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Frightened, Dōngfāng Mínghuì closed her eyes, she couldnt believe she was going to be disfigured.

Because of the tension, Dōngfāng Mínghuì didnt realize a womans hand was supporting her waist.

“This girl is really too ruthless.” A magnetic voice that oozed of sex appeal abruptly trailed to her ears.

Dōngfāng Mínghu opened one eye, then opened another.

A tall male dressed in blue appeared in front of her.

“Mind your own business.” The girl struck again without a word.

The man in blue didnt waste time showing face, the two figures exchanged blows within the narrow space.

Wherever the whip hit, items within the store suffered.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì and Dōngfāng Wǎnyù sneakily withdrew their presence from the store.

Mínghuì wanted make out the face of the man dressed in blue, but Dōngfāng Wǎnyù pulled her away, “Dont join in on the fun, we can leave now.”

Dōngfāng Mínghuì was slightly stunned, so she continued walking silently, unable to justify a reason to stay.

After all, the man in blue was helping them.

Wait a minute, that man in blue.

Holding a fan, handsome, tall, strong, like a tree blowing in the wind, didnt he bear a striking resemblance to Lǐ Yùnán, one of the male leads

She thought about it over and over.

This place was where a hero called Lǐ Yùnán that came to rescue the beauty and thus, met with the protagonist.

Theyd meet again on the road, both finding themselves in adversity.

But since she didnt want to let go of an opportunity to prevent her death, how could the hero rescue the beauty

“What is it, did you take a fancy on the blue coated boy” Dōngfāng Wǎnyù coldly crossed her arms.

She was thinking about how the original Mínghuì died tragically after several attempts to rob the protagonists boyfriend.

It was needless to say she didnt want to have anything to do with the males near the main characters side.

Meeting one was simply a death wish.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì shook her head hurriedly, holding Wǎnyùs hand and said, “Seventh sister, lets go.”

Upon returning to the mansion, Dōngfāng Mínghuì patted her chest with an unsettled expression, murmuring, “For now, Ive avoided it.”

“What are you hiding”

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù was standing behind her when she suddenly asked.

Mínghuì was scared to death, why could this lady easily haunt her “Its nothing, seventh sister, why are you back”

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù pushed a small porcelain into her hands, “This is a soul cleansing dan.

For todays event, were even.”

Opening the porcelain bottle, a sweet and fragrant smell emerged.

Inside the bottle, she discovered the culprits responsible for this attractive aroma, a total of three.

They appeared to be of high quality, as the main character didnt want to owe her any favors.

For her to draw the boundary lines so clearly, it wasnt good.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì also had no knowledge on medicine, she knew little of how valuable these pills were to outsiders.

With a flick of her wrist, she tossed the bottle into her room.

As night came, Dōngfāng Mínghuì slept soundly, her lips smacked from delight, as if dreaming of delicious food.

She smiled with satisfaction.

“Get him, get that assassin!”

“Come on, catch him!”


In the dead of the night, the sounds were still.

It was only until the cries came did a majority wake up.

Cuier was sleeping outside, when she heard the noise, she pushed open the door and woke her lady from her slumber, “Miss, miss, wake up, something has happened.”

Dōngfāng Mínghuì jolted awake, sitting up, her eyes were still hazy from sleep, “What is it”

Her maidservant pointed to the outside, “Miss, listen, it seems assassins have invaded the courtyard.”


Dōngfāng Mínghuì immediately became more alert and cautiously peeked through the crack of the door.

Outside were bright lights and shadows of figures overlapping each other, something did indeed happen.

“Miss, dont go outside, its too dangerous.”

“Ill go look.” Dōngfāng Mínghuì dressed herself and slipped out.

Cuier unaffectedly followed her, “Miss, the assassins havent been caught yet, where are you going, shall we request an escort to protect you”

Dōngfāng Mínghuì shook her head, if the assassin was in the household, theyd likely be searching for the heroine.

If she openly went to get an escort, wasnt she seeking death

“Too troublesome, you can go back first.”

Cuier stayed silent and marched along, finding herself in a little remote courtyard not long after.

The courtyard looked as if it was in ruins, left alone for many years without any sort of management.

Weeds and overgrown lush left little road to walk on.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì stepped on a rotten branch on the ground, causing it to rattle.

In the middle of the night, it was particularly frightening, so she ordered, “Cuier, watch outside.”

“Yes, Miss.”

To actually let the main character live in such a dilapidated place, it was a no-brainer why she held no love for the Dōngfāng family and treated them so cruelly.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì debated on whether or not she should convince the protagonist to move out of the house, lest she felt too wronged.

“Seventh sister, are you there!”

Not only was it too dark, she also didnt know which room the seventh lady was living in.

So she simply stood in the courtyard shouting at the top of her voice.

In a room, Dōngfāng Wǎnyù and a man in black were at even odds with each other.

The sharp blade used by Dōngfāng Wǎnyù perched on the neck of the assassin, while the person in black clung to her vitals.

It it wasnt for Mínghuìs shouting, they may have continued this far longer.

“Do you want to live or die” sneered Dōngfāng Wǎnyù, adding on, “If I scream, the others will naturally discover you, it will not be easy to escape.”

“Youre a Dōngfāng, will you really let me off so easily” The person in black expressed some doubt.

