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Zhao Sanqi and the other six joined forces, only then could they suppress the crazed old Wang Fei.


With a swift motion of her hand, Wanyu hit the back of the mans neck, rendering him back unconscious.

“Fifth brother is… whats happening to him” Liumei Muqing cried bitterly, pulling him into her arms.

“His wounds are infected.”

With all the commotion, Dongfang Minghui drunkenly roused from her sleep.

Having seen the crowd gathered at one side, all surrounding the same person, she came over to them and became sober in a blink of an eye once she saw the wound.

There was a large hole in Wang Feis thigh.

His flesh was already decomposing, emitting a foul odor, exposing bone to everyones eyes.

It was as if a sharp object had gouged his tissues out.

Once he was held down from his hands to feet, they were quick to discover something bulging from his thighs, squirming just under the surface of his skin.

Though Wang Fei was currently in a comatose state, he grimaced and breathed heavily.

“We only had time to harvest the meat from those beetles, I didnt think something like this would happen.” Guilt devoured Zhao Sanqi.

“What do we do If this goes on, fifth brother will die.” The old Liu Muqing had tears streaming down her eyes.

In mere minutes, her eyes were already red.

“Eldest brother, can we leave the Purple Devil Mountains right now We might still be able to save fifth brother otherwise.”

Dongfang Wanyu came forward, gently pressing her fingers near his open wounds.

She watched as two or three maggots escaped from the top of his legs, “The larvae has already been deposited, even if you leave, Im afraid that wont save his life.”

To them, this sentence was amounted to being given a death penalty.

Dongfang Minghui nodded and confirmed her words, “Once the larvae reaches his veins and internal organs, he wont return from heaven.”

Dongfang Minghui was so caught up in trying to escape her death, figuring out ways to brush good will to the protagonist, that she forgot she used to be a doctor.

“Then what can we do Just watch him suffer like this” As she said this, Muqings tears flowed down her face.

“You must catch a female iron beetle.” Dongfang Wanyu wasnt sure where she took out the porcelain bottle, “This is a life-protecting Dan, it can delay his death.

If you cant find a female iron beetle, I cant save him.

Muqing stretched her arm to take the medicine, pouring its contents directly on her fifth brothers mouth.

Zhao Sanqi clenched his fists and was overwhelmingly grateful, “Girl, if you ever want something, dont be hesitant to ask.

If we can do it, we will, regardless of the cost.”

Dongfang Wanyu couldnt help but chuckle, “If you have the time to say this, itd be better used on catching the beetle, if you make a mistake, you guys better prepare a coffin for him.”

Zhao Sanqi nodded and praised, “Right right, youre completely right.

Can you tell me why we have to catch a lone female iron beetle though”

“For newborn larvae, if it smells the unique urine smell of the female iron beetle, it will come out and look for it.

Its one of the easiest ways to get the larvae out of your brothers body,” Wanyu slowly came over, pointing the girl who looked after the man.

“You better remove that smell.

The scent is an enemy of the iron beetles.

Theyre naturally afraid of the smell.”

Hearing this, Dongfang Minghui felt she dropped a brick right onto her foot.

After listening to the words of Dongfang Wanyu, everyone gathered together to once again discuss a plan, this time to capture a female in the iron beetle cave.

A dumbfounded Minghui sat idly to the side, thinking about how the protagonist never expected anything in return.

A burst of trembles suddenly entered her ears, emerging from a tree behind her.

Turning around, Dongfang Minghui spotted the eyes of a certain thief, squinting at her.

No, it was eyeing at the food in her arms.

Due to the stinky smell on her body, Dongfang Minghui made no effort to cover up the smell of roasted meat.

The Lightning mouse was as fast as lightning.

The point was that one accidental scratch from the tip of its claws would mean the end of her life.

Dongfang Minghui was vigilant, she made an unhappy expression, saying in a tiny voice, “Youre the one that took my bags away, arent you”

The mouse tilted its head, looking innocent.

If itd been before, Dongfang Minghui mightve been duped, but after eating a loss, she knew better.

One hand hugged her stuff to her chest, another used a finger to trace an image of her bag in the air.

The message was simple, want food but no baggage No way.

The creature stretched out its pink tongue to lick itself.

Dongfang Minghui turned her head away so she couldnt look, but spared an occasional glance to see what it was up to.

Because Dongfang Minghui held a firm stance this time around, the lightning mouse swished its tail and left.

Dongfang Minghui briefly turned her attention back on the group.

As their discussions were still on-going, it seemed that nobody had noticed the anomaly.

She couldnt help but breath out a relieved sigh.

A short while later, another burst of sound was heard, this time the movements were heavier.

The night was still long, just when Dongfang Minghui was about to sleep, she jolted awake from the movements of the lightning mouse, watching it drag over her backpack.

Its long, fluffy tail swung side to side, dropping the bag in front of Dongfang Minghui.

It showed its teeth expressively.

“Youre giving them back to me” She could hardly believe her good fortune, she thought her things would be forever lost, she didnt expect theyd actually reunite.

The mouse rested its paws on her bags.

It licked its mouth and paws for Dongfang Minghui to see, eyes screaming with the words “Eat, eat, eat!”

“Alright,” Dongfang Minghui took and unwrapped the food packed in her arms.

