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Chapter 75 Part 4: Thrilling

Jiang Jing Rui murmured: “Heavens…….”

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This was not music, this was equestrian archery.

It was also important to learn equestrian archery in the Imperial College.

Jiang Jing Rui was also learning equestrian archery and knew its difficulty.

Precisely due to this, seeing Jiang Li hitting three bull’s eyes, he felt it was utterly inconceivable.  

Is this good luck There’s no way this is luck!

Kong Liu was dumbfounded.

Very quickly he threw down the table and kicked the stool while groaning. 

Zheng Hu Chen asked him: “What’s the matter with you”

“Damn, did you not see” Kong Liu pointed at Jiang Li: “All three arrows hit bull’s eyes! There aren’t that many good ones in my squadron.

Damn it, why is she a miss from the chief assistant’s house.

If she was a male, no, if she was the daughter of an ordinary family, I would insist on getting her in my team!”

Zheng Hu Chen: “…..

Shut up!”

When Ji Shuran saw Jiang LI’s three bull’s eyes, she was nearly unable to cover her ugly expression.

She knew these three arrows of Jiang Li would totally cover Meng Hong Jin’s previous grand scenery.

No need to mention Jiang You Yao who was originally not good at equestrian archery.

The rest of the people in this group would seem to be serving as Jiang Li’s background. 

She knitted her brows and spoke to Jiang Yuan Bai: “Where did Li-er learn equestrian archery I think our family’s Jing Rui and Jing You, who are taught by a specialized military master, are not as outstanding as Li-er.

Could you learn so many things in the nunnery When Li-er come back this time, there doesn’t seem to be anything that she couldn’t do.”

However, there wasn’t any trace and made Jiang Yuan Bai doubt.

“Eldest sister-in-law, that’s because Li girl has been intelligent since she was young.

People say, if an orchid seed grows in the mountain, it will also bloom orchid flowers…..

.” The second branch’s Lu-shi was about to stab Ji Shuran with a few sentences when “aiya”, she cried out abruptly.  

Everyone looked towards the racecourse.

In the narrow passage, Jiang Li was in front of Meng Hong Jin.

After Jiang Li hit three bull’s eyes, Meng Hong Jin was also about to shoot.

However, as Meng Hong Jin was touching the quiver behind her, Jiang Li’s horse suddenly hissed and raised his front hooves. 

“Not good!” Kong Liu stood up at once.

Something happened to the dark brown horse Jiang Li was riding.

Didn’t know why, but it suddenly ran wildly.

Meng Hong Jin was frightened, stopped her movement of reaching for the arrow and immediately reined her horse.

The field boiled all of a sudden.

In the past, there were students who got thrown off while riding, but they merely got some scratches.

A horse being startled had never occurred because all the horses were transferred from the light chariot squadron.

Their nature was very docile and they were not like those fierce horses that were difficult to tame.

There’s no way such horses would suddenly go crazy if nothing happened.

However, Jiang Li’s horse indeed went crazy suddenly under everyone’s eyes.

Nobody had touched it, nor was there any external influence. 

What’s going on

“Quickly save people!” Zheng Hu Chen promptly instructed the surrounding soldiers.

“Heavens ah.” Liu Xu covered her mouth and went forward, tears about to come out.

She couldn’t do anything and could only feel worried for Jiang Li. 

Ye Shijie also didn’t expect that an accident would suddenly occur.

Those present on the scene couldn’t do anything and could only look on as the horse madly ran forward with Jiang Li on top.

His heart slammed messily.

Afterwards, he saw the dark brown horse suddenly flung its head back and threw Jiang Li from its back. 

“Jiang Li!” Jiang Jing Rui shouted.

A moment later, Jiang Li was seen pulling the reins firmly, half of her body was flying, slanted on the horse’s body, nearly dragged forward by the horse.

But she wasn’t thrown off.

Everyone’s eyes widened. 

“She has the riding skill” Kong Liu was shocked and subconsciously looked at Ji Heng.

Ji Heng supported his chin with his hands and fix his attention on the thrilling scene on one horse and one person, declining to comment. 

Meng Hong Jin, who was following behind Jiang Li, first thought that she would see Jiang Li being thrown to the ground.

But she didn’t expect Jiang Li to actually pull the horse and flew on the side dangerously like this.


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