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MEIWITA Chapter 471: Grand Competition Finals (Eighteen)

Lou Mu Yan began to condense the pills, and Bai Fei Yao and Wei Yu who were nearby naturally also discovered it.

Bai Fei Yao hid the thick haze in her eyes.

She turned her head and saw that Wei Yu was still focused on refining pills without being distracted.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down and began to refine the last few Spiritual Herbs.

Lou Mu Yan observed both Bai Fei Yao and Wei Yu’s emotions.

Wei Yu’s calm and unhurried temper was indeed what an excellent Alchemist should possess.

And although Bai Fei Yao’s appearance was different to what she felt, but to be able to quickly calm her emotions and focus on alchemy made her someone to not be underestimated.

Compared with the previous Gu Yan Ran, Xue Ling’er and the likes, the Bai Clan’s sisters sure were much more skilled.

Lou Mu Yan controlled the flames to begin condensing the pills, and five pills in the cauldron gradually took shape.

When a serene medicinal fragrance overflowed, she slapped the cauldron and five lustrous, round pills exited from the cauldron, carrying a pill fragrance that spread around.

Then she put them all into the pill bottle on the table.

After she finished refining, she folded her arms and watched Wei Yu and Bai Fei Yao refine pills.

Although Bai Fei Yao felt extremely irritated, but she didn’t dare to be distracted at such a critical time.

After a while, Wei Yu also began to condense the pills, and when it was about to exit the cauldron, Bai Fei Yao also entered the condensing stage.

About an hour later, Wei Yu and Bai Fei Yao’s pills exited the cauldron one after another.

After the three of them finished refining pills, the other pupils were still refining the herbs.

Compared to the three of them, they were just like the difference between firefly lights and the bright moon.

The pupils present were all whispering in private, and most of the discussion revolved around Lou Mu Yan, making Bai Fei Yao extremely unhappy.

“Junior Sister Lou, you refine the pills so fast.

Throwing all the Spiritual Herbs into the cauldron, aren’t you afraid that the firepower will be unstable and cause the cauldron to explode” Wei Yu, who was idle while waiting for the others to finish refining, had a humble look as he turned to Lou Mu Yan with a smile and asked.

Lou Mu Yan didn’t pretend to be lofty either and explained with a smile, “Senior Brother Wei, if you have the ability to split your focus into several focuses, then you can also try to refine pills like this.

This method doesn’t only improve the efficiency of refining pills, but also helps improve your Mental Energy.”

Lou Mu Yan used to be a master in alchemy and had her own pride.

She didn’t hide on such little things.

In many cases, sharing understandings and experiences between one another could in fact help one improve.

Wei Yu pondered for a while, as if he had understood.

He cupped his hands at Lou Mu Yan and said: “Thank you Junior Sister Lou for your advice.”

He had discovered earlier that Lou Mu Yan’s Mental Energy was so much higher than his own.

Her words didn’t sound like a lie.

It seemed that this method was really helpful for improving Mental Energy.

Mental Energy may not be so important for ordinary Sword Masters, but it played a vital role for a Sword Master who wanted to become a specialisation master.

He thought about it and couldn’t wait to pick up a set of the materials for the Elemental Recovery Pill to begin refining.

His Mental Energy could at most be split into three focuses, so he didn’t throw it all in at once like Lou Mu Yan, but instead just tossed three herbs in to refine together.

The first time, he failed, but he continued to try with the Spiritual Herbs.

Even when the Spiritual Herbs on the table were scrapped he took out his own Spiritual Herbs to try and finally successfully succeeded on the fifth try.

Lou Mu Yan’s eyes revealed admiration.

No wonder Wei Yu could become an Advanced-Level Grade 5 Alchemist at such a young age.

Just based on this humility to accept other people’s things and his earnest, persistent refining of pills, it would be hard for him to not succeed.

Wei Yu’s spirit in using what he just learnt made the several referees and superiors of the Sects reveal their appreciation for him, and they also had a better impression of Lou Mu Yan’s generosity.

Obviously, she didn’t lie to Wei Yu.

The efficiency of successfully refining the second round of Elemental Recovery Pills was obviously improved by half compared to the first time, and the quality and quantity of pills weren’t affected.

