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In the following days, the wide stretch of blue skies were bright and cloudless.

Dongfang Wanyu woke up early and felt that her body was a bit itchy.

After gingerly scratching the affected area twice, the scarring unexpectedly fell off, revealing new pink flesh.

When she touched the old wound again, she didnt feel any pain.

She picked up the left-over medicine given by Dongfang Minghui the previous day and lightly sniffed it, “This medicine is quite effective.”

Dongfang Minghui had gone to the river to fetch some water.

By the time she returned, the female lord was gone.

She took four corners of the two animal skins she had tied together with grass rope the other day and fastened them to some tree trunks, adjusting them to create a shelter for the herbs growing outside the cave.

After she was done, she took her bag and ventured out.

Ever since she left the mansion, Dongfang Minghui had frequently used her weak spiritual power to communicate and convey her emotions to the flowers and plants in her surroundings.

Perhaps it was due to the diligent use of her spiritual power, but she faintly sensed that her second-level spiritual power was showing signs of a breakthrough.

It was a good thing!

Nevertheless, she didnt intend to tell the female lord about this.

This whole world, no, the background of this book was based on fantasy and cultivation.

Most people would awaken their spiritual power.

Children like her, who stimulated their spiritual power before the age of ten, were normally highly valued by their families, but she was a special case.

In the story, she was assigned a semi-useless attribute.

Cultivation ranks go from spirit wielder, spirit master, senior spirit master, spirit scholar, spirit king, spirit monarch, spirit emperor, spirit sage, spirit saint, and spirit creator.

In addition, there are ten spiritual attributes: wind, water, fire, earth, wood, gold, ice, thunder, darkness and light.

Earlier, when the female lord had taken action in the forest, she had already awakened the dual attributes of earth and thunder.

However, Dongfang Minghui could only feign ignorance, otherwise there was a 99% chance that she would be killed by the female lord.

Most people who failed to awaken an attribute chose to become soldiers, pharmacists, alchemists, or other similarly unpopular professions.

Looking at the worlds overarching history, the three great empires had yet to see the birth of a spirit creator.

Dongfang Minghui was clueless about the mechanics of how to breakthrough.

She didnt dare to dream about ever reaching the spirit creator rank.

She just thought that if she was able to advance to the next rank, then she would breakthrough and let nature take its course.

Her main goal at this point in time was to tightly hug the female lords thigh and keep her small life.

This time, she needed the heart of a third-grade red peony or a pair of hearts from twin lotus flowers sharing a single stalk.

Though red peonies were categorized as common flowers, she was a bit afraid of going into town to buy one in the marketplace.

It was better to search for one on her own.

Fortunately, in this forest full of magic beasts, the degree of difficulty wasnt that big.

Twin lotus flowers were harder to find.

Dongfang Minghui suspected that, in this huge forest, there may not be a single twin lotus flower plant.

Dongfang asked for help during the entire journey.

With the aid of countless flowers, plants, and grass, she successfully avoided many higher rank magic beasts and walked through many small side paths.

Finally, under the guidance of a small patch of grass, she saw a red peony swaying in the wind.

“Its so pretty.”

On this particular section of land, the red peony was the only plant.

Like a noble flower born on the peak of a tall mountain, it gently followed the breeze, showing off its elegant and graceful posture.

Unfortunately, the sky above was pitiless and the originally clear horizon was swiftly overrun by dark clouds.

Torrential rain fell in drops as large as pearl beads.

With the thunder rumbling and the lightning flashing overhead, the magic beast forest turned frightening.

The red peony that had been dancing in the sunlight was suddenly battered by the wind and rain and turned into a frostbitten eggplant.

The other flowers and branches were also unable to bear the force of the storm and all lowered their heads.

“Hey, dont worry.” Dongfang Minghui ran over, untied the cloth wrapped around her waist, and used it to cover the red peony, blocking out most of the wind and rain.

Fortunately, she had made preparations ahead of time, otherwise the plant might have drowned.

The red peony issued out a plaintive whine, and Dongfang Minghui tried to transmit her feelings of goodwill.

One human and one flower reached an agreement in an instant.

“Once your roots are planted in the ground, it is difficult to transplant.

Why dont you give me your seed, and Ill plant it in my garden once things settle down”

Dongfang Minghui dug out a bit of the peony to inspect the situation beneath the ground and found that the residual roots were highly intricate and complex.

If she had a higher cultivation level and more spiritual power, she might be able to separate it from the earth.

Unfortunately, at this time, she didnt even have enough spiritual power to protect herself.

The red peony nodded in agreement and handed over its seeds and pistil to Dongfang Minghui.

The storm scoured the entire forest, showing no intentions of stopping.

There was a flash of light, and Dongfang Minghui watched as a tall tree, a meter away from her, got split in half after getting struck by a bolt of lightning.

One half of the trunk fell in her direction, nearly crushing her to death.

Scared out of her wits, she continued moving, taking shelter from place to place.

At last, she spotted a cave in the distance and recklessly rushed towards it.

For her, being surrounded by trees meant that she was constantly at risk of getting struck by lightning.

Danger was all around her.

In comparison, a cave could provide some measure of safety.

Maybe it was because she was sprinting too fast, but Dongfang Minghui failed to observe the surrounding environment at all.

In the radius extending hundreds of miles from the cave, not to mention animals, there wasnt even a single plant in sight.

“The rain is way too heavy.” Dongfang Minghui shook off the animal hide draped over her shoulders.

