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“Really talking nonsense.” Mian Ju got angry by Xiao Deyin’s remarks and said: “I was only aware today that the heart of guqin is still divided into high and low.

Forgive me for speaking bluntly, teacher Xiao, your kind of heart of guqin that is angled for fame, afraid you could no longer carry the name of Yanjing’s number one female qin player.  Without mentioning Jinghong fairy, that top scorer’s madam that had passed away, Madam Xue Fang Fei, was better than you.

After a few more years, afraid this Jiang family’s little girl, Jiang Li, would be a lot better than you.”

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This remark wasn’t polite at all and Xiao Deyin’s face changed color.

She said: “Mister Mian Ju, speak cautiously! Xue Fang Fei’s moral was corrupted, but you unexpectedly put me together with her”

“Talking as if teacher Xiao’s moral character is very good.” Mian Ju mocked. 


The examination had not ended but the two examiners had started quarrelling.

Although Mian Ju seemed to be easy to talk to, he was actually a very stubborn old man.

Jinghong fairy promptly came to smooth things over and spoke with a smile: “Both of you don’t need to get angry, there are still other students that have not yet gone on stage.

It’s not too late to wait for them to have all gone on stage.

If there is still another one whose skill is even higher, there’s no need to have a hard time choosing.” 

Mian Ju coldly snorted and let the matter drop.

However, the few people were all aware that the following students basically couldn’t surpass Jiang Li and Jiang You Yao. 

In the end, they would still need to argue.

The dispute between Mian Ju and Xiao Deyin on the stage was observed by Jiang Li.

Even though she couldn’t hear what the two people were talking about, she could guess a bit.

It must be about Jiang You Yao and her qin skills.

Mian Ju could be assumed to be thinking highly of her.

This was because prior to entering the palace, Mian Ju was just an ordinary folk musician.

Jiang Li singing the folk song before playing ought to fit Mian Ju’s temperament very well. 

As for Xiao Deyin, if it was before, Jiang Li believed she would definitely stand by her side.

But at present…….

She couldn’t say for sure.

Zhou Yan Bang fixed her attention on Jiang Li who was beside Liu Xu.

Jiang Li’s qin skill had once again shocked everyone present.

He was even more determined in his heart that he must cancel the engagement with Jiang You Yao and be together with Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was originally his fiancee, if it were not due to an unexpected turn of events, perhaps now they had already gotten married.   

Such a woman should of course belong to him!

Zhou Yan Bang supposed since now Jiang Li had already washed away the “good-for-nothing” reputation on the basis of her own  ability, his parents’ opposition would not be so vehement.

Although she carried the reputation of poisoning her mother, Ningyuan Marquis always loved him dearly and should be willing to compromise.

But if this happened then he would let down Jiang You Yao.

Thinking up to here, Zhou Yan Bang felt a twinge of guilt and felt obliged to make up for her in other places. 

When Zhou Yan Bang was thinking about Jiang Li, not far from him, Shen Yurong’s gaze was perplexed. 

When Jiang second miss was playing the qin on the stage, she had indescribably made him think of his late wife.

To speak of, Xue Fang Fei’s qin skill was also outstanding.

At that time, when he was in Xiangyang Tongxiang, Xue Fang Fei frequently played the guqin.

He often stood outside the door of the Xue family and listened to the sound of laughter and qin sound coming through over the wall. 

Afterwards, Xue Fang Fei came to Yanjing and no longer played the guqin.

He became the top scorer and was occupied with various social engagements.

In his memory, Xue Fang Fei’s qin sound had also gradually turned vague.

But today, Jiang second miss’s qin tone had indescribably made him see his dead wife. 

Though Xue Fang Fei would not likely to play such a mournful tune, though Xue Fang Fei and Jiang Li were two totally different people…….


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