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I submitted draft late last night so Xinghe and UM3 didn’t have the time to go through it… 

Anyways… By the time this chapter gets up… I’ll be having fun with my scaramouche~

It was nighttime, the sky was dark, and the winds blew.

A black shadow quickly shuttled through the palace.

Like the breeze, the shadow moved extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, the shadow flashed past several courtyards and moved towards one of the most central buildings.

Fu Yichen’s first goal was the Empress’ bedroom.

He didn’t know what kind of mood he was supposed to be in.

He had already decided that he was going to help Leng Qianshang ascend the throne and leave silently.

But Fu Yichen hadn’t expected for the plot to inexplicably return to its original line after he had turned it 180 degrees.

What he did before was completely ridiculous.Did his actions look laughable Fu Yichen was extremely depressed.

Of course, he had to admit that Leng Qianshang’s words, “I will only love the Empress in this life,” also made him feel bad.

It’s one thing for him to act decisively, but it was quite another for him to not care about the ending.

So at this moment, when he approached the Empress’ bedroom, he really wanted to find out if Leng Qianshang was in her bedroom.

That feeling… Fu Yichen just felt a burst of anger in his chest that he couldn’t suppress.

Although he kept telling himself to be rational, even more so because he was an outsider, he wasn’t qualified at all.

Not to mention that he was going to leave, so he was even more unqualified to feel like this.

But people’s feelings are not something that can be controlled by reason.

But what Fu Yichen didn’t expect was that when he reached the Empress’ bedroom, Leng Qianshang wasn’t there.

This discovery surprised Fu Yichen.

After all, today was the official canonization of the Empress.

Fu Yichen not only didn’t breathe a sigh of relief but became even more angry.

There was no other reason.

If Leng Qianshang wasn’t here, and neither was the Female Lead, then what does this mean

Fu Yichen only felt a flash of irritability rush straight into his mind.

He was so angry that he wasn’t able to suppress the feeling even if he tried.

Taking a deep breath, in the next second, Fu Yichen turned around and jumped into the darkness again.

The target – the Emperor’s bedroom.

He had to admit that the speculation ‘the Female Lead is in the Emperor’s bedroom’ made Fu Yichen feel a little pained.

A month ago, the dragon bed belonged to him!

Sure enough, from a distance, he could see that the lights were on in the Emperor’s bedroom.

For a moment, Fu Yichen’s heart couldn’t help but pick up.

Just at this moment, two little eunuchs were chewing their tongues in a dark corner of the wall.

“Have you heard The Empress is so loved that she even dared to scold the Emperor!” A eunuch whispered.

“Yes, it’s said that the two have been quite loud these days.” Another young eunuch tutted.

“The Emperor really dotes on the Empress, huh.

He still dotes on her even after all this trouble.”

“Isn’t it…”


The voices gradually faded away.

But Fu Yichen could be said to be very furious.

No matter how calm and collected he was, it was inevitable that he would lose his mind at some point.

A terrible thought popped up in his mind.

It can be said to be similar to what happened in the original text.

The method by which Leng Qianshang got the throne, didn’t he use the Female Lead to hold Xuanyuan Canye back So in the plot that was forcibly reversed by Fu Yichen, did Leng Qianshang use himself as bait A beauty trap

Why did he forget Leng Qianshang’s black-bellied setting Fu Yichen’s mind was in a mess.

If this was the case, then the slap on his face was really loud.

He had always thought that he was familiar with the plot and looked down on this world as a bystander.

Not to mention thinking that he was the mastermind, he thought that he at least knew the overall situation.

But now it seems that he was fooled by the Male Lead

This guess made Fu Yichen feel pain in an instant.

The key point is that he was slapped in the face.

Was… was the Male Lead playing with his feelings

“F*ck!” At that moment, Fu Yichen wanted to slap himself.

It was fine if he had failed his mission.

But what’s the matter with him being played with by an NPC What’s more, the other person was another man!