Based on this alone, it was worth other Alchemists learning from her.

“Your Eight Extremes Sect’s little girl has a good heart.” The Headmaster of the Medicine Sect remarked, and all the contempt against Lou Mu Yan in his eyes had disappeared.

His previous disdain for Lou Mu Yan was mainly because he thought she was grandstanding, but it turned out that he was outrageously wrong.

Seeing that she was explaining to Wei Yu a more efficient way of refining pills, disregarding past grudges, it made him feel a sense of shame.

No wonder Huo Ling Long’s cultivation base was once their weakest, and her Talisman Master’s level was also originally the lowest among the Headmasters of the Six Sects, but she was now superior to them both in terms of cultivation base and specialisation.

It seemed that there was sense to it.

Huo Ling Long snorted: “This girl is too generous.”

The other Headmasters smiled shyly.

Fortunately, although Lou Mu Yan was a little violent, but her temperament was decidedly different from Huo Ling Long, otherwise it sure would be something to experience.

In the first match, exactly six pupils were able to refine the prescribed pills and entered the finals together.

Among them, there happened to be two pupils from three sects each, and Luo Cheng was also able to succeed in refining after wasting two sets of ingredients.

Bai Fei Yao had a pure smile on her face, but inside, she was going to go crazy.

Whether it was the efficient method of refining pills earlier, or the generosity Lou Mu Yan revealed just now, she stole all the limelight away in the first match—she wasn’t reconciled!

In the past, as long as she was there, everyone’s eyes revolved around her, but now Lou Mu Yan, a woman she hated, had captured the eyes of most of them.

When she looked up, she saw that the man she loved was, as expected, looking at Lou Mu Yan, and she felt even more hatred in her heart.

She took a deep breath to calm the burning flame in her chest, lowered her eyelids and hid the trace of scheming in her eyes.

After an hour’s break, the second match began.

The six people stood in place, and Lou Mu Yan was right between Wei Yu and Bai Fei Yao.

“Now take out the Spiritual Herbs you have all prepared and start refining the pills for the second match.

If someone’s pills are of the same in quantity and quality, then we will continue to compete to determine the winner.”

After the referee announced the rules, the others began to take out their Spiritual Herbs to refine.

Lou Mu Yan’s eyes swept over the Spiritual Herbs that Bai Fei Yao and Wei Yu took out and had an understanding.

Both of them were refining Advanced-Level Grade 5 pills.

After thinking about it, she also took out a set of Advanced-Level Grade 5 pill ingredients to refine.

After using her Spirit Flames, she could refine Grade 6 pills, but she didn’t want to expose it unless absolutely necessary.

Lou Mu Yan still tossed all the pills into the cauldron as usual.

This was her habit when refining pills, even when refining Grade 7 pills back then.

The people present this time saw that Lou Mu Yan didn’t wait for the others to refine halfway before beginning and couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

At least in the Alchemy Competition, she wouldn’t win the championship in a crushing manner.

With Wei Yu and Bai Fei Yao, two talented Alchemists who had long been famous throughout the Six Sects and major top forces, Lou Mu Yan wasn’t as conspicuous as usual this time.

This time, Wei Yu didn’t refine one herb at a time, but two herbs together.

Obviously, Lou Mu Yan’s method was very suitable.

Bai Fei Yao was disdainful.

Wei Yu, an alchemy genius who had long been famous throughout the continent actually went and learnt Lou Mu Yan, this little-known small person’s, method—how shameful.

She refined the herbs one by one, but her peripheral vision aimed at Lou Mu Yan.

When she smelt the medicinal fragrance that was already spreading from the other party’s cauldron, she finally couldn’t resist acting.

With a flip of her palm, a light blue flame leapt out and fell into her cauldron.

The others were slightly surprised when they saw it.

Lou Mu Yan glanced at it casually and didn’t take it too seriously.

But after a little, she discovered that the Elemental Energy flame in her own pill cauldron was obviously being suppressed, and her Fire Elemental Energy even showed signs of disarray.

There was a smile of ridicule on her lips—she thought that Bai Fei Yao would play underhanded tricks towards the end, but who would’ve thought that she couldn’t resist doing it right now already!


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