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Chapter 74 Part 2: Riding and Archery

The more she thought about it, the more excited Meng Hong Jin became.

As if she could already see Jiang Li’s painful appearance of living worse than death.

A smile unexpectedly escaped from her mouth..Her talent in riding and archery was exceptional, it was very easy for her to move her hands and feet.

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The servant girl inside the room saw Meng Hong Jin’s somewhat sinister smile and felt indescribably afraid.

She couldn’t help lowering her head and no longer dared to look at her Master. 


Just like Meng Hong Jin who was unhappy because Jiang Li got first place in the music exam, there’s also Jiang You Yao.

Inside the Precious and Bright building, a servant girl was kneeling on the ground.

Jiang third miss felt suffocated in her heart and thus searched for an excuse to punish the servants in the entire room.

Just as Ji Shuran entered the room, she caught sight of Jiang You Yao in the middle of overturning a celadon base.

The vase broke into pieces on the floor.

Ji Shuran knitted her brows and carefully crossed over the broken pieces, then instructed the approaching servant girl to tidy up without delay.

Jiang You Yao turned around and only then discovered Ji Shuran’s arrival.

Ji Shuran didn’t say a word, merely stared at Jiang You Yao.

When angry, this seemingly always amiable beautiful madam was very fierce.

Jiang You Yao shrank and called out: “Mother.”

“What are you doing again this time” Ji Shuran pressed the center of her forehead and walked towards the middle of the room before sitting down.

She shook her head and said: “Your father will be unhappy if he sees your current appearance.”

“Father hasn’t liked me since earlier,” Jiang You Yao bit her lip and said: “Now he has been given a forgetful potion by Jiang Li, that slut, and listen to Jiang Li for everything!”

“How many times have I said, a female has to watch their words and actions,” Ji Shuran opened her mouth strictly, “If outsiders heard these words you said, don’t know how much trouble it would cause.”

“I know, mother.

I just said this in front of you.” Jiang You Yao said with exasperation: “I’m truly very angry.

You also saw it today, Jiang Li clearly set herself against me.

From the beginning I’m always good in guqin, but today, against reason, she surpassed me.  Now the entire Yanjing knew that she, Jiang second miss’s qin skill is outstanding and  much better than me.

What can I do in the future”

“Calm down…….”

“Now it’s surpassing my guqin skill, in the future, what else will she surpass me with She deliberately wants to make me her stepping stone.

Mother, today you didn’t see the heir of Zhou continuously looking at her.

This slut, she wants to seduce the heir of Zhou, she still hasn’t given up!” Mentioning the last part, Jiang You Yao gnashed her teeth in anger, making people suspect if Jiang Li was standing in front of her now, Jiang You Yao must certainly tear and smash her, 

Ji Shuran was slightly startled and didn’t have the mind to bother about Jiang You Yao’s insolent manners of speaking.

She said: “What you said is true”

“It’s true.” Jiang You Yao spoke with grief: “She wants to replace me, wants to once again turn into Jiang family’s main official daughter.

Mother, didn’t you say, there’s only one official daughter in the main branch, that is me.

No one could snatch my things, but nowadays my fiance is going to be snatched by Jiang Li already.

Mother, how can I not mind” 

Ji Shuran was ferociously stabbed in her heart.

Jiang You Yao’s sentence “no one could snatch my things”, hit her heart with a piercing blow.

Turning her head to look and as expected, saw Jiang You Yao’s completely broken-hearted appearance with red eyes, Ji Shuran’s heart inevitably softened.

She sighed and said: “Nonsense, how could Ningyuan Marquis’s heir be snatched away by people.

Leaving that aside, previously the Zhou family had already changed the first wedding contract.

Wedding contract is not a child’s play, how could it be altered over and over again Moreover, this reputation of Jiang Li, how could it be compared to yours I’ve met Ningyuan Marquis’s madam and the people in their family take fancy to you.

If it’s changed again, this would be placing our Jiang family at the bottom and your father will also not allow this.

You Yao, don’t worry, no one could snatch Zhou Yan Bang.”  

“But the heir of Zhou is already confused by Jiang Li…….” Jiang You Yao was still not reconciled.

“How can she even reach a strand of your hair You think too much.” Ji Shuran smiled and said: “If there’s Jiang Li in his heart, then it’s impossible for him not to mention Jiang Li in the past eight years.

This kind of indifference, does it look like he has the other person in his heart” 

Jiang You Yao felt better after hearing this.


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