So, Fu Yichen, who was still hesitating because he felt that he had no right to, rushed into the Emperor’s bedroom on an impulse.

The key point lies in whether or not what he sees next can make him lose his mind.

Fu Yichen was very familiar with the Emperor’s bedroom.

After easily avoiding the hidden guards, he went straight towards the bedroom.

But what made Fu Yichen feel puzzled was, the guards near the Emperor’s bedroom seemed to be removed.

He suddenly heard the sound of Zi Mengyao’s voice coming from the bedroom.

Fu Yichen immediately stopped and unconsciously clenched his hand tightly.

Fu Yichen was very familiar with the Emperor’s bedroom.

After easily avoiding the hidden guards, he went straight towards the bedroom.

But what made Fu Yichen feel puzzled was, the guards near the Emperor’s bedroom seemed to be removed.

He suddenly heard the sound of Zi Mengyao’s voice coming from the bedroom.

Fu Yichen immediately stopped and unconsciously clenched his hand tightly.

“Leng Qianshang, why on earth are you locking me up in the palace I don’t like you at all! I’m not interested in being your Empress! Do you understand” Zi Mengyao seemed to be emotional, which meant that her favorability for the Third Male wasn’t fake.

“Zhen doesn’t care if you like it or not.

You must be the Empress.” Leng Qianshang’s cold voice came, revealing an unquestionable majesty.

When Zi Mengyao heard this, she became even angrier.

“I’ve said that I’m not the real Zi Mengyao.

I am a person from modern times, and I’m a time traveler.

Whether you like the third princess or your Wangfei Zi Mengyao, it doesn’t matter to me.

It’s not me.

Even if you like me, I don’t have any feelings for you.

So I won’t feel happy with this arrangement.

Do you understand”

Fu Yichen twitched the corners of his mouth sullenly; obviously he was too tired of this to comment on it.

He just wants to listen to Leng Qianshang’s reply now.

“It doesn’t matter.

No matter who you are or who you like, Zhen’s Empress is none other than you.”

With a ‘bang’, Fu Yichen’s mind exploded.

What did he say Was this the legendary idiot Loyal dog Isn’t this the Male Lead that was written by the author The most basic quality of any Male Lead, Second or Third Male in a Mary Sue novel is that everything the Female Lead does can be tolerated and accepted.

So for more than ten seconds, Fu Yichen’s sanity was completely swallowed up by the anger.

When he finally did recover a bit of his sanity, he had already walked in front of Leng Qianshang and then struck the Female Lead unconscious with a hand chop.

With dark eyes, he stared at Leng Qianshang.

“You…” Su Zhan was completely stunned at the time.

Because of the plot, he had fully believed that this person was dead without checking.

This knowledge brought him excruciating pain and tortured him for several days.

He couldn’t sleep at all for days and nights as his mind was full of this person.

He even felt that if he had successfully completed his plot and returned to modern times, he might never forget this person for the rest of his life and would never fall in love with anyone else ever again.

Guilt, pain, and multiple negative emotions overwhelmed him.

The only thing that could keep him sane and continue the plot was the thought of his relatives that were waiting for him in the real world.

It can be said that he was desperate to just complete his plot and leave.

But at this moment, Xuanyuan Canye appeared in front of him without any warning.

In an instant, great joy filled every cell of his body.

He even forgot all his troubles and ignored the anger that couldn’t be more obvious on the other person’s face.

Fu Yichen didn’t wait for Leng Qianshang to finish saying the word ‘You’.

The next second, Fu Yichen pushed the person onto the bed and then directly covered him without waiting for the other person’s reaction, completely suppressing his body.

At this time, before Su Zhan could even react, he was suddenly pushed down.

His legs were pinned down, and his hands were put behind him in an instant.

The weight of another body suppressed him, and Su Zhan couldn’t move at all.

However, a familiar breath came to his nose.

