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Chapter 74 Part 7: Riding and Archery

Jiang Li broke into laughter: “I’m not a gaming chip.”

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“Don’t talk about other things, today you can take it easy a bit.” Liu Xu grimly said: “Equestrian riding has always been Meng Hong Jin’s strong suit.

Don’t force it if you can’t compete with her.

If you happen to fall down by chance, the gains won’t make up for the losses.

Anyway it’s determined that you’ve won and won’t lose anymore.

No need to bother so much about these minor details.

How many people had reminded her like this, Jiang Li still replied sincerely: “I understand, thanks for the reminder.”

This year’s riding and archery were combined together.

Different from the music exam, the students were divided into groups.

There were altogether 30 students, just right to be divided into five groups.

The people in each group were decided by drawing lots.

Then the groups would draw lots to decide which one to go first.

The lot drawing went without a hitch.

Jiang Li took a wooden stick from the wooden tube and gave it to a youngster.

Liu Xu saw and said: “I’m in the 2nd group, you are in the fifth group.

We are not together.” She looked somewhat regretful. 

Jiang Li actually didn’t care about this very much.

She heard the noise over at Meng Hong Jin’s side, it should be a good friend of hers.

She said: “Hong Jin, you are in the last group.”

She was actually in the same group as Meng Hong Jin, the road was truly narrow for enemies.

As Jiang Li was thinking like this, she saw Jiang You Yao approached her and said: “Second sister, I didn’t expect you to be in the fifth group as well.

Fifth sister and I are also in the fifth group.”

Jiang Li simply wanted to lament in her heart. What kind of ill-fated relationship is this There were six people in a group, against reason, Meng Hong Jin, Jiang You Yao, Jiang Yu’e and her were all in a group.

Without mentioning who the remaining two people were, there were already three people in the group that regarded her as a thorn in their side.

It would be strange if these people in the same group didn’t trip her. 

Liu Xu also thought a bit about this and couldn’t help becoming slightly angry.

In the middle of her thoughts, she saw the nearby crowd becoming restless.

Liu Xu turned around to see and said: “Today’s examiners have arrived.”

There were not as many examiners today compared to yesterday.

There were only three people.

One of them was a soldier in armor, around 27 – 28 years old.

With a majestic gait and valiant bearing, he was the current military rank captain Kong Wei.

Because he ranked sixth in his family, he was known as Kong Liu1.

The other person was the former martial top scorer, now the military cavalry’s commander called Zheng Hu Chen.

His age was almost the same as Jiang Yuan Bai.

He had tanned skin and a mighty, robust build. 

A glance could tell that these two people practiced martial arts, with unusual spirits.

Just by standing in place, they gave birth to fear in people’s hearts.

However, the last person was really beyond expectation. 

Duke Su stood there, dressed entirely in red, holding a folding fan with golden thread, with a light smile and prominent appearance.

But he wasn’t weakened by Kong Liu and Zheng Hu Chen’s martial appearance.

On the contrary, he was magnificent, making Kong Liu and Zheng Hu Chen seem to be his bodyguards.  

Still, always incompatible with the place.

In her heart, Jiang Li was astounded, what is Ji Heng doing here In yesterday’s music examination, he surprised people by being the examiner. Could he also come today with a role 

It wasn’t just Jiang Li that was clearly confused.

In the audience seat, Cheng Wang also frowned.

He said: “What is imperial brother’s meaning with this.

Why did he make Duke Su come again today”

Cheng Wang had a restraining fear against Duke Su.

Everyone knew, nowadays, Hong Xiao Emperor had complete trust in Ji Heng.

Cheng Wang had tried to rope in Ji Heng, yet Ji Heng, this person, wasn’t moved.

Moreover, his means were exceptional.

After coming across several sabotages, Cheng Wang no longer provoked Ji Heng.

Still, he continued to pay attention to Ji Heng in the dark.

He was aware of the work Ji Heng did for Hong Xiao Emperor so as not to be killed without knowing what happened.

Princess Yongning didn’t reply, her mind had long flown onto Shen Yurong.

Yesterday afternoon, after the music exam, Shen Yurong was supposed to meet her.

But Shen Yurong evaded.

Princess Yongning saw him avoiding and knew that Shen Yurong recalled his dead wife Xue Fangfei after listening to the music played by the female student and felt complicated.

Thinking of this, Princess Yongning became more furious and unable to endure.

Xue Fangfei had died, could she not compete with a dead person She must get married to Shen Yurong as soon as possible.

Shen Yurong was to keep up his infatuated appearance and observe mourning for three years, but she couldn’t wait that long.

She would raise this matter to her mother concubine, Liu tai fei, after the examination ended, Princess Yongning thought inwardly.

On one side, Jiang Li was staring blankly at the slip of paper in her hand.

A total of six people, aside from Meng Hong Jin, Jiang Yu’e, Jiang You Yao.

There were still two more noble daughters from Ming Yi Hall, Nie Xiao Shuang and Zhu Xin’er.

These two people gave the impression of spoiled daughters of government officials.

Their temperaments also didn’t seem to be particularly good.

Compared to Jiang Li, they were on better terms with Jiang You yao.

Jiang Li wasn’t surprised, most of the noble daughters in Yanjing preferred Jiang You Yao over her. 

Of all things, it’s the last group…….

Jiang Li muttered to herself.

No one noticed Meng Hong Jin, who was standing in the corner, glancing very quickly at Jiang Li.

Her gaze was filled with a hard to cover hatred and satisfaction.

This made her facial expression appear somewhat distorted.

When people passed by her, Meng Hong Jin withdrew her sight and secretly grasped the wooden stick tightly.


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