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Chapter 127: “Tang Family Treasure” That Had Misfortune

While Luo Ziyun was in a daze, Lu Zijia quietly walked towards the emeralds put on the small shelf.

“Dont touch it!”

Once Lu Zijia picked up a piece of emerald the size of half a palm, Luo Ziyun immediately shouted behind her.

Lu Zijia didnt avoid Luo Ziyun at all and Luo Ziyun rushed over to take away the emerald in her hand.

After taking the emerald away, Luo Ziyun immediately put it back on the small shelf.

She even cleaned her hands hard after that as if there was something dirty on that piece of emerald.

“Well… Well… I…”

Luo Ziyun realized that her behavior was too abrupt, so she couldnt help but feel embarrassed and nervous.

“I apologize for being rude, but Im really sorry that I suddenly remembered that theres something I need to do at home.

Its not convenient for me to entertain guests today.

“After some time, Ill definitely invite you to come again after some time to make it up to you.”

Luo Ziyun was apparently saying this to kick them out.

She had no other choice.

She didnt want to hurt anyone but she couldnt tell the truth either, so she could only ask them to leave rudely.


Tang Yuan didnt really understand what her mother was talking about.

She looked at her mother with doubts all over her little face.

Luo Ziyun glanced at her daughter apologetically and she immediately wanted to say something to Lu Zijia again.

However, she was suddenly interrupted by the loud yelling voices outside.

“Young lady, this must be the first time youre here in Gambling Stone Street today.

I suggest you come out quickly!

“‘Tang Family Treasure is a very strange store.

Basically everyone who came to open an emerald here recently didnt end up well.

“They either suffered from serious and minor illnesses constantly, or went bankrupt.

The serious ones were even separated from their wives and children.”

“Right, right, young lady, you should come out with the kid.

Youll be in trouble if something happens to the kid!”

“Young lady, if you want to buy rough stones, my store has a lot with different prices.

You can come over and have a look.”

“Young lady, you should come out first.

If you really get the misfortune, youll suffer.”

There were suddenly a few passersby standing at the door of “Tang Family Treasure” looking inside.

Seeing how young Lu Zijia was and that she was even with a child, they couldnt bear to watch and they persuaded her.

Of course, some people were purely trying to get and steal business.

Hearing what people outside said, Luo Ziyuns expression became stiff, and her face gradually turned pale.

“I… I…”

Luo Ziyun was ashamed in her mind at this moment.

She had no idea how to face Lu Zijia.

Her daughter finally invited her classmate to their home, but the situation became so embarrassing because of family matters.

Luo Ziyun had no idea how to react for a second.

“Ziyun, whats going on”

When Luo Ziyun was thinking about how to explain to Lu Zijia, an anxious male voice came from the door.

“Mufeng, why are you back so soon Have you finished your checkup What did the doctor say”

Seeing a man that looked like 28 to 29 walk in, Luo Ziyun quickly asked anxiously.

Tang Mufeng saw Lu Zijia.

He first nodded at her, then answered his wifes question, “Yes, Ive already had a checkup.

“But the doctor said that Im okay.

Perhaps Im suffering from fatigue.

Ill be fine after resting for a while.”

When Tang Mufeng told his wife the results of the checkup, there seemed to be a hint of frustration in his tone.

He knew very clearly how he was feeling, but the doctor still told him he was fine after going to the hospital twice.


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