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Officer Huang still remembered that a month ago, Yu Bing had specifically brought some sweet potatoes she had dried for everyone to eat.

From time to time, Yu Bing would chat with the auntie who worked in the canteen sometimes because she had helped Yu Bing previously.

Was she really the kind of person her mother mentioned

As Officer Huang looked at Duan Mei, he felt that it was better to persuade her to go back first and let Yu Bing try her best to communicate with her family in private.

If her parents caused trouble when they came to the commune, it wouldnt have a good impact on her future work development.

Fortunately, only the logistics department knew about this.

Everyone had a good relationship with Yu Bing and wouldnt spread it.

After making up his mind, Officer Huang smiled and said, “Does Yu Bing know about this Does she agree”

This was a routine question.

Duan Mei knew this very well.

“She didnt agree, so I came.”


Huang took a sip of water from the tea jar beside him and said, “Usually, the employee will collect the salary herself.

If she wants her parents to collect it on her behalf, she has to sign an agreement.”

When Duan Mei heard this, she said with a bitter expression, “I have no choice.

There are a few mouths at home waiting to be fed.

If she doesnt send the money back, we wont be able to survive.

As her leaders, you cant ignore this matter.”

Officer Huang had been working for more than twenty years, and it wasnt uncommon for parents to ask for their childrens salaries.

Most of the time, parents wanted to control their children by controlling their childrens finances.

This was especially common among female employees, so Officer Huang was very calm when he heard this.

He even felt a little bored.

It had been so many years since parents started using this excuse.

Those parents liked to use family difficulties as an excuse, but most were not telling the truth.

The smile on Officer Huangs face faded a little.

“Although Im her leader, this is your familys matter.

Why dont you go home and discuss it with Yu Bing I know Yu Bing quite well.

Shes good-tempered and polite.

I believe she treats her family well.

Tell her nicely.

If your family is in such a difficult situation, I believe shes not the kind of person who will be heartless enough to ignore it.”

When Duan Mei saw Officer Huangs attitude towards her, she knew that this little leader was probably biased towards Yu Bing.

She couldnt help but curse Yu Bing.

This little b*tch must have used her good looks to seduce these men, so they were all speaking up for her.

Hence, Duan Mei didnt intend to say anything else to these leaders.

Her expression changed and she said resentfully, “Since you cant interfere, Ill find someone who can!”

With that, she glared at Officer Huang and stood up to leave.

Duan Mei searched floor by floor and finally saw the door sign of the presidents office on the third floor.

Seeing a man in a tailored tunic suit sitting inside, Duan Mei knocked on the door.

President Song was reading the notes he had taken when he went to the county for a meeting yesterday.

When he heard the sound, he looked up and realized that it was an unfamiliar middle-aged woman.

Seeing this, Duan Mei took the initiative to smile and greet him.

“Hello, President.

Im the mother of your communes He Mountain Brigade driver, Yu Bing.”

At this moment, President Song remembered that Song Li would occasionally mention Yu Bings family situation at home, so he asked calmly, “Hello, why are you looking for me”

When Duan Mei heard the question, the smile on her face slowly faded.

She lowered her head as she walked into the office.

“President, I didnt want to trouble you, but I really had no choice.”

President Song smiled faintly when he heard this.

“Yu Bings mother, please go ahead.”

Duan Mei sighed and said helplessly, “Our familys financial situation is very bad now.

Firstly, I came to the countryside to see the child, and secondly, I want to discuss Yu Bings salary with her.

I dont want to take Yu Bings entire salary away.

I just want her to send eight yuan a month to the family.

When the family gets through this hard time, I wont want it even if she offers it to me.

However, shes determined not to disregard the familys life and death and refuses to send a single cent home!”

After hearing this, the first thought of those who didnt know was that her parents were not coveting their daughters salary.

They even left five yuan, didnt they

However, if one thought about it carefully, one would realize that there were uncertainties regarding these words.

This was Duan Meis single-sided recount.

The leaders of the commune couldnt go to the neighboring city to investigate such a small matter.

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