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Chapter 73 Part 9:

Praising Jiang Li while stepping one foot onto Jiang You Yao without batting an eyelid.

Saying that the things Jiang Li could do, Jiang You Yao was unable to and Jiang You Yao couldn’t compare to Jiang Li.

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When Jiang You Yao heard this, she hated even more, but her complexion turned even more wronged and exceptionally pitiful.

Jiang Yuan Bai coughed quietly and unable to bear seeing his little girl feeling sad he said: “You Yao is also good.”

On the contrary, Ji Shuran also said: “You Yao is younger, not as skilled as Li-er.

Today Li-er has truly let us open our eyes.” She smilingly looked at Jiang Li: “In the future, You Yao has to learn with Li-er.”  

This generous appearance truly made Jiang Li exclaim in amazement.

It seemed that Ji Shuran was also someone who had a flexible temper.

But asking her to point out to Jiang You Yao, leaving aside whether she was willing or not, perhaps Jiang You Yao was also not willing.

Besides, Jiang Li felt that Jiang You Yao wouldn’t think that she was better than Jinghong fairy. 

But the surface should still look good, so Jiang Li immediately replied with a smile: “Everything is taught well by the mother.”

Jiang Yu’e was watching from the side and sneered inside. At this time showing gentleness and filial piety, who knows there’s an ulterior motive inside. Ji Shuran can put on a play, Jiang Li could also put on a play.

In her heart, Jiang Yu’e gradually began to guard against Jiang Li.

“There are still two more exams, riding and archery tomorrow.” Old madam Jiang said: “Li girl, can you” 

The two items, riding and shooting, were basically riding a horse and archery.

These two things were merged together in this year’s exam, namely, shooting arrows while riding a horse.

This was due to the invasion by a dissident group a few years ago.

The dissident group came from the grassland and were experts at equestrian archery.

Soon afterwards, the army started to practice equestrian archery for their troops.

Ming Yi Hall also used the opportunity to imitate the army and let the ladies put riding and shooting arrows together.

By means of equestrian archery as the exam, it could be regarded as half the work, twice the effort.  

“A little bit.” said Jiang Li.

Jiang Yu’e and Jiang You Yao heard a “thump” at the same time in both their hearts.

They looked at Jiang Li and thought, how does she even know this

Could there  still be a Ming Yi Hall in Mount Qingcheng which teaches riding and archery

Jiang Yuan Bai was also astonished and asked: “Where did you learn”

“There’s a pilgrim who once donated horses to the nunnery.

I got curious when I was feeding the horses and secretly climbed on one to ride it.

The horse was docile and wasn’t hard to handle at all.” Jiang Li said: “As for archery, Tong’er and I made bows and arrows from the branches in the woods once to shoot birds to fill our stomachs.”

Tong’er was puzzled, why doesn’t she know these things However, she still nodded and went along with Jiang Li’s explanation.

Her face was like her master’s, in deadly earnest and didn’t change color as the lie was told.

There’s a bit of a feeling when these words passed into old madam Jiang and Jiang Yuan Bai’s ears.

Feeding horses, shooting birds, filling their stomachs, those who didn’t know would think they were poverty-stricken people living in the countryside.

Who would think it was the young lady of the chief assistant’s house.

These years, it was unknown how much suffering Jiang Li had undergone. 

Jiang Yuan Bai had soft ears1 and a person with a soft heart, especially when facing his own family members.

He was at once extremely regretful of his method in handling things that year. 

Ji Shuran hated in her heart.

Jiang Li had the cheek to lament her misfortune in front of her face.

Her age was still young, yet could think of such a method.

If she didn’t look for a way to put a stop, what then It was unknown how much trouble she would bring to her in the Jiang residence in the future.

Jiang Li can’t stay.

Ji Shuran thought, ordinary means is out of the question as well.

When Ji Shuran was in the middle of her thought, she suddenly perceived something, glanced randomly and was slightly stumped for words.

Not too far away, Meng Hong Jin was standing among the crowd, staring at Jiang Li.

Although it was very brief and very vague, the gloominess and calculation in her eyes wasn’t missed by Ji Shuran.

Ji Shuran was somewhat suspicious at first, but in a flash something dawned on her and she relaxed.

She smiled while looking at Jiang Li, the haze she had just now was swept away in an instant.

She even so much as following Jiang Yuan Bai’s kindly words and said: “These years Li girl has truly undergone hardship.

Since you’ve returned home, let those days pass.

From now on, the days will only get better and better.”

Jiang Yuan Bai was very satisfied by Ji Shuran’s attentiveness.

But after hearing this, Jiang Li was immediately alert. 

What changed, Ji Shuran seemed to suddenly relax.

What has changed


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