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Chapter 181: For the Sake of Our Good Relationship, 0.01% Off

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Lu Zijia was going to draw a Calming Talisman.

It could calm and comfort someones mind.

It was more suitable for Mu Tianyans current condition.

In fact, apart from the Calming Talisman, there were a few other talismans that were suitable for Mu Tianyans current condition.

Unfortunately, she wasnt capable enough right now and wouldnt be able to draw those talismans at all.

So, she could only use the Calming Talisman to deal with it first.

Although Lu Zijia was still at the first level of Qi practicing right now, she, who had rich experience in drawing talismans in her previous life, succeeded in drawing the Calming Talisman.

The moment she successfully completed the talisman, Mu Tianyan and the others in the house felt some pure energy clearly.

At that moment, all negative emotions seemed to have been soothed.

Lu Zijias slender hands moved quickly and the talisman paper was soon folded into a triangular talisman.

“Keep this talisman with you.

It will help you relieve the chaotic internal force in your body.

“But my ability is limited right now, so the effects wont be too obvious in a short time.”

Lu Zijia gave Mu Tianyan the Calming Talisman and she also admitted very honestly that her ability wasnt enough at the moment.

And yet, she was completely too humble in the eyes of Mu Yunhao and the others.

After all, even the talismans drawn by the most impressive Taoist Master they had seen didnt have such obvious effects.

After seeing what Lu Zijia was capable of with his own eyes, Mu Yunhao deeply believed in her ability as a Taoist Master.

“Thank you.

Its already good enough.”

Mu Tianyan took the talisman she gave her.

He could still feel the temperature she left on the talisman.

It was warm, which made him unwilling to put it down.

Lu Zijia wanted to say “no worries” subconsciously, but she forcefully changed the words in her mouth after remembering what Mu Tianyan said before.

“If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.

My client is still waiting for me to return!” Lu Zijia said as she waved at Mu Tianyan and the others and walked towards the door.


Lu Zijia had only walked two steps and Mu Tianyan stopped her.

Lu Zijia stopped walking and asked as she tilted her head, “Is there anything else”

As she asked, she pondered in her mind, “This man wouldnt ask her for another talisman, would he”

She had already given him one for free.

If she sold this talisman, she could earn a hundred thousand yuan.

A hundred thousand yuan was already enough to make her heart ache.

If this man wanted another talisman from her, she would have to charge him!

If Mu Yunhao knew what she was thinking in her mind, he would definitely remind her, “Did you forget the fact that youre my Madame”

“How much” Mu Tianyan fiddled with the talisman with his slender hands and asked while looking at Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia: “”

How much What how much Could this man not speak so concisely

However, Lu Zijias eyes suddenly brightened in the next second.

“Are you asking about the talisman”

Seeing her sudden little miser look, Mu Tianyan felt better for some reason.

When Lu Zijia saw the corners of Mu Tianyans mouth raise slightly, she instantly took his reaction as his acquiescence.

So, she quickly said happily, “Its not expensive, just two hundred thousand each.

Ill give you a 0.01% discount, for the sake of our good relationship.

199800 yuan, thank you.”

Lu Zijia took out a piece of paper and a pen from her backpack and wrote down her bank account number.

“I guess you didnt bring that much cash.

This is my bank account number..

Just transfer the money to me when you have time.”


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