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Jiang You Yao’s posture on the stage was graceful, the sound of guqin was fluent and pleasant to listen to.

Moreover, she was playing the extremely difficult 《Wild Geese on the Shoal》 which had undoubtedly become the deciding point in the eyes of everyone in the examination field.

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“That Jiang third miss was unexpectedly very beautiful.” Li Lian suddenly spoke.

Ye Shijie felt quite disgusted.

No matter what, discussing a young girl’s appearance in a public place like this really wasn’t what a gentleman did.

However, Li Lian’s words promptly obtained other people’s approval.

It actually caused one person after another to start expressing their feelings of admiration towards Jiang You Yao.

On another side, a young woman stared at Jiang You Yao who was still on the stage and said hatefully: “Really flirtatious, extremely ugly!”

This person was Shen Ruyun.

Shen Ruyun admired Zhou Yan Bang, so naturally she didn’t have a good opinion of Zhou Yan Bang’s fiance, Jiang You Yao.

Seeing Jiang You Yao was greatly in the limelight while on stage, she was even more unreconciled and jealous.

Mother Shen, who was sitting by her side, heard her and immediately followed by saying: “She doesn’t resemble a good girl coming from a great family.”

Yet she didn’t think, Jiang You Yao was the noble daughter of the court’s chief assistant.

Talking about family background, the Shen family was the real small, poor and humble family.

If it weren’t for Shen Yurong becoming the top scholar, even if Shen Ruyun went to be Jiang You Yao’s servant girl, she first had to undergo strict selection by others.

“Thought she plays very well, but not as good as elder sister in law at that time.” Shen Ruyun blurted.

She had just finished speaking and was immediately and ferociously pinched by mother Shen.

Shen Ruyun knew at once that she had made a mistake.

Nowadays the Shen family never mentioned any matters regarding Xue Fang Fei.

If it was known by that person and caused her to be angry, then what’s to be done It’s better to be smart and be careful in everything.

Shen Ruyun kept her mouth shut.

In the Jiang family’s seat, the always silent Jiang Yu Yan wasn’t able to speak out at this moment: “Third sister’s playing is very nice.”

Jiang Yu’e was upset upon hearing that, thinking what Yu Yan was doing, flattering Jiang You Yao at this time.

But Ji Shuran was by the side and so, she also squeezed out a smile and said: “Of course, third sister is always intelligent.

She has a lot of talent in this particular art.

Today’s first position will no doubt be third sister’s.

Nobody dared to choose this song, 《Wild Geese on the Shoal》; only our third sister dares to.

Moreover, there’s no mistakes in her playing.

If I may say, nobody will be third sister’s opponent in a few years.”

Ji Shuran said: “Yu’e, don’t flatter your third sister.

If others heard this words, they would laugh at your third sister for not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.

There are more people talented than oneself in this wide world, in the future, your third sister still needs to learn more.”

Though spoken like this, Ji Shuran couldn’t conceal her smiles.

The pride in her eyes dazzled Jiang Yu’e.

Jiang Yu’e thought, she is clearly not any worse than Jiang You Yao.

Only because the main branch is rich and powerful are they able to invite the best teacher.

If she could also be like Jiang You Yao, learning guqin from those famous teachers, naturally she will also be in the limelight during this examination.

Why wasn’t she born in the main room Why were her parents shu born It’s fine if it’s a commoner’s family, but the Jiang family’s third branch, why is her family the most ordinary one

Jiang Yu’e was extremely not reconciled.

She was unreconciled but wasn’t noticed by anyone.

At this moment, Jiang Li was looking at Jiang You Yao.

“She plays…….

really well.” Liu Xu opened her mouth with difficulty, seemingly unwilling to admit this fact.

However, everyone’s reactions had already shown everything.

Compared with last year, the gap between this year’s Jiang You Yao and other people was firmly pulled apart by a lot.

Jiang Li said: “But she doesn’t have the heart of guqin.”


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