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Chapter 113: Confronted and Exposed Face-to-Face (5)

Without the support from the Song family or even becoming enemies with them, how could Song Zhuolan and her son stand firm in the Ye family

Any young talents were only losers after all without support behind them.

“You… You…”

Song Zhuolan clutched her finger with a pale face as she widened her eyes and gazed at Lu Zijia with a surprised look.

If she didnt believe that Lu Zijia was a master at all one minute ago, she was now skeptical.

After all, her finger still had that faint piercing pain up till now.

This couldnt be an illusion.

But how would there be such a coincidence

Besides, she thought that the Lu Zijia in front of her had changed, as if this wasnt the weak and incapable Lu Zijia at all.


Ye Nambo went forward to hold his mother and gave her a signal with his eyes, telling her to leave it to him.

Song Zhuolan opened her mouth and wanted to remind her son, but she wasnt willing to admit that Lu Zijia was really capable either.

When she proved that Lu Zijia was really a Taoist Master, wouldnt she embarrass herself, as she used to tell people that Lu Zijia was weak and incapable in the past

Ye Nambo didnt notice his mothers complicated expression.

He turned around and gazed at Lu Zijia, who was sitting on the couch.

“Zijia, even though I dont know why you would show up in the Song family or what happened to you, I want to remind you that the Song family isnt a place you should come to, and these people arent people you can fool casually.

“If you need money, you can tell me.

After all… were kind of family, arent we”

Ye Nambo looked gentle and his tone also became very soft.

He looked at Lu Zijia like he was gazing at someone he loved deeply.

She must say that Ye Nambo was very good at acting, or he wouldnt have convinced the original host to take the blame for him loyally and willingly.

“Ye Nambo, do you really think everything will always be under your control”

Lu Zijia glanced at Ye Nambo coldly and didnt bother to continue talking to him.

She said to Song Zhuohai, “Mr.

Song, we should settle the matter first!”

She was questioning why Song Zhuolan had to temporarily let go of the matter that she hurt her family.

They should deal with things that they had to deal with first.

Seeing that Lu Zijia didnt seem like she was willing to talk to him, Ye Nambos face darkened.

However, since the members of the Song family were here, he couldnt do or say anything.

After all, the more he talked, the more he made other people notice something.

If the members of the Song family heard something strange, it would be troublesome.

Hearing that, Song Zhuohai certainly wouldnt object to it.

He glanced at Lu Zijia with gratitude.

“Song Zhuolan, Ill give you one more chance.

Do you recognize these things”

When Song Zhuohai was facing Song Zhuolan, his attitude wasnt that good.

He pointed at the things on the coffee table and asked as he stared at Song Zhuolan with an extremely sharp gaze.

Song Zhuolan was frightened by his gaze and her face turned a bit pale, “Brother, Im your sister.

Dont you believe me”

Song Zhuolan glanced at Lu Zijia and quickly looked away immediately.

She wanted to drag Lu Zijia in at first, but thinking of the finger that was still hurting right now, she froze with fear.

Besides, Lu Zijias different eyes always made her feel terrified.

Lu Zijia was truly spooky today!

Besides, when did Lu Zijia know how to use magic Why didnt she get any news about it


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