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Nevertheless, Mian Ju stared at Ji Heng with bright shining eyes.

Ji heng looked at the piece of red paper in front of him, his sight paused on “Jiang Li” and “Jiang You Yao”, these two names before saying in a low voice: “Jiang Li…..”

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“Right! Did you hear, Duke Su really has good taste and has already decided that it’s Jiang Li!” Main Ju was so happy he nearly bounced. 

“Mister Mian Ju, keep your calm first.” Xiao Deyin spoke indifferently: “Duke Su hasn’t finished speaking.”

Xiao Deyin had a thought, Duke Su isn’t that fond of qin music, he is rather fond of the opera.

Today he hasn’t been listening attentively, of course he wouldn’t pick based on qin skills.

But what Duke Su likes is beauties.

Jiang You Yao was a lively and fragrant beauty…….

Xiao Deyin’s heart suddenly thumped, to speak of, Jiang second miss, Jiang Li is not that bad too ah.

She turned her head to look at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s head was inclined sideways as she chatted with Liu Xu beside her, making her profile even more outstanding.

Her light green dress was like a spring day, bringing out a young girl’s grace and beauty, seemingly able to smell the fragrance she exuded. 

Jiang You Yao was indeed beautiful, but Jiang Li wasn’t bad at all.

Right in the middle of her thought, she saw the good looking young man in his red clothes abruptly raised his lips into a smile.

Waving the folding fan in his hand randomly, he pointed in one place and indifferently said: “Just her.”

Everyone promptly looked in the direction he was pointing!

The folding fan with thin gold threads like cicada wings when folded together was very thin.

It pointed to a name; astonishingly, there were only two characters.

Jiang Li!

Ji heng chose Jiang Li.

Jinghong fairy relaxed.

She didn’t know why but she felt much more relieved.

With Ji Shuran’s silver, she had helped Jiang You Yao.

But Duke Su speaking personally was something out of her control.

Moreover, Jiang Li was worthy of the name.

However, Xiao Deyin still stubbornly spoke: “Duke, don’t play around, exams are not a trivial matter…….” All her words were suddenly swallowed back into her throat due to the glance Ji Heng shot at her. 

That glance was cold and somewhat mocking, as if he knew clearly the secret at the bottom of her heart, making her fall into an icehouse in a split second, unable to utter another word.  

Mian Ju made a prompt decision and waving a big brush, he immediately wrote down Jiang Li’s name on the top position of the red notice.

It’s final!

Xiao Deyin looked on helplessly at Jiang Li’s name placed in the top position on the red notice with no room to change the situation.

Duke Su, Ji Heng actually laughed softly, then got up, seemingly not going to stay here any longer and going to leave. 

Prior to leaving, his sight seemed to inadvertently go in Jiang Li’s direction. 

Jiang Li was also attentively staring at Ji Heng, still thinking of his purpose.

Unexpectedly, Ji Heng glanced at her before leaving and she was momentarily stumped, thinking this person truly deserved the two words “impermanent”, unknown what he was thinking about.

But, is he preparing to leave

While being stunned, the young boy with the red scarf had already held the written red notice and started to read the list of names one by one from last to the first.

Liu Xu was in the middle, Jiang Yu Yan and Jiang Yu’e were a bit worse.

Contrary to expectation, Meng Hong Jin was in sixth place.

The further forward it went, Jiang You Yao became more and more nervous. 

Can she get first place

The young boy with the red scarf read her name: “Jiang You Yao, second place——”

Jiang You Yao only felt her mind turned stupid and both her legs turned soft, nearly tumbling to the ground.

Fortunately Ji Shuran supported her.

After she was able to stand firmly, her body shook slightly as she waited desperately for the young boy to speak out the last name, her heart crying out “must not” countless times with all its might. 

Afterwards, things definitely turned out against her wishes. 

“First place, Jiang Li!”

The straightforward two words shattered Jiang You Yao’s unrealistic delusion, as if a sharp sword thrusting straight into Jiang You Yao’s chest.

It also simultaneously stabbed Meng Hong Jin.

Meng Hong Jin shook her head and pinched her own hand ruthlessly, as if wanting to distinguish whether everything was a dream or a reality.

A sharp pain  was felt on her hand, reminding her that everything was real.

With the addition of the previous three, Jiang Li had altogether placed first in four exams.


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