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Chapter 22.4 – Cat, Fish and a Bowl of Soup (4)

The hem of Ah Yu’s skirt and her shoes were wet from the hot water, and they felt very uncomfortable sticking to her body.

But this was not important, because compared to her life and death, skirts, shoes and socks were not worth mentioning.

She stood in place for a long time, her body shivering all over.

It was not until Lu Qipei’s back disappeared from her sight that Ah Yu regained consciousness.

Ah Yu knew that there was poison in the soup last night – she not only knew, she even made it herself! She felt like she couldn’t be blamed for disregarding their old relationship, after all it was her Young Master’s attitude that turned cold recently.

She obviously disappeared on her won, but when she came back she treated her so coldly, as if everything that happened was her fault.

But what mistake did she do She didn’t do anything wrong and was punished for nothing, and was also spurned by her master!

Ah Yu used to think that Lu Qipei was a very gentle person, but now she felt that she was extremely cold.

Even though she still smiled at her and spoke to her gently, this gentle demeanor was actually like a layer of impenetrable mist that completely blocked her out.

In just a short time, Ah Yu became scared and uneasy.

She was no longer an irreplaceable existence by Lu Qipei’s side.

Once trust was gone, there was no reason necessary for betrayal – this was just an excuse, but it was enough to convince her, so Ah Yu accepted Lu Qicheng’s solicitation and even poisoned her previous master’s soup without mercy!

But after she did that, Ah Yu nervous and scared.

She almost didn’t sleep at all last night, thinking about when the poison would take effect.

After all, killing someone with your own hands didn’t feel good.

She thought about it all night and was restless all that time.

So how could Ah Yu not lose her composure when the person she believed to be dead appeared in front of her this morning and stared at her with such deep and unfathomable eyes She also knew very well that Lu Qipei had seen her reaction, and she was the one who sent that soup last night.

If something really happened, she wouldn’t be able to escape!

The lives of slave-servants were worth nothing.

Their master could kill them whenever they wanted, and no one would care at all.

Ah Yu knew her situation very well, so she was very afraid.

She was so scared she snapped back to her senses, and hurried to find someone to support her.

As soon as Qi Bo and Lu Qipei left, she turned around and ran towards Lu Qicheng’s yard.

His leg was broken for a hundred days, and now it had only been a month since he started moving around again.

His leg injury had obviously not healed yet, but the wound on his face had finally started healing, and scabs had started forming.

However, he had been feeling very irritable lately and couldn’t sleep at night, so he always got up very late.

At this time, he still hadn’t woken up yet.

Ah Yu’s hurried arrival broke the silence in the courtyard, waking up the still sleepy Lu Qicheng.

It’s always annoying to be disturbed when you’re having a good dream, not to mention that Lu Qicheng wasn’t a good-tempered person.

But after hearing that the one who came was Ah Yu, his eyes suddenly lit up and he beckoned her in without saying anything.

Ah Yu quickly came in, but there was no hiding the panic on her face, so anyone would notice something wrong with just a glance.

Lu Qicheng’s eyes lit up even more when he saw her – he only thought that she was frightened because she just killed someone, so he waved his hand and sent out all the other servants waiting in his room.

Then he impatiently asked her, “Is it done”

However, Ah Yu only brought him disappointment.

She knelt down in front of his bed and stammered, “Young, Young Lord, the poison, the poison has been discovered!” She started crying after saying that sentence.

“She didn’t eat dinner last night, so I put the poison on the soup I sent her.

Who would’ve known that she wouldn’t even drink the soup and fed it to the cats…”

Lu Qicheng’s face already distorted when he heard that the plan had failed, and he didn’t want to hear her say anything else.

He could not even maintain his gentle façade and directly picked up the porcelain pillow next to him and sent it flying.

Ah Yu was panicking and didn’t notice Lu Qicheng’s action, so she was immediately hit by the porcelain pillow.

Cries of pain flew towards his ears, but it only made Lu Qicheng feel even more irritable.

His look turned so heavy it seemed like water would start dripping from it at any moment.

“Useless! You couldn’t even do such a simple thing Get out, get lost! Don’t appear in front of me again!”

Ah Yu covered her forehead with one hand, crimson blood flowing through her fingers, instantly dying her palms and clothes red.

The severe pain had caused her mind to go blank, but when she heard what Lu Qicheng said, she still reacted immediately and begged, “Young Lord, Young Lord, please save me.

Both the Young Master and Qi Bo knows.

I can’t escape, I don’t want to die…”

Lu Qicheng didn’t care whether she lived or died.

A maid was no different than an ant to him, not to mention one who couldn’t do anything right and could only screw things up like her! He was already getting impatient and about to berate her again to make her leave, but at that moment, the door was pushed open!

The person who came was Qi Bo.

After appeasing Lu Qipei to wash up and go out as usual, he turned around and got someone to come and bring the dead cat to Lu Qicheng.

But there was no need for him to interrogate Lu Qicheng anymore, because he saw this scene as soon as he entered the door.

What else was left there for him to understand

Ever since his face was wounded, Lu Qicheng had become more and more unruly.

Qi Bo, who originally felt confident in him, had become more and more disappointed lately.

Without letting outsiders come in, Qi Bo personally placed the basket with the dead cat in front of Lu Qicheng.

He glanced at Ah Yu who was kneeling beside him with her head wounded and bleeding, and said in a deep voice.

“Young Lord, you’re too reckless.”


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