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Chapter 137: Uncle Is Rich, You Can Ask Him for Money

Lu Zijia waved at Mu Tianyan with a beaming smile as she hung up the video call as swiftly as a clap of thunder.

When Mu Ruishu felt that she wanted to cut the video call, he immediately tried to avoid her hand.

However, he was a few steps slower.

“Kid, you want to compete with me in speed Practice for a few centuries first!”

Lu Zijia didnt feel guilty at all and continued bullying the kid.

Who asked the kid to tell on her

Mu Ruishu looked at the hung up video call and didnt call back again.

Instead, he looked up and stared at Lu Zijia, “Bad woman, did you really become a fraud Uncle is rich, you can ask him for money.

Why do you have to be a fraud

“I hate frauds the most.

If you become a fraud, Ill truly hate you.”

The originally furious little boy suddenly became a bit down as he spoke as if he remembered something that he wasnt willing to think about.

Seeing that there was something wrong with the little boy, Lu Zijia didnt tease him anymore.

She squatted down and squeezed his little nose.

“Didnt I tell you before that your uncles money is his money, not mine.

“Ill make money myself if I need it.”

Lu Zijia held her chin with one hand and asked, “Can you tell me why you hate frauds so much”

This little boy was so young.

He wouldnt be deceived by kids and his classmates, would he

Hm, this was truly possible.

The little boy was quite smart sometimes, but he was just a kid after all.

It wasnt strange if he was fooled by someone else.

Mu Ruishu didnt answer her question but started talking about conditions, “Promise me you wont be a fraud first.

Promise me and Ill tell you.”

Looking at the little boys determined and stubborn eyes, Lu Zijia couldnt help exclaiming silently, “Hes really a stubborn kid.”

“Alright, alright, I promise you I wont be a fraud.”

In fact, she was never a fraud!

The talismans made by frauds werent as effective as the ones she drew.

The little boy, Mu Ruishu, finally smiled, “Youve promised me already.

You cant go back on your words.

If you do, Ill ask my uncle to come back and beat your ass.”

Lu Zijia, “….”

This kid… She indeed shouldnt be soft-hearted! See, he started threatening her right away.

“Great Uncles family are all frauds, so I hate frauds,” Mu Ruishu said as he moved his short legs and ran away without giving Lu Zijia a chance to ask anything.

Lu Zijia, “….”

Why did she have an indescribable feeling of being fooled by a kid

After a while, Lu Zijia shook her head and smiled, as if nothing had happened.

She returned to her room to meditate and cultivate.


Looking at the hung up video call and the computer screen that had turned black, a trace of depth flashed through Mu Tianyans eyes as if he was thinking about something.

“Master, do we still need to ask someone to keep an eye on Madame” Mu Yunhao sitting on the opposite side of the office desk asked Mu Tianyan, who was lost in thought.

Mu Tianyan looked up and looked at the dark screen of the computer again, then said after a while, “No, normal people are no match for her.”

Mu Tianyan had a brief fight with Lu Zijia, so he knew a bit about her ability.

Mu Yunhao looked shocked.

Apparently, he had never thought that Mu Tianyan would speak so highly of Lu Zijia.

“Master, I always feel like this Lu Zijia is no longer the Second Young Lady of the Lu family in the past.

“I guess Lu Zijia must have used some kind of secret magic to make herself like this right now.”


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