Just as he was about to speak, he felt a pain on his lips, and he realized he had been bitten by the person on top of him.

“Wu~” Su Zhan unconsciously struggled.

Obviously feeling that this kiss wasn’t very comfortable.

It was not only domineering, but it was also mixed with unspeakable anger.

Fu Yichen is definitely an extremely strong person coming from deep in his bones.

He doesn’t deny this.

But most of the time, he is a gentle person.

Even though he does not speak softly or sweetly, his actions are definitely gentle.

Whether it was towards his friends or the people around him.

But at this time, his behavior was rude and domineering.

As he was also a person with first-class martial arts skills, Su Zhan realized that something was wrong with the other person, and he began to struggle.

Feeling a sudden strong push from his chest, Fu Yichen paused his actions of overbearingly biting the other person’s lips.

When he lowered his eyes, he saw the man under him gasping and staring at him.

The corners of his lips were red, and one of his hands rested on his chest.

Reason slowly returned to his mind as Fu Yichen licked the corner of his lips again, and then he left the other person’s lips.

He just raised his head slightly and looked down on the person under him without any intention of releasing his hold on him.

“You… so you weren’t dead” Su Zhan panted, staring at the person above him.

Probably because he was laying on his back, his field of vision was unusually wide.

This made his eyes spin.

If he had been suspecting that he was dreaming previously, then after that domineering kiss, that feeling of being suppressed, and the familiar scent coming from the tip of his nose, Su Zhan is sure that the person on top of him was real.

But after feeling great joy, panic soon followed.

“Why Did you want me to be dead” Fu Yichen narrowed his eyes, his voice sounding cold.

“No.” Su Zhan reflexively shook his head.

He didn’t dare look away from this person’s eyes.

But he felt so guilty that he turned his head to the side unconsciously, not daring to meet his eyes.

This reaction from Leng Qianshang made Fu Yichen feel even more annoyed.

He once again placed the other person’s hands behind his head once more with one hand and clasped his chin with the other, forcing Leng Qianshang to turn around and face him.

“Tell me.

Why did you do this” Fu Yichen forced the person under him to look at him.

Reason had returned to his brain.

Now that the other person was right in front of him and he could see the degree of favorability, he didn’t believe that the other person was taking advantage of him to obtain the throne.

He also didn’t believe the nonsense of ‘I will only love the Empress in this life’.

Because if that were the case, the system could still detect his preference for the female lead, unless the system was a broken garbage system.

If this was the case, then why did he do what he did Obviously he doesn’t like the Female Lead and he is also aware that she likes the Third Male, but why does he stubbornly insist on her becoming the Empress

Su Zhan didn’t dare to look at him, feeling guilty all over.

“I’m sorry.” Su Zhan could only glance away.

The eyes of the person on top of him seemed to pierce through him, and there was no way to avoid his sight.

He didn’t know what else to say but “sorry.” He understands what the throne and the country mean to an Emperor.

What’s more, he and the other person were so close at the time, but he still took advantage of the other person’s absence to sit on his dragon chair and take away his power.

So even if the other person pointed a sword at his neck right now, Su Zhan could still understand.

“Sorry” Fu Yichen raised his brows after hearing this.

The anger that he had finally suppressed came back up.

“Is this your explanation” He would rather choose a woman that he doesn’t have feelings for, and vice versa

“I’m sorry, I had no choice.” Su Zhan pursed his lips but found himself in pain.

He found that the corners of his mouth hurt, and he remembered that this man had bitten him just now.

It has to be said that the conversation between the two was not on the same channel, but the replies had no sense of disobedience.

“But you don’t like her.” Fu Yichen seemed determined when he stated this sentence, even sounding as if he was gnashing his teeth.

“Huh” Su Zhan was puzzled for a while, and his eyes fell on the person on top of him.

He seemed not to understand what the other person was trying to say.

In the blink of an eye, Fu Yichen suddenly saw the eyes of the person below him start to redden.

