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Chapter 202: Fighting for the Spiritual Plant (1)

“Why are there so many people here Did something happen”

Song Zixuan stopped the car and couldnt help feeling confused when he saw the panicked expressions of the large group of villagers standing at the village entrance.

Lu Zijia also frowned slightly and got out of the car quickly, looking up in the direction of the mountain behind Zhao Village.

Dozens of energy waves came from there.

It seemed like a group of Martial Artists were fighting, causing quite a huge commotion.

The reason why such a huge commotion was caused all of a sudden must be because the treasure that those Martial Artists coveted had appeared.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia only had time to tell Song Zixuan not to run around to meet up with the members of the Zhao family before she left quickly.

Luckily, the villagers couldnt see where Lu Zijia was standing after getting out of the car, or it would be quite scary if a living person suddenly disappeared.

Even Song Zixuan, who saw Lu Zijia disappear suddenly the second time with his own eyes, was a bit scared that his heart was beating fast, let alone those villagers.

After Lu Zijia came to the mountain quickly, she wasnt in a hurry to get close to those Martial Artists.

Instead, she stopped 100 meters away from those Martial Artists to observe the situation.

“The smell of mature herbs”

As soon as Lu Zijia stopped on a big tree, she smelled some mature herbs and she couldnt help feeling a bit surprised.

Normal herbs wouldnt emit a smell even when they were ripe.

Unless… it was a spiritual plant!

Spiritual plants, as the name suggested, were plants and herbs with spiritual energy.

They were much more valuable than ordinary herbs.

However, spiritual plants were very common in the cultivation world.

Of course, there were relatively fewer high-level spiritual plants.

And yet, Lu Zijia didnt expect spiritual plants to appear in this world that lacked spiritual energy, which really surprised her.

However, for her right now, even if it was just an ordinary spiritual plant, it would still be extremely useful.

As long as she could grow more spiritual plants and transfer all of them into the Ancient Space at once, the Ancient Space would definitely be upgraded faster!

The thought of upgrading the Ancient Space one step faster made Lu Zijias blood boil.

She couldnt wait to rush over immediately and snatch the spiritual plant away.

However, no matter how excited and passionate she was, her rationality still existed.

There were dozens of Martial Artists.

Even though the highest level they had was only Martial Artist level 3, the problem was that there were more of them..

Since she couldnt snatch it openly, she could only do it secretly.

The group of Martial Artists, who were fighting fiercely, had no idea that someone was plotting against them behind their backs.

“Second Master, what should we do”

Mu Tianyan and the others, who were also in the group of Martial Artists, stood aside and didnt make a move.

However, there were also many people staring at them.

If they tried to snatch the “Namo Buddha Lotus” that grew on the cliff, they would immediately be surrounded by the others.

Seeing that everyone seemed to be fighting fiercely but didnt actually exert their full strength, Mu Yunhao couldnt help feeling a bit anxious.

If this continued, it would definitely cause panic among the villagers of Zhao Village and possibly attract the police here.

Although Martial Artists in the Martial World were powerful, they dared not to go against the government openly.

After all, the government had large-scale heat weapons.

If the government decided to annihilate Martial Artists like them, they certainly wouldnt be able to survive the heat weapons no matter how powerful they were, as they were only mortals.

So, there had always been a rule in the Martial Arts World, which was that they couldnt attack ordinary people easily.

Because of this rule, the Martial Arts World and the government had been getting along peacefully for hundreds of years.

Seeing that no one in front of him was willing to fight with all their strength, Mu Tianyans eyes sank and the corners of his mouth curled into a cruel curve, fearing that someone else would take the advantage in the end.

“We dont have much time.

Help them.”

Mu Tianyans cold voice wasnt loud, but it was enough for Mu Yunhao, who was standing behind him, to hear.

Mu Yunhaos eyes brightened slightly after hearing that.

His right hand turned into the shape of a claw and sucked from the ground.

A small piece of gravel instantly appeared in his hand.

Mu Yunhao took the opportunity and made a move quickly under the cover of ten brothers, shooting the small gravel in his hand out.


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