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Chapter 71 Part 1: On Stage


Thankfully, no over the top descriptions of ML XD.

I was dreading descriptions of silken black hair, sword like eyebrows, peach blossom eyes…….

If Jinghong fairy was a fairy who descended from the world from the ninth heaven, whose nobility couldn’t be violated, Duke Su, Ji Heng was like an enchanting demon spirit walking in the quiet night in his brocade clothes, seducing the soul within a blink of an eye.

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In the examination venue, the young man’s red clothes instantly snatched everyone’s sight.

That beautiful, flawless face had the magic power to make everyone be infatuated.

Moreover, his gaze with a smile yet not a smile caused the slight smile hung at the corner of his lips to look somewhat wicked.

This was a charming young man.

Even the red mole in the corner of his eye looked flirtatious, like the dark gold swallowtail butterfly embroidered on his clothes.

The people watching him approached were dazzled.

He leisurely strolled into the hall, his walking posture was languid yet graceful, as if he was admiring the full moon in a courtyard.

But in contrast, the crowd in the examination venue seemed frivolous, and the clean and matchless fairy in front appeared pretentious.

Jiang Li sighed in her heart, heaven bestowed such a good look.

She had seen good-looking males before, Shen Yurong, Xue Zhao, even Jiang Jingrui and Ye Shijie.

But Ji Heng’s handsomeness cruelly and directly pulled him and others apart.

If not seen by own eyes, it was difficult to believe that there’s such a beautiful male on earth, or perhaps, even such a beautiful person.

All the surrounding people looked straight, including Meng Hong Jin and Jiang You Yao, they fixed their attention on Ji Heng from afar, unable to move their sight away.

It seemed that everyone had forgotten that Ji Heng was a moody scoundrel.

Even if he was a beauty, he was a moody and toxic beauty and it’s better to provoke him less.  

Ji Heng didn’t mind the onlookers’ gazes in the slightest.

Soon, just like Jinghong fairy, he immediately sat in the examiners’ positions.

Now, including Xiao Deyin and the others, there were altogether five examiners in their seats. 

Because Xiao Deyin was a teacher from Ming Yi Hall, naturally she would always be here from the beginning.  She saw that Mian Ju had also arrived.

He was the current Beiyan’s court musician, specializing in performing for the emperor and the imperial concubines.

He wore coarse hemp clothes, his style really looked like a hermit.

He also looked really happy.

There’s also a thin middle-aged man.

This was Shi Yan, the current music official in the highest position in charge of rites and music and looked somewhat haughty.

But no matter what others thought in their heart, they wouldn’t display them on the outside.

It was also unknown whether it was due to fear of angering Ji Heng or whether they were already fuddled by Ji Heng’s appearance. 

Today, Jiang Li saw those she knew and didn’t know get together, she even saw Zhou Yanbang.

Her sight accidentally ran into Zhou Yanbang’s and his eyes brightened.

This provoked Jiang You Yao and made her look at Jiang Li cruelly, as if she was going to gouge her flesh out.

The exam was about to start.

The boy with a red scarf tied on his arm started to announce the examinee’s order.

Jiang Li only listened to the number of the person she knew.

Meng Hong Jin was number eight, Jiang You Yao number 12, Jiang Li number 13, Liu Xu number 18, Jiang Yuyan number 20 and Jiang Yu’e number 15.

Because there was not much time for everyone, the exam almost had no other unnecessary steps.

Very quickly they were called one by one to go on stage. 

Since the noble ladies in Ming Yi Hall could enter Ming Yi Hall, they were naturally outstanding.

Even those that were mediocre, when put in an ordinary family, they would still be praised.

Chapter 71 Part 2: On StageI’m dreading next chapter, what kind of words would be used by the author to describe Jiang You Yao’s guqin playing…..

villainess cannon fodders also have their deadly moves that needs to be highlighted T-T

Jiang Li heard the guqin sound from the side, but her mind wasn’t there.

