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From the beginning, he couldn’t help worrying about Jiang Li.

But he faintly had a feeling that perhaps Jiang Li had her own method.

That powerful noble eldest miss who looked down on merchants had now grown up, turning into a vastly different person from before.

The most obvious was that she had become much more intelligent than  before.

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Jiang Yuan Bai listened to the compliments made by the surrounding colleagues and was momentarily feeling complicated.

On one hand, no matter what, outsiders praising his own daughter was always a happy matter.

On the other hand, looking at Jiang You Yao’s wronged appearance, he felt somewhat heartbroken. 

After all, she was the little daughter who grew up like a pearl in his hand.

In this particular skill, Jiang You Yao was always very good at.

Now being compared by Jiang Li, Jiang You Yao was certainly feeling sad and in despair. 

As a matter of fact, Jiang You Yao felt more jealous than sad, more hate than despair.

When Jiang Li started playing 《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》, Jiang You Yao immediately knew that today’s situation afraid would once again be confused by Jiang Li.

She looked at Ji Shuran and saw a heavy expression on her face.

Her heart right away felt faintly at a loss. 

After the loss, she had a deep feeling of shame. 

To be defeated by Jiang Li, to be defeated by Jiang Li who was thrown into a nunnery and had nothing since an earlier time, this felt more difficult to bear than killing Jiang You Yao.

Especially seeing the surrounding people praising Jiang Li’s qin skill.

It was the same as resolutely slapping Jiang You Yao’s face.

Praising Jiang Li had played well, then what was she 

Just when Jiang You Yao was almost unable to suppress her feelings to show on her face, Ji Shuran, who was sitting by her side, lightly patted her hand and said: “Don’t panic, it’s not the end yet, not necessarily will be losing.”

Hearing Ji Shuran’s words, Jiang You Yao gradually calmed down.

Although she felt unreconciled, in the end it wasn’t the right time.

Jiang You Yao’s changing expressions were taken in by Jiang Yu’e.

Though she was puzzled to what Ji Shuran finally said to Jiang You Yao, what she was even more puzzled with was, how was Jiang Li able to play the guqin so outstandingly 

She originally thought the Jiang Li who just returned to the residence would be more pitiful than her…….

But one after another, the facts proved otherwise.

Jiang Li was still able to step on her head.  

Jiang Yu’e stared at Jiang Li hatefully.

Unknown whether it was because she wasn’t reconciled to her father being a shu born, or because she was unable to compare with Jiang Li that she was so unwilling. 

At this moment, Meng Hong Jin was also feeling completely uncomfortable.

Everytime Jiang Li received any praise, the people always glanced at her with pity.

Each person reminded her not to forget the bet made with Jiang Li.

Looking at Meng You De’s unsightly complexion, Meng Hong Jin felt extremely afraid.

If Jiang Li truly came first in all Ming Yi hall’s exams, she had to take off her outer garment at the Imperial College’s gate and kneel down to apologize.

When that happened, she would be reduced to become the object of ridicule in the entire Yanjing and caused the Meng family to be unable to lift their heads.

Father definitely would not forgive her. 

Suddenly there’s a slight chill in Meng Hong Jin’s back, as if she could already see that dreadful scene.  

Impossible, she consoled herself, Jiang You Yao also played well, Jiang Li may not necessarily win, impossible.

Jiang Li walked down the stage.

She didn’t return to the Jiang family’s side, instead she walked towards Liu Xu who was waving at her. 

Liu Xu pulled her to sit down excitedly.

This was still the first time Jiang Li saw this girl with so much emotion.

Liu Xu said: “Jiang Li, just now when you played 《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》, it’s really too awesome! No wonder just before you went on the stage you said that you were going to play something that had never been played before.

《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》, this was still the first time for someone to play this during the examination.

I think you played much better than Jiang You Yao.

Even I, this person whose guqin skill was average, could feel the mood of your gin tone.

Using your words, the heart of guqin, it seems, on this stage, you’ll come first!”


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