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Chapter 2195: DecisiveTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Qiaoqiao.” Mo Lian complained in a huff, “Second Aunt-Master doesnt like me.”

Qiao Mu looked at her dear hubby with sympathy.

“Hubby, there is a reason that Second Aunt-Master doesnt like you.”

“What reason” Mo Lian asked curiously.

“Youre pretty.” Qiao Mu raised her petite hand and touched his chin before gliding away.

Mo Lian: !

Was his wife just taking liberties with him

Yang Xirong: …

Qiao Mu walked up to Ye Lingmin and collected her corpse into Paradise Planet.

She had the sapling bury Ye Lingmin beside her senior sisters.

The matter of Ye Lingmin came to an end here.

Just as Second Aunt-Master had said, no matter how much you wanted to save a person, it would be impossible if the person had no will to live.

“Reporting to the crown prince consort, we have found the Shuntian Prefectures prefecture lord inside the dungeon.”

“Bring him up.” Qiao Mu reflexively looked behind Tung and his men.

“Reporting to the crown prince.

The Shuntian Defense has mostly been contained.

One-third of them have already mutated into zombies.

It is not certain whether the other two-thirds have mutated or not.”

Mo Lian nodded his head upon hearing this.

“Then dispose of those who have already mutated into zombies.”

“As for the remaining people, first quarantine them.

Kill if they show symptoms.”

The subordinate nodded in understanding and left to carry out his order.

Qiao Mu looked up at Crown Prince Mo, and then she stretched out her paw.

Mo Lian looked at her in amusement.

He naturally held her hand and pulled her to him.

“What is it”

“When are we going to the Divine Province.” She really quite wanted to try out that ship that could traverse the Six Prefectures and Three Provinces.

She wondered if it was as good as the senior said it was.

Was it really that effortless for it to traverse through space

She would only find out once she tried.

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“Wipe out Shuntian Prefectures remaining armed troops, and then have Dunzhu take charge of here.”

That way, they wouldnt have to worry about Shuntian Prefecture stabbing Qiaoqiao in the back again.

Qiao Mu nodded at this.

She turned around and saw Dunzhu getting carried out.

He really was carried out.

Two of Mo Lians subordinates had found a rattan chair and were using it to carry Dunzhu, who was leaning against it crookedly.

There was also a tanned and skinny boy following beside Dunzhu.

His eyes were spirited and animated.

“Whats up with you, Dunzhu.” Qiao Mu couldnt resist coughing lightly when she saw his tragic state.

It was fine if she didnt ask, but once she did…

Dunzhu nearly jumped up from the rattan chair.

Unfortunately, he had no strength to fuss right now.

Therefore, he didnt even lift a finger up to this point.

This persons body was completely covered in wounds right now, looking especially miserable.

A tanned and skinny lad was standing next to him.

When Qiao Mu looked at him, that boy immediately bowed to her respectfully.

“Esteemed lady, my name is Meng Mai.

Thank you for saving me previously.”

Qiao Mu nodded at him, and then she looked at the listless Dunzhu.

“You saved him”

Meng Mai nodded.

“I am the prefecture lords personal guard now.”

“Since the prefecture lord does not look down on my age, Meng Mai naturally will do his utmost for the prefecture lord!”

Qiao Mu swept Dunzhu a look of contempt.

This fellow had used who knows what kind of flowery language to hoodwink this child into risking his life for him.

Dunzhu immediately became displeased when he noticed Qiao Mus expression.

“Little Master, why are you looking down on me.”

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