Even though she had prepared in advance, her clothes were still drenched.

She looked around the cave and found that it was empty.

It was extremely clean, so clean that her heart filled with apprehension.

Her heartbeat went “peng-peng-peng-peng” as it pounded against her chest.

She didnt know whether it was caused by her 800-meter dash or the unceasing rustling sound coming from the deep recesses of the cave.


Dongfang Minghui wanted to play dead.

Upon seeing the cave interior, it was clear that it had undergone daily maintenance.

It was probably already occupied.

Maybe it was a high ranking magic beast

Either way, the outcome would end in her death.

After weighing her options, Dongfang Minghui carefully picked up the animal hide, slowly raised her leg, and stealthily crept out of the cave, step by step.

Her intuitive sense of danger was normally quite accurate.

“Ah—save me.”

Just when she was a few steps away from the mouth of the cave, her legs suddenly decided to stop listening to her and stood rooted in place for some time.

A thick vine, bigger than a tree trunk, wrapped around her waist and dragged her into the depths of the cave.

While Dongfang Minghui was being pulled in, she was severely frightened and got rammed into the walls multiple times.

Eventually, she directly fainted in the darkness.

Since arriving at the Purple Devil Mountain Range, Dongfang Wanyu had never witnessed such heavy rainfall.

Currently, she was in an awkward predicament.

During the storm, she had used her thunder powers to pierce through a rank 3 magic beast.

Unfortunately, this had attracted a bolt of lightning which struck her down, almost killing her.

“This rain is tailor-made for you.

Its a stroke of good fortune bestowed upon you by the Heavens.

Take this opportunity to advance from level 5 spirit wielder to spirit master,” the cool voice in Dongfang Wanyus mind suggested.

After only a moments hesitation, Dongfang Wanyu took a seat in lotus position on the mountain peak and was immediately bombarded by thunder and lighting.

She initiated the absorption mode of her spiritual power and began to crazily devour the essence of thunder and lighting.

The whole process was alarmingly dangerous.

Fortunately, Dongfang Wanyu still had several treasures on her person that could be used to assist her.

They could help resist the lightning, so she could simultaneously collect its essence, forge her body, and refine some lightning for her own use.

The essence of thunder and lightning ran rampant around Dongfang Wanyus body.

Several times, it almost broke out.

Her meridians expanded, full to bursting, but she suppressed the eruption.

The violent energy washed the marrow of her meridians over and over again as they were endlessly compressed.

After 9981 revolutions, the essence of thunder finally stabilized and the tyrannical energy was completely refined.

“Congratulations on making it out.” The cold voice emerged at just the right time.

The first thing Dongfang Wanyu did after waking from her meditative state was to throw out a bolt of lightning.

In the distance, towering above the clouds with a trunk the size of five grown mens encirclement, a huge tree easily shattered into broken pieces.

Only a wide, deep pit was left.

“For a lone spirit master to reach this state, not bad.” It was a rare compliment from the cold voice.

“How long have I been in seclusion” Dongfang Wanyu looked at herself with disdain.

Her clothes were unraveled, ripped to pieces by the thunder and lightnings attacks.

She immediately took out a spare set of clothes from her storage space and casually threw it on.

By her side, the magic beast she had killed had turned into a pile of bones.

Under the assault of thunder and lightning, nothing remained.

“Fifteen days.”

The heavy rain had lasted for half a month.


At this moment, Dongfang Wanyu finally thought of Dongfang Minghui at the cave.

She knew she had forgotten something.

After hurrying back to the cave, she unexpectedly discovered that two hermaphroditic snake beasts were occupying the cave.

Dongfang Wanyu raised her weapon and sliced down.

Thunder and lightning crashed into the beasts, blasting them into several segments.

The serpents struggled for a bit in their death throes before taking their last breaths.

The odour in the cave was rank.

It was an unpleasant smell belonging to magic beasts.

Although the decoration hadnt changed, there were a few additional things in the cave that didnt belong.

The herbs outside were still growing unchecked, but they all seemed a bit dispirited, probably because no one was there to care for them.

Before, Dongfang Minghui had created something to shelter them from the storm, but after a few days, it was blown away by a strong gust of wind.

After being attacked by the intense rain, they almost died, so they were naturally weak and weary.

“It seems that you care quite a bit for that ninth younger sister,” the chilly voice abruptly came out.

Looking around at the mess inside, Dongfang Wanyu felt an impulse to completely destroy the cave.

Hearing the taunt in her head, she mindlessly rushed out.

Wanting to find someone at this time was unrealistic.

After such a long storm, even if there were any traces, they wouldve all been washed clean by the rain.

Furthermore, she didnt know whether Dongfang Minghui had gone out and gotten lost on her own or whether she had met with an unforeseen accident.

Every factor was unknown.

Dongfang Wanyu kept searching for two days, aimlessly wandering.

When she encountered a beast blocking her way, she would directly kill it.

The aura on her body changed; it was like an extremely fierce sword had been unsheathed.

At night, she even returned to the cave and broke open the stomachs of the snake beasts to see if she could find a shadow of Dongfang Minghui inside.

“Its normal for a weak chicken like her to be eaten by a snake or a beast.

Its useless for you to keep on looking.

After such a long time has passed, she would have long since been digested.” The cold voice unkindly laughed.

Dongfang Wanyu refused to believe that Dongfang Minghui died like this.

After all, Dongfang Minghuis objective while staying by her side still hadnt been achieved.

How could she die so easily


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