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Chapter 217: A Man Was Unconsciously Jealous

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and looked at Mu Tianyan.

“Would you believe me if I said I could tell”

The corners of Mu Tianyans mouth curled up slightly and there was a touch of warmth in his cold eyes.

“Why not”

Lu Zijia nodded.

“Thats good.”

And then, nothing happened.

Mu Yunhao and Song Zixuan, who were listening to their conversation, couldnt help feeling a bit speechless.

Wasnt the conversation between these two a bit too strange

However, they couldnt seem to tell what was so strange…

Before Mu Tianyan asked anything else, Lu Zijia said to Song Zixuan, “Did you find anything of Jiang Jinfu Like clothes or a photo.”

As long as there was something that was stained with Jiang Jinfus aura, she would be able to find him or his spirit with the Tracking Talisman.

Even though she still couldnt draw a Tracking Talisman at the moment, it was always right to be prepared first.

As for why she didnt choose to follow Zhao Hanlins ghost, of course, it was because she thought it was more likely that the evil spirit was Jiang Jinfu.

She heard from many people that Zhao Hanlin was burnt to ashes in the fire back then, so he certainly wouldnt leave any bones behind.

And the evil spirit still had a complete skeleton, which was enough to prove that the skeleton wasnt Zhao Hanlin.

“Yes, theres a photo.”

Song Zixuan took out an old photo from his pocket and handed it to Lu Zijia.

“I exchanged this photo with Jiang Jinfus family with money.

“So, am I far-sighted”

Song Zixuan raised his chin slightly with obvious complacency on his face, looking like he was waiting for Lu Zijia to praise him.

Lu Zijia nodded and complimented him for his mature behavior cooperatively, “Right, right, you have great foresight.

This is the best thing youve done.”

Song Zixuan, who finally heard Lu Zijias compliment, immediately became cocky.

A man with a strong aura found his arrogant look very unpleasant.

So, the complacent Song Zixuan suddenly felt a cold gaze on him, making him shiver hard unconsciously.

Song Zixuan subconsciously looked at the few people here and found that no one was looking at him, so he couldnt help feeling a bit dumbfounded.

Suddenly, he seemed to have pictured something.

He subconsciously pulled his clothes together with his hands and huddled on the couch.

He looked like he couldnt wait to merge with the couch.

Mu Yunhao noticed his small movements and couldnt help but look at him with a weird look.

Apparently, he didnt understand what kind of a habit it was.

Lu Zijia, who took the photos, didnt notice the small movements of the few of them, so she had no idea that a certain man was unconsciously jealous because of her…

Jiang Jinfu had the face of a typical villain, and he was also a ruthless person.

For the sake of money, he could definitely do something like killing people.

Luckily, he had a short life, or Zhao Hanlin wouldnt be the only one who was killed by him.

“Madam, did you see anything”

After Lu Zijia put down the photo, Mu Tianyan asked again.

Mu Yunhao on the side suddenly realized that his Second Master seemed to talk a lot more when he was with Madame

Lu Zijia didnt hide anything.

In fact, there was nothing to hide.

“This person has a short life.

He should have died a long time ago.”

“So, the evil spirit youre talking about is probably Jiang Jinfu” Mu Yunhao couldnt help but interrupt.


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