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Then why does Xiao Deyin insist on choosing Jiang You Yao instead of Jiang Li Is it possible that Xiao Deyin also received Ji Shuran’s silver That’s not possible, Xiao Deyin is a teacher at Ming Yi Hall, leading a prosperous life.

Moreover, at one time, she even declined being the court’s musician.

From there it could be seen that she’s someone who is not greedy and seeking high position and great wealth.

Her reason couldn’t be because of money.

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Jinghong fairy had a hard time understanding.

Nevertheless, Xiao Deyin had a rarely seen persistence. 

Tt was even more impossible for Mian Ju to give up, even Shi Jian didn’t say a word.

Jinghong fairy hesitated for a while before saying: “Or what if this time we have two people for first position”

It’s not that being tied in first position had never happened in the examinations before.

It was also because both parties were equally matched and it was really difficult to decide and they were left with no other choice. 

Mian Ju smiled sarcastically: “But Jiang Li was obviously much better than Jiang You Yao!” This meant he disagreed with the idea.

This couldn’t do, that also couldn’t do.

As a result, the situation came to a deadlock. 

The examiners were slow in coming out with the result and gradually, all the people in the venue started to notice.

“What’s happening Why haven’t they announced the names”

“Just now I seemed to see Master Mian Ju pointed at Jiang second miss and Jiang third miss.

Is it difficult to choose” 

“That’s true, Jiang second miss and Jiang third miss were both fantastic.

However, I prefer Jiang third miss, she’s really beautiful! In the past, Jiang third miss always occupied first place in qin.”

“I actually prefer Jiang second miss.

That’s because nobody has ever played the 《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》 before.”

Jiang You Yao saw that side was late in announcing the results and a gleam of hope once again rose in her heart.

Even if they were tied for first position, she would feel better than if Jiang Li was on top of her. 

“We can’t stay here until dark, right” Mian Ju said somewhat impatiently: “Anyway, an announcement must be made.”

“But at this moment, there’s no other way.” Jinghong fairy said with a bitter smile.

Xiao Deyin and her certainly wouldn’t concede.

And looking at Mian Ju and Shi Yan, both of them also had the same determination as them. 

There was no room to advance or retreat.

Right at this moment, a lazy voice carrying deep meaning suddenly rang out.

He asked: “Why Still hasn’t concluded”

Turning their heads to see, it was Duke Su, Ji Heng,  who had been dozing off all along.

It was unknown since when he had woken up and looked at them with a smile on his face as he played around with the folding fan in his hand.

Evem Jinghong fairy, who was someone’s wife, couldn’t help being dazed when she saw Ji Heng’s smile.

When she snapped out of it, she said apologetically: “A difference in opinion came up…….”

Mian Ju’s eyes brightened as he seemed to have thought of something.

He said to Ji heng: “Duke, you woke up just in time.

Xiao Yan Yan and I think Jiang Li ought to occupy first place.

Fairy and Teacher Xiao believe that Jiang You Yao should be first.

Neither side refused to back down.

Since you’ve woken up and you are also an examiner today, what if you say something.

Which side are you standing on” 

Jinghong fairy didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

It wasn’t good for Mian Ju to look for someone, yet, against reason he called this Duke Su.

Although it wasn’t known how Duke Su became one of the music examiners, today, under the staring eyes of thousands, Duke Su had been dozing off from the beginning.

Perhaps he woke up midway for two seconds, but he very quickly closed his eyes again.

From judging the first student, Ji Heng had never said a word.

As if today he happened to come and amuse himself with the bustle.

Thus the four people tacitly agreed not to bother him and decided on the grades by themselves.

If truly asked Ji Heng to manage it, he wasn’t a music player, so how could he understand the qin tune

But now, Mian Ju asked this Duke Su, who was even too lazy to lift his eyelids to evaluate the result.

To say either Jiang Li or Jiang You Yao to be in first position, Jinghong fairy even doubted whether Duke Su actually knew which was Jiang You Yao and which was Jiang Li Judging without seriously listening to the qin tune, wasn’t this blindly making trouble

The most important thing was Duke Su’s attitude which was basically disdainful to participate in this matter.

Who knew whether he would open his mouth or not, afraid he was too lazy to say even a word.


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