One by one, she fed it to the mouse, “Look at you being so smart in spite of your age, have some more.”

One human and one beast stayed together quietly.

One was responsible for feeding, the other was responsible for being cute and performing tricks to beg for food.

Nothing needed to be said, they were in an unusually harmonious relationship.

Once the last piece of was fed to the mouse, Dongfang Minghui waved out her palms for the mouse to see, “All gone now.”

The Lightning mouse groomed its paws, giving a glance to Dongfang Minghui.

Probably because of the meal, the mouse appeared satisfied, the fur on its body was settled.

The creature flicked its tail and silently melted into the darkness.

“Did my words from before pass through your head” Dongfang Wanyu actually discovered the situation earlier, but the Lightning mouse was clever, disappearing before she could confront it.

For Dongfang Minghui to once again approach the rat so carelessly with little fear from death, Wanyu was displeased.

On the contrary, Minghui was delighted to get her belongings back, “I didnt search for it, it came over to me by itself, look, its our stuff!”

She opened her bag scrutinized the insides.

Finding out that nothing was taken, her mood lifted even higher.

Glimpsing at her innocent face, Dongfang Wanyu fell into a deep, inexplicable thought.

How did the arrogant, domineering lady in the household from before metamorphosize into the lady nine right now

“Seventh sister, your wounds still needs to be treated.” Dongfang Minghui brought out a bottle filled with medicinal powder from her bag.

She sniffed at the contents, verifying it as medicine meant to stop bleeding.

Letting Wanyu expose her injury, Dongfang Minghui found that the cut was still deep.

Using the clean water she prepared before dinner, she cleaned her wound and dabbled the affected area with the powdered medicine.

A strip of uncontaminated cloth was sliced from a dagger, it wrapped itself around the wound and was tied into a bow.

“Its done.” Minghui smiled.

Wanyu glanced at her work, pulling her sleeves down, “Thanks.”

“Seventh sister, Ill guard the latter half of the night, you take a break.” Since Dongfang Minghui didnt feel like she could sleep anyways, she thought to do something productive.

As for tomorrow… there may still be a hard battle to fight.

Dongfang Wanyu didnt argue, she went to the tree before, closing her eyes.

For now, only four was active, the heroine was sleeping, and the Muqing girl who refused to rest in favor of taking care of the seriously injured man.

“What should we do for tomorrow” Dongfang Minghui muttered, having found a spot to chat with the grass and trees.

Though the mercenaries rushed into the caves with the intention of capturing a female iron beetle, one was greedy enough to aim for King iron beetle eggs as well.

They had managed to succeed, but now that the eggs were stolen, the whole hoard was stirred, the entire clan of iron beetles retreated to their nests.

Not even the smell of the corpse grass could repress them.

Through her lucky plot armor, the protagonist would definitely be able to survive, but what about the rest And the book provided no insight on the fate of lady nine running into this scary place…

“What do you think I should do” Dongfang Minghui sat on the floor, tugging and yanking at the grass.

“Eiieeie! Dont pull, dont pull! Youll strip me bare! ”

“Are there any other enemies other than the corpse grass for those beetles You can tell me, quickly, and Ill spare you from being pulled out.

” Minghui stomped, stamping the grass into the dirt.

“Eeee! Cant say, if you step on me more I really cant say!”

In an instant, Minghui lifted up her foot.

“I was wrong, now, tell me about it soon.

Otherwise, if the beetles end up storming to the nest tomorrow, you guys will really suffer.

Stepped into bits.

Dizzily, the grass swayed side to side, “Dunno, but I can ask my friend.”

Minghui was dejected, “Fine.”

Dongfang Minghui didnt realize that a pair of eyes had opened, watching her from afar.

“Your ninth sister sure is cute, being able to talk to plants and all.

You sure shes not planning something by getting close to you” The cold voice rang again.

Dongfang Wanyu closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

The next morning, Minghui woke up from a hairy tail.

She made several grabs to catch it, but failed with every attempt.

Instead, a heavy object suddenly sat on her chest, making it difficult for her to breathe.

“Chi chi chi…”

Dongfang Minghui opened her eyes, finding a pair of bulging eyes staring back at her.

The little guy sat steadily on her chest, tail sweeping.

Sweeping on her face.

Her head shifted left to right.

Except for Muqing, who was still taking care of her unconscious fifth brother, everyone including protagonist disappeared.

“Get off little guy.” Dongfang Minghui put aside the creature and used her hands to tidy her clothes.

The Lightning mouse also studied Dongfang Minghuis actions, using its tail to tidy himself.

The mouse used its tail to wrap itself around Minghuis wrist, pulling her.

“Mm, what do you want”

The mouse took a step forward, dragging her along, then took another step.

It turned back to look at her dazedly.

“You want me to come with you”

The lightning rat shook its tail, took two steps forward, then glanced back at her.

Dongfang Minghui had no choice but to follow, but even if she wanted to, there was no certainty on where shed land.

“Little guy, if I dont know the way back, what are you gonna do”

The mouse squeaked for a long time, but it was chickens talking to ducks, Minghuis lips dried up and she could only give up.

“Go on then, Ill come along.”

TL Notes:

Whats a good onomatopoeia for “吱吱吱” Its definitely meant to be a squeak noise, but… Hm.


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