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Chapter 160: Bear the Price

“Lets put it this way.

The price should be quite huge for you.

“Not only you have to pay a price, even Mr.

Zhao has a price to bear.”

“Bear” Noticing that Lu Zijia used a different word, Zhao Ziteng looked confused.

Not just Zhao Ziteng, even Song Zixuan and his mother were both very puzzled.

The word “bear” should be used after someone did something.

Together with the word “price,” it often made people think in a bad way.

Everyone here thought so at this moment without any exceptions.

However, the Song family was close to the Zhao family and Fang Yueqiu was Liang Yuhuas good friend, so she knew a bit about Zhao Wentian.

She thought that he wouldnt do something unreasonable or anything to deliberately hurt people.

So, she couldnt understand the word “bear” that Lu Zijia mentioned either.

“Yes, bear.”

Lu Zijia nodded to show that they indeed heard it correctly and she didnt say anything wrong either.

“Ill not say too much.

Its up to you to decide now.

Do you want me to save him or not

“I can make an exception and give you a hint.

If Mr.

Zhao wakes up, it doesnt do any good to either him or you.

Of course, its not completely a bad thing either.”

If Zhao Wentian was willing to keep an open mind and bear the consequences caused by his mistake back then, it shouldnt be a bad thing.

Of course, this depended on what the members of the Zhao family thought.

What Lu Zijia said made the expressions of the members of the Zhao family change again and again.

Their minds were completely disturbed by her.

“Master, what do you mean by that Why is it bad for us if my husband wakes up

“My… My husband has worked so hard for so many years to do charity himself, and now, he became like this.

Thats not fair.

God is truly not fair!

“Do good people not deserve a good ending”

Liang Yuhua had already been exhausted because of her husband.

After hearing Lu Zijia say that it wasnt a good thing if her husband woke up, anger immediately rose in her mind.

There was even a trace of reluctance and anger in her words.

And yet, for the sake of her good friends dignity, she didnt kick Lu Zijia out directly out of anger.

“Mom, take care.”

Seeing how emotional his mother was, Zhao Ziteng immediately comforted her.

In fact, after hearing what Lu Zijia said, he was as angry as his mother was in his mind.

He had always been doubtful about what Lu Zijia said and had never truly believed her.

However, Lu Zijia didnt seem like she was lying at all and she didnt brag like those liars.

He was a bit uncertain for a second about whether Lu Zijia was really a capable master or a fraud with great acting skills.

Zhao Kexin, who was delighted at first after hearing that someone could save her father, had no idea what to do for one second when she saw that her family suddenly confront Master Lu.

“Yuhua, Master Lu has always been a direct person.

She has no other meaning.

Please dont misunderstand her.”

When Fang Yueqiu saw that the atmosphere wasnt right, she quickly stepped up to mediate between both sides.

Looking at her good friend who was giving her signals with her eyes, Liang Yuhua opened her mouth again and finally heaved a sigh.

She didnt want to waste her good friends kindness either, but what this young Master Lu said was indeed harsh, making her uncomfortable heart even more uncomfortable.

Seeing her good friend like that, Fang Yueqiu was also speechless and she gave her son a gaze.


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