasnt someone who would admit defeat so easily.

Since she couldnt persuade the others to help, she could only rely on herself.

Not hearing Lu Zijias reply, Mu Tianyan wasnt in a hurry either.

He put his elbows on the armrest and supported his chin with his hand lazily, looking like he was watching a show with interest.

Mu Yunhao glanced at him quietly and carefully.

He deeply felt that Second Master was a bit annoying right now.

People were fighting in front of them, but Second Master was watching the show happily.

If he wasnt asking to be beaten, what was he doing

Second Master wouldnt be like this in the past.

However, every time he was with Madame, he became weird, as if… he became a bit more popular

Mu Yunhao thought with a bit of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Lu Zijia was thinking if she should use the secret technique to temporarily raise her cultivation level to the second level of Qi practicing when she heard the sound of police cars coming from afar.

Lu Zijia frowned and thought, “The police cars arent coming here, are they”

Before she thought about it, Tang Mufeng and his wife, who were still in the building, gave her the answer.

“Master, Ive already called the cops.

Hang in there!” Luo Ziyun stood by the window and shouted at Lu Zijia with a worried look.

Although the couple were in the building, they heard the conversation between Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan.

The couple, who thought that Lu Zijia really couldnt deal with the evil spirit, immediately decided to call the cops.

Lu Zijia, who felt like she was tricked by her stupid teammates: “…”

According to the original hosts memories, police officers in this world couldnt catch ghosts, right

Besides, it seemed that people were forbidden from talking about superstitions and ghosts.

If the situation was serious, they would even be taken away by the police officers to be educated.

As a Taoist Master right now, wasnt she the target who should be “detained” by the police officers

Did the couple of the Tang family call the cops to catch her or to catch the evil spirit

Even though there was a special administrative department in the capital city that specialized in dealing with those supernatural incidents, they couldnt put them in the open.

Otherwise, people would panic.

So, she must take down the evil spirit before those police officers arrived.

To avoid letting the tiger return to the mountain, she definitely couldnt let the evil spirit escape.

It was already too late for her to use the secret art to improve her level temporarily.

Lu Zijia could only grit her teeth and agree to the conditions Mu Tianyan made before when he took advantage of the situation.

“Alright, I promise!” Lu Zijia glared at Mu Tianyan in frustration.

This despicable man, just wait.

She would return this loss sooner or later!


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