The pair of blue eyes were deep and dark under the orange light.

However, it was clearly visible that there were tears in his eyes.

Fu Yichen was startled, but at this moment, Fu Yichen keenly felt a strong wind coming towards him from the back of his head.

In an instant, it almost reached his head.

Immediately, Fu Yichen quickly picked up the person under him and then did a spin in the air, hugging the person and jumping off the dragon bed.

The moment he landed on the ground with the person in his arms, there was a crisp sound of a ‘crack’ as a sharp sword stabbed straight towards the position where they were lying previously.

Fu Yichen looked up, and when he saw who was coming, he felt pain coming from his gut.

Sure enough, the plot is powerful.

In the original text, at the end, the Male and Female Leads, the Second Male, and the Third Male were gathered in the palace.

Now the Third Male is also here, pointing at Fu Yichen angrily.

“Xuanyuan Canye! You lied to me!” Mingyue’s eyes were dark and angry.

Before Fu Yichen could reply, he rushed over to him with his sword.

Fu Yichen quickly dodged, and at the same time, Leng Qianshang, who was being held, was puzzled.

“Mingyue, calm down!” Fu Yichen said this while continuously avoiding Mingyue’s sword.

“Tyrant! You actually killed her! Today is the day I will kill you to avenge Yaoyao!” Mingyue completely lost his mind as his eyes turned red.

Fu Yichen immediately felt that the situation was a pain in the ass.

“She’s not dead yet!” Sure enough, this person didn’t have a brain.

Couldn’t he take a look first

Sure enough, Mingyue abruptly stopped, then rushed towards the unconscious Zi Mengyao.

Regardless of the situation, he threw away his sword and picked her up.

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao, wake up!”

The corner of Fu Yichen’s mouth twitched.

Isn’t he afraid of being tricked Looking away from Mingyue, he looked at Leng Qianshang, who was standing on the side, looking suspicious.

However, the moment Leng Qianshang met his gaze, Leng Qianshang’s sight quickly moved away as if he had been electrocuted.

At this moment, Zi Mengyao, who had been shaken by Mingyue a few times, woke up.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Mingyue, who was looking at her with red eyes.

Immediately, Zi Mengyao’s eyes lit up, and she threw herself into Mingyue’s arms.

At this very moment, Fu Yichen had a flash of inspiration.

He didn’t know when his rationality came back, but for a moment, Fu Yichen thought of the plot that was returning to the original path.

He had thought he didn’t have any chance at all, but wasn’t this a chance in front of him Just at this moment, Mingyue, who was crying with joy, suddenly turned his head to look at Fu Yichen.

“Xuanyuan Canye, what you said before, does it still count”

Fu Yichen raised his brows.

In order to encourage Leng Qianshang to take the initiative to ascend the throne, he made a private deal with Mingyue.

If Mingyue helped him fake his death, he promised to let Zi Mengyao be with him.

So isn’t this situation just someone offering him a pillow just as he wanted to lay down

So Fu Yichen nodded solemnly.

“Naturally.” He then added after speaking, “Take her away.

The farther, the better.” After all, she was now the Empress.

Mingyue narrowed his eyes and picked up Zi Mengyao in the next second before rushing out.

Su Zhan, who had been at a loss listening to their conversation previously, finally realized the crux of the problem.

“Wait!” He had finally gotten to the last step of the plot.

What should he do if the Female Lead elopes with the Third Male

Su Zhan wanted to stop them, but he didn’t expect Xuanyuan Canye to hold him back in the next second.

With this, Mingyue flew out the window with Zi Mengyao in his arms.

“You can’t take her away!” Su Zhan was immediately anxious.

What should he do now that the Female Lead is gone but the plot isn’t over How could he go back! This is the wrong ending.

What should he do if the world collapses!

Except for the Female Lead, all the people present were skilled in martial arts.

So Su Zhan pushed Fu Yichen away and chased after the two who were fleeing as soon as he could.