She was thinking, nowadays, Shen Yurong and Princess Yongning were probably even more deeply entangled with each other.

Princess Yongning and Cheng Wang were brother and sister, Princess Yongning would have certainly recommended Shen Yurong to Cheng Wang.

If Jiang Li’s guess was correct, in the future, Shen Yurong would be Cheng Wang’s person, without a doubt.

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Cheng Wang had the power, Shen Yurong had the brains; probably Cheng Wang treated him differently.

Nowadays Shen Yurong was already a person in the secretariat department, also regarded as important by Hong Xiao Emperor.

If he was supported by Cheng Wang, wouldn’t his position be even higher in the future Wanting to deal with Shen Yurong at that time would definitely be difficult.

However, it’s not as if there weren’t any ways.

Currently Cheng Wang and the Right Minister got along well.

Coincidentally, the Right Minister, Ji Zhong Nan, was sworn enemy with Jiang Yuan Bai.

In other words, the Jiang family and Cheng Wang were not in the same camp.

In the event that the Jiang family was also involved, it would be logical and expected to deal with Shen Yurong who was in the same camp with Cheng Wang.

Borrowing the Jiang family’s power was much easier than acting alone.

She just needed to think carefully on how to seize the opportunity.

While planning all these in her mind, she didn’t feel that time flew slowly.

In a blink of an eye, seven ladies had passed and now it’s Meng Hong Jin’s turn.

Liu Xu made Jiang Li carefully observe, and saw Meng Hong Jin was already on the exam table.

Today’s Meng Hong Jin was much calmer than in the previous days.

Perhaps it was also because guqin wasn’t actually her expertise.

She sat down, took a precious guqin, burned incense and washed her hand and played 《Xiaoxiang Mist》.

《Xiaoxiang Mist》placed tourists onto a road to the South and saw the scene of mists rolling in waves, stirring the adoration of the motherland’s mountains and rivers, carrying the sorrowful feeling of falling and withering, yearning to escape from the complexity of life.

The scattered notes were heavy with a lot of chants.

Jiang Li listened and felt Meng Hong Jin’s 《Xiaoxiang Mist》 was weak.

It didn’t feel like the road to the South, instead it felt like a young lady who came to appreciate the clouds.

Though the vigor didn’t reflect the composer’s mood, Meng Hong Jing’s technique was still very proficient.

But aside from her finger technique in playing the guqin, in regards to it, Meng Hong Jin could be considered to be trying her best but could only be said to have no gift in guqin, that’s all.

Sure enough, Meng Hong Jin played the entire song and except for the praise of some unidentified wealthy sons, the five examiners had no other expressions on their faces.

That Ji Heng even absent mindedly played with the gold threaded folding fan in his hand, closing and opening it, his postures were gorgeous.

“Meng Hong Jin’s playing is still okay,” Liu Xu exhaled: “You are also less burdened this way.”

In the first three exams, Jiang Li was first.

As long as she wasn’t at the bottom in the next three exams, she wouldn’t be expelled from Ming Yi Hall.

Naturally she also did not need to kneel down and apologize to Meng Hong Jin.

Despite this, in case she performed too badly in the next three exams, it’s not impossible for the previous winning to be overthrown.

At least Meng Hong Jin did not have a“ stunning surprise”, Jiang Li could be relieved a little.

“But your sister is not simple.” Liu Xu spoke again: “I think she has a card up her sleeve, it must be somewhat reliable.

Luckily you are after her…….”

But it’s really too bad.

Although it was too bad, what should come would always come.

Meng Hong Jin finished her exam and three others passed by.

Soon it was time for Jiang You Yao to go on stage.

When she stepped forward, she even specially walked towards Jiang Li and smiled: “Second sister, I’ll go first.” Hearing it, it was as if a modest and courteous younger sister talking to her older sister.  But Jiang Li didn’t overlook the provocation in her tone.

She also smiled back: “Good luck.”


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