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Chapter 142: Compete to be the Most Stingy One

As soon as Song Zixuan transferred one million to Lu Zijia on his phone, he suddenly remembered something.

“Didnt you say that you were giving me a 0.01% discount Why are you charging me one million”

Lu Zijia looked at the balance shown on the text message on her phone.

She looked up after hearing what he said and blinked with innocence on her face.

“I didnt say that Im charging you one million.

You transferred one million to me yourself.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia acted like she had nothing to do with it and had no idea about it, Song Zixuan, “!!!”

Although he was indeed the one who transferred it, why didnt this woman remind him

It was intentional.

It must be intentional!

Song Zixuan directly reached out to Lu Zijia, “Give me a thousand yuan change in cash right now, then.”

This woman wanted to be so stingy, right Then, he would be stingy as well and see who was the stingiest one!

Song Zixuan really took on the color of his company!

Lu Zijia searched her pockets and flipped her hands over.

“I dont have any cash with me.”

Song Zixuan gritted his teeth, “Then, transfer it to me!”

“I dont know how.”

Lu Zijia put away her phone quietly, just in case Song Zixuan came over to snatch it.

Song Zixuan, who watched all her little movements quietly with his eyes, “!!!”


While Song Zixuan wanted to continue fighting for the one thousand yuan back, Uncle Hes voice came from the door.

Seeing that Uncle He didnt look right, Lu Zijia couldnt help but ask, “Uncle He, whats wrong”

Uncle He didnt answer Lu Zijia immediately but gave her the tablet in his hand and said, “This is the news Ive just watched.

Making such a fuss, Madam Du is undoubtedly humiliating the Lu family in public.

The Lu family may not let her go.

“Madame, do you think I need to send a few people there to protect Madam Du or bring her over to stay for a while”

Lu Zijia took the tablet and played the video.

In the video, Du Xiangjun seemed to be surrounded by a lot of journalists outside of the court.


Lu, Mrs.

Lu, I heard that youre divorcing Mr.


Is that true”

“Right, Mrs.

Lu, did you decide to get a divorce because of a third party in your marriage”


Lu, rumor has it there has been a third party in your marriage with Mr.

Lu a long time ago.

Why are you only divorcing him now Did Mr.

Lu request a divorce”

“Everyone, please be quiet.

I can answer all your questions one by one.

“But I must correct how you address me.

You can call me Madam Du or Miss Du, but please dont call me Mrs.

Lu again.

I really hate that title.

“As for my divorce from Lu Bochuan, its true.

Lu Bochuan having a mistress outside is also true.

“He doesnt only have a mistress, he even brought two bastards back to the Lu family, making no secret of it.

If it werent for my daughter, I would never have remained silent until this day!”

“So, Mrs… Madam Du, why do you want to get a divorce now Is there something else behind it”

“Thats right.

Theres something else, something that youd never be able to guess!

“The Lu family calls themself an upper-class family, but what they can do is extremely filthy.

They cant even be described as animals.

“Animals wouldnt hurt their own children, but the Lu family didnt care about my daughters life.

They wanted to sell my daughter to become rich! Isnt the Lu family worse than animals

“I can tell you that this isnt the only filthy thing the Lu family has done.

If you want to know more, go check it out.

You can always find something.

“Right, I need to announce another thing.

Lu Bochuan requested a divorce and I agreed, so I applied to the court for two-thirds of his property.

“Lu Bochuan had an affair and he even wanted to divorce me first.

I believe the court will give me a fair judgment.”


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