Fu Yichen was immediately angered.

He really couldn’t figure out this person’s unexpected obsession with the Female Lead.

If it was because of the plot, didn’t the Female Lead of this novel have a change of heart and fall in love with the Third Male Why couldn’t he do the same

“Stop for me.” Xuanyuan Canye’s first-class martial arts, from the original settings, were at least above the Male Lead and Third Male.

So when Fu Yichen chased after him, he was able to stop Leng Qianshang once more in the blink of an eye.

He directly buckled and trapped Leng Qianshang in his arms, not giving him a chance to chase after the two who were eloping.

“Quickly let go of me!” Su Zhan’s eyes were red with anxiety.

But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free from this person’s hold.

“She can’t leave!”

“Tell me the reason.” Fu Yichen forcefully made the man turn to face him.

In the blink of an eye, Mingyue had already disappeared into the darkness with Zi Mengyao in his arms.

Fu Yichen only felt the person in his arms turn pale for a moment.

His body then softened as he completely leaned into Fu Yichen’s arms, his arms even climbing up Fu Yichen’s shoulders unconsciously.

Su Zhan just buried his face in Fu Yichen’s arms completely, his body even trembling slightly.

Fu Yichen felt a little confused.

When he lowered his head to brush away the long hair covering the other person, he could see those pair of blue eyes were red, and his face was already wet with tears.

Fu Yichen was completely shocked.

After a while, he said softly, “Qianshang, what’s wrong”

Even if Fu Yichen broke open his head, he still couldn’t understand Leng Qianshang’s abnormal behavior.

He obviously didn’t like her.

Even when he saw the two of them hugging, there was no wave in his eyes.

So why is he so obsessed with keeping the Female Lead

At this moment, a thought that Fu Yichen had thrown to the back of his mind resurfaced.

Did the person in his arms know something Fu Yichen was frightened by his own thoughts.

The moment he was about to blurt something out, he heard mumbling coming from the person in his arms.

“Can’t go back.

I can’t go back anymore.” Su Zhan laid in the man’s arms and burst into tears, sending a farewell to his life in the real world and his relatives.

He didn’t even know what was going to happen.

What are the ramifications of changing the plot Will this world disappear Will everything else disappear along with the person he’s leaning on right now

It can be said that Su Zhan is currently feeling very desperate.

“What” Fu Yichen was shocked.

“What did you say!”

“What did you say just now” Fu Yichen grabbed the person in his arms, his hands gripping the other person’s shoulder tightly.

“You can’t go back” Fu Yichen felt as if his heart had just jumped to his throat for an instant as his mouth turned dry.

Su Zhan just shook his head with a look of lovelessness, gritting his teeth a little.

“This motherf*cking thing is a Mary Sue novel written by an idiot, you know I can’t go back now.


[Alert! Alert! This is terrible! The Mary Sue world is about to collapse!]

Before Leng Qianshang could finish speaking, the system started ringing, and the space in front of Fu Yichen’s eyes started to distort.

“F*ck!” Fu Yichen cursed out.

Leng Qianshang’s words exploded in Fu Yichen’s mind.

The amount of information that he had just received made his brain stop for a while.

[It’s collapsing! It’s collapsing! We’re going to die! We’re going to die! Host, help!]

“Are you from the year xxxx” The space around them distorted to the point that the characters lost their forms.

Fu Yichen could only watch as the person in front of him gradually lost his figure.

Shock flashed in Leng Qianshang’s eyes, and with incomparable speed, Fu Yichen asked, “Do you have a system”

“D*mn it!” Let alone getting an answer, Fu Yichen didn’t even get to finish his sentence.

Even the words Fu Yichen uttered seemed to be silenced.

The next second, Fu Yichen fell into darkness.

What a terrible situation.

Before Fu Yichen lost consciousness, he scolded the system thoroughly.

Really a piece of trash.

Didn’t it say that there can’t be two real souls in the illusory world


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