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Shen Yurong’s peculiarity was all taken into Princess Yongning’s eyes, who was sitting beside Cheng Wang.

The smile at the corner of Princess Yongning’s mouth remained the same, but a flash of bitter resentment flashed in her eyes.

Seeing Shen Yurong’s look, he was obviously remembering Xue Fang Fei.

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Thinking that Shen Yurong was still constantly having Xue Fang Fei in his mind, Princess Yongning was immediately mad with jealousy.

Even Jiang Li who was on the stage was also hated altogether. All deserve death! Who let Jiang Li resemble someone that’s no good, actually resembling that slut!

Jiang Li naturally wouldn’t know what outsiders thought of.

She was just wondering whether Duke Su, Ji Heng, discovered anything.

She always felt Ji Heng’s sight made people feel completely uneasy. Was it possible that there’s a deeper meaning But aside from that first time at Mount Qingcheng, there was no other intersection between her and Ji Heng.

Even if Ji Heng remembered her, it was merely  fate.

Shouldn’t be…….

Any relation, right 

Jiang Li hit on an idea, supposed that Ji Heng tore her stage open and exposed her calculation on Master Jing An’s matter while in Mount Qingcheng; she would never yield even in the face of death.

Anyway, there’s no other evidence. 

With this thought, she even didn’t pay much attention as the students went on stage and continued with their music exam.

Liu Xu had gone over, Jiang Yuyan had also played and Jiang Yu’e completed her turn.

Until the last female student finished playing and the entire examination was over, it had already reached afternoon.  

Having Jiang You Yao, or perhaps more likely, Jiang Li performed outstandingly at the beginning, the other students’ qin tunes always sounded dull, just as if moving their hands only, even then those movements didn’t seem proficient.

Actually, it was because the gap was too big, thus even a layman could immediately distinguish the skill level clearly. 

The music exam passing list had to be published immediately.

Moreover, everyone’s focus now lay on nothing else but Jiang Li and Jiang You Yao, these two people.

Jiang You Yao stood in the audience and firmly grasped Ji Shuran’s hand.

At this moment, her expression couldn’t help tensing up. 

If she lost the one aspect that she was an expert in to Jiang Li…….

Jiang You Yao simply didn’t dare to think how Zhou Yan Bang would look at her! 

The second branch’s Lu-shi saw that Jiang You Yao was not as confident as before and immediately laughed and said to Ji Shuran: “Eldest sister in law is still the best, raising two daughters, both are highly intelligent.

The way I see it, no matter whether it is You Yao or Li girl who becomes the first, both are the people from your main branch.

Eldest sister in law must be happy, truly deserve to be called elder brother’s children.” 

Ji Shuran was distracted and anxious.

Hearing Lu-shi talking about this gave rise to anger in her.

However, no expression was visible on her face and she smiled and said: “That’s natural.

I actually think that Li’er’s playing was slightly better.” She even took the initiative to praise Jiang Li.

Jiang Yu’e scoffed in her heart.

It’s very likely that this eldest aunt had already hated Jiang Li very much inside.

However, Jiang Yu’e also would rather have Jiang You Yao come first and was unwilling for Jiang Li to come first.

After all, Jiang Li had nothing.

How could someone who had nothing compete with someone who had everything It’s only right for Jiang Li to obediently bow and grovel like herself. 

The five examiners were in discussion.

There were no clashes of opinions with the other students.

Only when it came to Jiang Li and Jiang You Yao, these two people, the disagreement appeared.

Jinghong fairy and Xiao Deyin believed that Jiang You Yao should be in first position while Mian Ju and Shi Yan believed that Jiang Li should be the first.

Both sides were in a deadlocked and neither side was willing to concede. 

“Anyone with eyes could see, Jiang Li comes first.

In the end, what’s the matter with you guys” Mian Ju bitterly lamented, “Can’t both of you hear”

“Mister Mian Ju,” Xiao Deyin said: “Each person has their own opinion.

Just like we are unable to control your opinion, you also can’t control our opinion.” 

Jinghong fairy was slightly surprised.

Her reason was because she received Ji Shuran’s silver.

Also, Jiang You Yao was someone she had personally taught.

She had no choice but to choose Jiang You Yao.

However, in regards to those who comprehend qin tunes, Jiang Li’s qin skill was supposed to be above Jiang You Yao.

It’s impossible for Xiao Deyin to not hear.


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