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Dakota sneered, but he suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

In order to disperse the dark clouds and find Chu Nans location, he had already used a secret technique that he had not used for a long time.

He would definitely not use this secret technique unless it was the most critical moment.

This was because once he used it, although he could obtain a huge increase in strength in a short period of time and even be comparable to the top fifth-stage Void Break Martial Artists, the burden on his body was extremely heavy.

However, the meridians in his body had been severely damaged by the previous strike.

Moreover, it had also caused his internal injuries that were severely injured by Chu Nans punch to become even worse.

If not for the powerful Internal Breath brought about by the secret technique, he would not have been able to endure it now.

Dakota knew that he actually did not have much time, so he put away his smile and moved.

With a speed nearly twice as fast as when he was chasing after Chu Nan, he brought about a series of special sonic booms and instantly crossed nearly two kilometers between the two of them to arrive beside him who was still falling from the sky.

However, just as he was about to approach, the powerful green aura surrounding Chu Nans body surged and actually drew an arc in the air with him, avoiding Dakotas pounce.

Dakota was stunned.

He widened his eyes and looked at the flying Chu Nan in disbelief.

This kid was actually not dead

How was that possible!

Not many fourth-stage Void Break Martial Artists of the same level could endure that strike just now, but this kid was only an initial-stage Void Break Martial Artist.

How could he survive

However, when he recalled that Chu Nan had survived two of his Divine Punishments and quickly recovered, Dakota quickly calmed down.

This kid had a magical cultivation method that he could not understand.

His life force was so strong that he was simply not human, so he could not be reasoned with.

However, so what

Now that his strength had forcefully increased greatly under the support of the secret technique, it was impossible for this kid to escape in the end.

Dakotas figure moved again and he instantly flew to Chu Nans side and slapped him.

Although this palm strike did not deliberately mobilize much powerful strength, with his powerful strength under the enhancement of the secret technique, as long as it struck, no matter how powerful this kids life force was, he would definitely die!

However, just as he slapped out, Chu Nans body twisted and rolled in the air strangely, avoiding his palm.

Dakota frowned and immediately slapped out again.

However, Chu Nans body immediately twisted and rolled around, and he actually dodged his palm again.

Dakota was furious.

This kid had already been beaten into a ball of rotten flesh, but he was actually still so agile.

He was really extremely tenacious.

He sneered and flipped his palm, instantly slapping out countless palm shadows.

However, every time he slapped out, Chu Nan would always react immediately as if he had the ability to predict the future.

It always looked dangerous, but he would accurately dodge his attacks.

After several attacks, Dakota became even more vexed.

He did not care about anything else and attacked Chu Nan even more violently.

However, Chu Nan still perfectly dodged his attacks at the most dangerous moment, causing all his punches and kicks to miss.

After another kick was cleverly dodged by Chu Nan, Dakota suddenly opened his mouth and spat out another mouthful of blood.

His face had already turned from pale to red, indicating that he was already in an extremely bad state.

Although the unique secret technique allowed him to temporarily obtain strength that far exceeded normal circumstances, it also posed a huge burden to his body.

Every meridian in his body had already suffered varying degrees of damage and the injuries to his internal organs were extremely serious.

In fact, he was not much better than Chu Nan.

No, Chu Nan was clearly much stronger than before.

The flesh and blood in his entire body had already returned to normal, and his body that was originally loose because of the shattering of his bones had become complete again.

Clearly, he was quickly improving.

“Damn, this kid is simply a monster!”

Dakota could not help but curse, knowing that he had no time to hesitate.

The series of attacks just now made him recognize a fact.

This kids external martial technique was also extremely outstanding.

It was basically impossible for him to kill the other party with his fist and leg cultivation method.

There was only one way to hit and kill Chu Nan.

Dakota took a deep breath.

He knew that if he did this again with his current poor physical condition, he would probably be close to completely collapsing.

Moreover, the aftereffects of using the secret technique would be extremely serious, causing him to need at least three months to recover.

It was even possible that after he recovered, his strength would clearly decrease because of the extremely serious damage.

The consequences could be said to be terrifying.

However, now, no matter the serious consequences, it was no longer in his consideration.

Even if he had to give up everything, he had to kill this detestable kid!

Dakota slowly raised his hand.

Terrifying spatial energy surged over.

A moment later, it suddenly dispersed.

Immediately, an extremely dazzling white light that illuminated the entire sky suddenly fell from the sky and accurately struck Chu Nan who had already flown far away.

It was the Divine Punishment that Dakota had already struck Chu Nan twice.

Compared to the previous two Divine Punishments, this Divine Punishment was used after the enhancement of Dakotas secret technique.

The power was naturally far greater.

Moreover, this strike could be considered the last strike after he determined the situation.

He had to kill Chu Nan in one strike.

However, the facts that happened in front of him stunned him again.

The intense white light of the Divine Punishment landed and completely enveloped Chu Nan.

However, in the pillar of light, the green aura surrounding him did not weaken at all.

Instead, it became even more obvious and was abnormally eye-catching.

The Divine Punishment landed and distorted the surrounding space, but Chu Nan did not seem to be affected.

A moment later, the white pillar of light that represented the Divine Punishment faded.

Chu Nans originally soft body that had been floating in the air slowly straightened.

He opened his closed eyes and raised his arms to move them twice.

Then, he casually kicked his legs twice and confirmed that his body had completely recovered again.

It was even better than before he was injured.

He raised his head to look at the distant Dakota and grinned.

He said in a clear voice, “You havent seen a very famous comic from our Earth Federation in the distant past, so you dont know a sentence.

The same move cant be used twice against a Saint Seiya.

Although the cultivation method you used is indeed powerful, the use of spatial energy is so simple.

If I still cant calculate the method of spatial energy composition after so many times, theres no need to live.”

In the distance, Dakota looked at Chu Nan deeply.

Without a word, he turned around and flew into the distance.

This time, it was his turn to escape.


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