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Chapter 74 Part 8: Riding and Archery

Hii, sorry for the late post.

I’ve been trying to translate more for each part so this chapter will only have eight parts! Wohoo!

Even God was helping her, letting Jiang Li and her be in the same group.

Unexpectedly, there’s still Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e, these two people who were also not on good terms with Jiang Li.

Thus, to make Jiang Li suffer would be extremely easy.

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Meng Hong Jin’s palm shivered slightly.

This was the first time she did this kind of thing.

It’s strange, even though she was afraid, she actually became more determined.

She knew, if she didn’t do so, tomorrow she would have to kneel in front of Jiang Li, in front of everyone from the Imperial College, she had to apologize to Jiang Li.

If that happened, her reputation would entirely be destroyed!

If you don’t die then I’ll die.

This was a fiercer competition compared to Ming Yi Hall’s examination.

And she was bound to be the final winner.  

The exam started.

The examination field was very huge.

The six people in the group got on the horses together and ran towards the finishing line.

The first position wasn’t just decided based on who reached the finishing line first, it also depended on the student’s riding ability.

After all, riding a horse attached importance to “equestrian”, not just “fast”.

When it almost reached the end, there would be a row of targets.

Everybody’s arrows had their own mark, it’s unlikely to be mistaken.

Using the arrows that were shot onto the targets to distinguish, this was “archery”.

It was even more difficult to hit the target when a person was on horseback, as they were rocked while the horse ran.

This year’s Ming Yi Hall’s examination, no need to talk about hitting the bull’s eye, if the ladies were able to not miss the target was considered a good outcome already.

The first group started. 

Jiang Li looked carefully at Ming Yi hall’s examination rules.

Thanks to her previous relationship with Xiao Deyin, she knew a few things but it wasn’t detailed.

Today she herself would participate, which was different from watching as in the past.

Jiang Li planned to watch carefully so she wouldn’t make any mistakes when it’s her turn.

Thinking of Xiao Deyin, today Jiang Li didn’t see her figure.

However, this was the equestrian archery examination, it was indeed unnecessary for Xiao Deyin to be present. 

Jiang Yu Yan and Liu Xu were in the second group.

The first group turn was done quickly.

Although the examination field was huge, perhaps because the equestrian archery skills of the female students in the first group weren’t too good, they just got onto the horse, trotted a little, and shot the arrows.

The arrows were shot messily, not even one hit the target.

Even the equestrian technique was unsurprisingly mediocre.

However, at the end, these students were not disappointed at all, seemingly already content being able to mount and dismount the horse. 

In the end, the Beiyan ladies didn’t think highly of swordsmanship at all.

Although a general’s miss was admired by others, when it came to their own turn, they couldn’t eat these sufferings.

Jiang Li took the attitudes all in and was a bit concerned with the equestrian riding level of Ming Yi Hall.

The second group that Liu Xu and Jiang Yu Yan belonged to were somewhat better than the first group.

At least their riding was really “running” and they were even trying to compete to arrive at the finish line first.

Unexpectedly, Liu Xu was the best archer in the first group.

The reason was because her arrows didn’t fall outside the target.

Rather, it was stuck in a slant on the verge of the target. 

That was also the best one in the group.

When Liu Xu was done, she was still slightly panting, apparently tired.

However, there’s excitement on her face and she said to Jiang Li: “This year, the riding and the archery are put together.

It’s actually really difficult.

It’s really hard to imagine how those cavalry train in the army.

Still needs to hit the bull’s eye while on horseback, only extraordinary people could accomplish…….” 

“You are the best in this group.” Jiang Li smiled and congratulated her.

“From the start, I’m not that good at equestrian riding.

Today was also due to good luck.

But I also didn’t think that I would be very good.” Liu Xu said: “But you, this time, you and Meng Hong Jin are in a group.

There must be a lot of people waiting to see your good show.

You must take it easy and don’t be anxious.”

“I’m not anxious.” Jiang Li smiled.

Liu Xu thought about it, that was really the case.

Since the first time she met Jiang Li, she had indeed never seen Jiang Li’s anxious appearance.

Jiang Li’s temperament was warm and gentle, neither fast nor slow.

Perhaps Jiang Li didn’t regard this competition as that important.

Her heart relaxed. 

Jiang Li still seriously watched the following competition.

It was unknown whether the not-so-good students in the first and second group turned out to be grouped together.

The following two groups weren’t that bad.

There were a few young ladies who even made several beautiful movements on horseback, truly eye-catching.

The targets were also gradually covered with arrows, there were also some arrows that fell outside the targets.

There were also some that were near the bull’s eye. 

The competition gradually became more intense.

Very soon, after an hour passed, the time for the last group had arrived. 

It’s time for Jiang Li’s turn.


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