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Chapter 1265: Maybe Lady Chaoyan…

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Before he met Chaoyan, he lived because he needed to live.

After he met Chaoyan, he felt that he lived for Chaoyan.

If Chaoyan was gone, nothing else mattered.

Zhou Huaijin felt so heavy-hearted.

He kept repeating his moves.

He got excited when he sensed that Chaoyans hands were moving.


Gu Chaoyan did not respond to him, but her hands were still moving and she started looking better.

Zhou Huaijin felt extremely happy.

It was as if he had seen hope!


He smiled and continued to wipe the handkerchief for her.

Gu Chaoyan frowned slightly and then opened her eyes.

She looked tired and sounded hoarse.

“What is it”

“Nothing, nothing, Chaoyan.” Zhou Huaijin felt her forehead.

Gu Chaoyan soon fell asleep again from exhaustion.

“Qing, come and wipe your Elder Miss body.

She might feel better this way,” Zhou Huaijin said.

He would very much like to take care of Chaoyan personally, but they were not yet married and she had fallen asleep.

She was a shy person and she would not accept being taken care of in this way.

So he asked Qing to do it for him.

Hearing that, Qing came to help.

She was very motivated, because she saw her Elder Miss waking up.

She believed that this method should definitely work well.

Zhou Huaijin went behind the screen as Qing came to wipe her.

Though he could not see her, he felt that Chaoyan had filled up his heart.

Within one hours time, Fu Bao brought Li Qing over.

Li Qing looked quite dusty as he came in a hurry, but he did not care about this.

Li Qing was there to check up on the patient.

He was very surprised that one day, he would need to take care of Lady Chaoyan.

Lady Chaoyan was a very skillful person, but she could not heal herself.

“She is hot all over, and she has been wiped with cool water.

She woke up once, and soon she fell asleep again.

Do you think that ice would work better” Zhou Huaijin asked.

Li Qing felt the situation in the room.

The room was located northwards, so it was not as cool as the other rooms.

Xinlin Mansion was her mansion and she chose this room because she was afraid of the cold.

She had a fever because of the cold, which could be serious.

On the way here, Fu Bao told him that Lady Chaoyan had been fine the day before, but it suddenly struck her.

It took a while before the cold arrived.

So it might not have been the cold.

She chose this hottest room because she was afraid of the cold, but she woke up because of the cool water.

Then it basically meant that Lady Chaoyan did not want heat this time, so cold things like ice would work well.

Li Qing nodded.


“Lady Chaoyan is not suffering from a cold.

We dont need to get her sweat out.”

“Then what is it” Zhou Huaijin asked after hearing Li Qings conclusion.

Li Qing looked very complicated.

Judging from his observation and conclusion, he had one idea.

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