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Chapter 117: Confronted and Exposed Face-to-Face (9)

“Mom, I love the food you make.

Can you cook for me more in the future”

Fang Yueqiu was first startled.

She then nodded constantly with a smile as she burst into tears of joy.

“Of course.

Ill make whatever you like for you in the future.

As long as you like eating, Ill make your favorite dishes for you for the rest of my life.”

Seeing the mother and son, who were hugging in relief without barriers, Song Zhuohai and Old Master Song both showed a grateful and pleased smile.

However, Song Zhuolan and her son were completely different.

Song Zhuolan had spent so much effort all these years to make the Song family have no successors, allowing the family to fall into her sons hands.

However, once Song Zixuan returned, the Song family would become his and would have nothing to do with her son.

This was something Song Zhuolan didnt want to see.

Under the influence of his mother for so many years, Ye Nanbo had gradually taken it for granted that everything in the Song family had become his own.

And now, everything he thought he had was suddenly gone.

His mood could be imagined.

“The two of you can get out of the Song family now.

Youll have nothing to do with the Song family from now on.”

Song Zhuohai looked at Song Zhuolan and her son coldly as he said extremely clearly word by word, “But dont you think that Ill let you go just like that.

My mothers death, the suffering my son has gone through.

“And everything the Song family has endured.

Ill settle the score with you one by one! Get out of here!”

There was conclusive evidence, which confirmed that everything was done by Song Zhuolan.

Song Zhuolan also leaked some information and indirectly admitted that she killed Old Lady Song.

However, Song Zhuohai couldnt go through legal procedures.

This was now the era of scientific development.

This evidence was feudal superstition and wasnt recognized by the law.

So, even if Song Zhuohai knew Song Zhuolan did that, he could only let her and her son go right now.

And yet, with the power of the Song family, there were plenty of ways to take revenge in the future!

Ye Nambo looked defeated and dared not to say anything else.

Because even though he knew his mother might have done something, he had no idea what she did turned out to be such a thing.

Under an unclear situation, he would only make things worse if he kept talking.

So, he would rather leave now and ask his mother about it clearly when they went back before coming up with a solution.

Ye Nambo thought so, but Song Zhuolan didnt think so at all.

Hearing what Song Zhuohai had said, she was in full blown panic.

“No, Brother, you cant do this.

Im your sister! Dad, Dad! Help me!”

Song Zhuolan wanted to grab Old Master Songs hand emotionally, but Song Zixuan stood in her way.

“Get out of my way!”

Song Zhuolan had always thought that Song Zixuan took the things that belonged to her son, so there was a trace of hatred in her eyes when she looked at Song Zixuan.

“Do you understand human language My Dad has already asked you to leave.

Get out of the Song family.

Do you understand”

Song Zixuan certainly noticed the resentment in her eyes, and he only felt extremely ridiculous.

He was the one who was miserably framed and Song Zhuolan, the person who framed him, even hated him

If that wasnt ridiculous, what was

“Come, kick them out of here!”

When Old Master Song saw that Song Zhuolan still wasnt changing and didnt feel sorry at this moment, anger burnt in his heart and he immediately asked someone to kick them out.

Song Zhuolan widened her eyes in disbelief, “Dad! Dad, Im your daughter.

How can you do this to me

“I really dont know anything about what Brother said just then.

I really have no idea, Dad.

You have to believe me!”


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