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Chapter 72 Part 9: Stunning


Jinghong fairy was also astonished.

She had long since conducted herself as a wife and mother, no longer caring about fame and profit.

Thus, she didn’t feel unbalanced with the younger generation exceeding herself.

She was merely feeling very apprehensive, how could a 14 years old young girl understand 《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》’s mournful complain in such a penetrating way Even though Jiang Li lost her mother since young and was sent to the nunnery when she was only seven years old, even though she passed her life in destitute on the mountain for eight years, these sufferings, compared to the guqin tone of “mournful complaint” was not completely the same ah.

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This was simply unbelievable.

Mian Ju was the happiest, both his eyes were bright.

The gaze he looked at Jiang Li was like a miser who unexpectedly discovered a huge lump of gold, drooling over and hated moving his sight away.

He even so much as to mutter: “This is a naturally talented musician!” 

Shi Yan was better than Mian Ju, but upon hearing Jiang Li’s guqin tone, his previous arrogant look changed and gradually became somewhat emotional.

He was the music official, unlike Mian Ju who had no worries.

But as long as it was good music, the heart would appreciate. 

At the edge of these four people was Ji Heng. 

The people in the venue were all enticed by Jiang Li’s guqin sound.

That tone seemed to have the effect of confusing the people’s heart, making the heart of each person feel sorrowful, seemingly seeing the burnt yellow soil where not even a blade of grass grew.

Then followed with recalling their own tragic matter, difficult to control themselves. 

The qin sound had such magic power.

In the legend, a guqin playing demon could use the sound of the qin to bring humans into a fantasy land they created, making one lose their bearing.

There was probably no guqin playing demon on earth, but there were superior musicians, able to use the guqin tone to transmit the heart and convey their feelings.

When everyone was all captured by the sound, only one person was actually not moved by this sound.

He wasn’t like Jiang You Yao or Meng Hong Jin who were jealous because of the guqin tone.

Also unlike Xiao Deyin who was frightened by the guqin skill.

He was also unlike other people who were engrossed.

He only looked at Jiang Li and the smile at the corner of his mouth didn’t change in the slightest. 

Ji Heng just watched Jiang Li. 

His long eyelashes lining his eyes were moving, as if intoxicated.

But with careful look, it could be seen that he was completely clear-headed.

He was isolating himself with the guqin sound, also as if isolating himself from the rest of the crowd.

He watched Jiang Li play the guqin as if he was looking at the drama troupe he invited into his residence.

Looking at the engrossed crowd in the examination venue watching Jiang Li was like watching a play.

All living things on and off the stage, the world bustling with activity, but he resembled a fickle beauty, standing outside the play with a detached point of view, being a good audience. 

He was soberly disengaged. 

Some people stepped away from involvement, some people were absorbed, then how about Jiang Li, the person playing the guqin

Her entire being was enveloped in immense sadness.

The grief in the tune and the pain in her heart seemed to increasingly reflect and pull each other, striving to be first.

She was seemingly split in two, one side was the frantic Xue Fang Fei mournfully recounting her own sorrow through the qin tone while the other side was Jiang Li, calmly looking at everyone’s reaction below the stage. 

17th beat, the heart was stifled, the road home was long and arduous, difficult to travel.

When leaving, the mind was clueless, coming back without children, the thought was boundless.   

18th beat, though the song ended, the sound lingered, the thought endless.

It’s knowing silk and bamboo, all the result of nature.

Each happiness and sorrow can change following people’s hearts.

Hu and Han, different land, different customs, heaven and earth separated, child in the West, mother in the East.

I felt bitter and resentment, oh the vast sky, though the six directions were wide, yet it’s intolerable.  

There would inevitably be a limit to sorrow, the qin sound in any case and came to an end. 

Jiang Li finally plucked the last tune.

After the huge noise sounded, there was an empty quiet. 

Not a person spoke, all things under heaven and earth seemed to be silent due to this qin sound. 

Liu Xu, who was off the stage, only felt a slight coolness on her face.

Unaware since when, her face was dripping wet with tears.

Looking at the surroundings, there wasn’t a small number of people who shed tears after listening to the tune.

Each and everyone seemed frustratingly lost. 

《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》, at last someone played this song in the examination field.

And that folk song before the 18 beats increased the grieving feelings in this sorrowful music. 

Everyone couldn’t help looking at Jiang Li on the stage.

Were it not for seeing with one’s own eyes, no matter what, nobody would believe that the one who could soulfully play this song was just a 15 years old girl. 

The girl was standing on the examination stage, a breeze blew on her hair, making a fluttering sound.

She hung her head slightly, causing people unable to see her expression clearly, yet feeling that this girl was also completely calm.

Jiang Li sighed deeply inside.

As she raised her head, she was stunned.

She met a pair of long and beautiful phoenix eyes which were full of thoughts.


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