Wǎnyù could recognize the femininity within the persons voice.

“Believe or not believe, its not up to you.

If you refuse to scram on a count of three, I will shout, be afraid you wont get away with it when that time comes.”

When Dōngfāng Wǎnyù finished speaking, the person in black really began to the count the seconds, “One, two——”

“Seventh sister, are you asleep” Dōngfāng Mínghuì heard no response, so she decided to perform a room search.

Examining this situation, the assassin acted first, letting go of Dōngfāng Wanyus vitals and taking the chance to escape.

“Whats with the noise You woke me up while I was still asleep.” Dōngfāng Wǎnyù slightly tidied herself before opening the door, looking displeased.

“Seventh sister, did something happen here There was an assassin in the household this night.

Father is on a full search.” Dōngfāng Mínghuì ran her widened eyes over Wǎnyù.

As dark as it was, Dōngfāng Mínghuì could still make out the dress of the lady in this house, it was the same dress that she wore today that shone in the moonlight.

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù gave her a complex look, “Well, Im afraid there wont be anyone visiting this broken place except for the rats.

Now that youve seen it, you should be relieved.”

“Seventh sister, living by yourself is too dangerous.

Why dont you come and rest within my courtyard for the night, while Ill send someone to clean your place up.” Mínghuì kind-heartedly suggested.

“I want to rest, you should leave.” Dōngfāng Wǎnyù did not care for her schemes and instantly bid goodbye to the visitor.

“Ah, if thats the case, Ill sleep here with seventh sister, in case anything happens, we can both look after each other.”Dōngfāng Mínghuì pretended to misunderstand and gave another suggestion.

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù narrowed her eyes, staring at her as she responded, “This little temple cant hold you, lady nine.

If scandal were to emerge from this incident, how could I bear it Get out, or else—— Ill have to be impolite.”

The female protagonist was becoming wrathful, Dōngfāng Mínghuì felt her stomach churn as her legs started to shake uncontrollably.

She was despondent when she left, the blocking plan was a failure.

The assassin, a bosom friend to mothers side of relatives, came in search of a woman to tell her about herself.

The seventh lady was not a member of the Dōngfāng family, but was fostered here and raised by her aunt, the fourth wife of the Dōngfāng family, Qiān Bèiyīng.

Because the fourth wife was childless, she took the role as the mother of the seventh lady.

Once the lady knew that she wasnt a Dōngfāng, she would soon find a way to leave this place.

She was fearful that when the heroine returned, she would come to settle scores with the people of Dōngfāngs.

She has offended the main character as cannon fodder, after all.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì retreated back to her room, requesting Cuier for a pot of tea as she pondered over what to do.

It would be wonderful to stay in her comfortable home, served by a servant girl and being loved by her mother, but once the woman turned back to clean the family up, shed certainly die.

However, if she wanted to live, shed have to tag along with the heroine and brush her with good will, enough for the heroine to overlook the idiotic actions she had done to her before.

But she was a spiritual supporter, she had no combat effectiveness, considered to be useless and abandoned waste.

Going out to train was the equivalent of living through nine deaths.

“So difficult.”

Dōngfāng Mínghuì couldnt help but sigh, why was it so hard to survive

If she followed the female protagonist, would her chances of survival be higher

Once her decision was made, Dōngfāng Mínghuì acted at once, she set about preparing for her own journey.

She packed silver, a necessary need, as well as bottles and jars.

Jewellery as well, for the unexpected days.

She waited for Dōngfāng Wǎnyù to leave the household, following her.

Dōngfāng Mínghuì looked forward for the next few days until at last, she saw the fourth wife Qiān Bèiyīng and her father.

She sneaked in and hid behind the doorway, lending an ear to eavesdrop.

“Wǎnyù, youre young, its unsuitable for you to go out.

Dont follow what other people say.

Besides, dont you know your qualifications are mediocre” The fourth wife was vexed, how could she talk when the other seemed deaf The infant that was once swaddled in cloth had grown into a graceful figure.

Her face was near-identical to that particular person, which was eye-catchingly unpleasant.

Qiān Bèiyīng took a deep breath to hide her wrathful eyes, replacing to match the image of a loving mother.

Patriarch Dōngfāng looked at his wife and disapproved, “Bèiyīng, Wǎnyù isnt that small.

If she wants to, let her try.

If she fails, she can always come back.”

Everyday, Qiān Bèiyīng neglected her attention towards Wǎnyù, but now she wanted to go to the Royal Institute, wanting to train.

Even Patriarch Dōngfāng agreed to it, but Qiān Bèiyīng rejected it, feeling there was something was fishy.

“Papa, fourth wife.” Dōngfāng Mínghuì abruptly emerged from the outside and greeted them.

Then she said, “Since seventh sister wants to try to train at the Royal Institute, the fourth wife well might as well agree.

If youre really worried about her safety, why not have father send off with two elite escorts”

Her father laughed heartily at the sight of Dōngfāng Mínghuì.

Hearing her suggestion, he agreed, “As always, little nine is intelligent, so quick to think of a solution.”

“Alright, Bèi yīng, just follow what little nine says, the matter is settled.”

Dōngfāng Mínghuìs father gave his final word with a beat of a gong.

As Dōngfāng Wǎnyù withdrew from the hall, he glanced at Mínghuì.


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