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Chapter 69 Part 1: Enemies

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The next day, Jiang Li got up a bit earlier than usual. 

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First thing in the morning, Tong’er started comparing which hairstyle to comb and which clothes to wear.

Because Baixue was from a farmer’s house, she wasn’t very good at these things.

Hence everything was handed over to Tong’er.   

Since returning to the Jiang family’s house, Tong’er had never been idle.

In order to make Jiang Li not lacking from Jiang You Yao, she had done painstaking work. 

Going out of the courtyard with ease, they ran into Jiang You Yao who was at the gate of Wan Feng Hall.

She was saying something to Jiang Yuan Bai while pulling his sleeve, acting coquettishly, looking very tender and lovable. 

Jiang Yuan Bai also lowered his head and was looking at Jiang You Yao very affectionately and didn’t see Jiang Li for a moment.

Standing at one side, Ji Shuran had clearly glanced at Jiang Li from the corner of her eyes but she waited until Jiang Li had stepped forward before pretending to have just seen her.

She smiled and said: “Li-er is here.”

Jiang Yuan Bai subconsciously looked over.

Jiang Li also looked at Jiang You Yao.

Today was a very important day.

Even Tong’er was aware to plan well for Jiang Li, Ji Shuran had of course also planned well for Jiang You Yao.

Jiang You Yao was wearing a dusk colored long skirt with flying birds and flowers.

The outer covering was a layer of white plum cicada wing yarn which fluttered like an immortal.

A pair of red jade drop earrings were hanging on her ears, the color was extremely vivid.

It contrasted against her skin, making her more delicate than a flower and looked absolutely beautiful.

Jiang You Yao was also seizing Jiang Li’s clothing up and down.  

Nowadays, all Jiang Li’s clothes were prepared based on Ji Shuran’s instructions.

After what happened at the doorway when she returned to the residence, the clothes that Ji Shuran prepared for Jiang Li, to say well-fitted they were very well-fitted, to say they were expensive, they were very expensive.

But they were not suited for Jiang Li.

Firstly, Jiang Li’s figure was pretty and delicate.

She couldn’t support those superbly luxurious female clothes.

Secondly, the head ornaments were also precious and very complicated, wearing them seemed conspicuous and heavy.

Though there wasn’t any error in the attire, standing next to Jiang You Yao would immediately reduce her to the background. 

Supposed that she was the true Jiang second miss, in order to make her identity known, it’s not impossible for her to put on all these precious apparel.

It’s a pity that Jiang Li wasn’t.

She never really paid much emphasis on these gorgeous clothes.

Moreover, she absolutely refused to serve as Jiang You Yao’s prop.

As a result, she didn’t wear the clothes that Ji Shuran had prepared for her.

She only wore a green double breasted auspicious brocade short jacket and skirt.

Her hair was rolled up into a bun and adorned with a single jasper hairpin.

The simple attire was no longer simple, but it turned the complicated into simplicity.

The eyebrows and eyes were elegant and refined, clear and exquisite.

It was like an orchid deep in the valley of the mountain, quiet and uncontestedly beautiful.

Standing together with Jiang You Yao, Jiang Li wasn’t a bit inferior.

On the contrary, due to Jiang You Yao looking excessively bright and beautiful, the contrasting Jiang Li’s beauty was raised high.  

Jiang You Yao’s expression was a bit ugly.

Jiang Yuan Bai coughed lightly and asked Jiang Li: “are you ready”

Jiang Li smiled and replied: “Yes.”

Everyone in the Jiang residence would go to today’s exam, including old madam Jiang.

Just after they finished talking, Jiang Yu’e’s voice could be heard.

Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Yu Yan walked over from the rear and smiled: “Today second sister and third sister look beautiful.”

Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Yu Yan also dressed up splendidly today.

It’s just that due to third branch’s circumstances, they couldn’t compare to Jiang You Yao and Jiang Li.

However, they could be considered to be dressed attentively.

Jiang Yu’e looked completely excited, as usual, she moved closer to fawn over Jiang You Yao.

Jiang Yu Yan was still quiet in her cowardly appearance, lowering her head and stood at one side.

“Since everything is ready, let’s set off.” With the support of Zhenzhu and Feicui, old madam Jiang spoke.

Chapter 69 Part 2: Enemies

The group went into the carriages and proceeded to the examination place. 

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They finally arrived at the examination place after three sticks of incense. 

The place that Ming Yi Hall used as the examination ground was the previous dynasty’s martial arts training area where they selected the martial top scorer.

Later on, the former emperor, Zhong Ming emperor, succeeded to the throne and moved the imperial palace and this training area was abandoned for many years.

Until the time after Hong Xiao emperor succeeded to the throne, did this place be turned into an examination place.

Ming Yi Hall’s three examinations were all conducted in this place.

A vast crowd had, for a long time, been all around the public square.

The best positions were reserved for the nobles, many of those who came today were the relatives of the noble young misses.

There were also those that Jiang Jing Rui had mentioned, officials “taking a daughter-in-law for the merit of the younger generation”, there were even the younger generation from the royal families. 

When Jiang Li arrived, many people had already arrived at the examination ground.

Liu Xu who was beside Madam Liu saw Jiang Li and immediately came over to greet.

Jiang Li pulled her hand and went over together to salute Madam Liu.

Madam Liu was very happy and said towards Jiang Li: “I know Jiang second miss achieved the top position in the first three tests, it’s still not too late to congratulate you.

I hope today Jiang second miss can also be in first place.”

Jiang Li smiled and nodded: “Many thanks madam.”

Liu Xu whispered into Jiang Li’s ear: “Look, Meng Hong Jin.”

Jiang Li followed the direction where Liu Xu’s finger was pointing at and looked over.

Sure enough, not too far away, she saw Meng Hong Jin was looking at her.

If it was the previous Meng Hong Jin, she must have come over to give Jiang Li some cruel words.

Yet today she didn’t come forward, merely gazing at her with bitter resentment.

It seemed that the result of the first three tests had restrained Meng Hong Jin.   

“How is your guqin” Liu Xu spoke in a small voice: “Today the examiners for the guqin music exam are Xiao Deyin, Jing Hong fairy, Shi Yan, Mian Ju, then there’s Duke Su.” 

“Duke Su” Jiang Li was extremely astonished.

Xiao Deyin, Jing Hong fairy, were reasonable.

Shi Yan, Mian Ju, were also understandable.

But why was there Duke Su, Ji Heng She remembered hearing that Ji Heng loved watching plays, but guqin music was quite different from Chinese opera.

What could Ji Heng do in coming over

Jiang Li was puzzled.

“Who knows, the examiners were appointed by the current emperor.” Liu Xu shook her head, “I have never heard you playing the guqin, how is your guqin skill exactly”

There’s worries in her words.

Jiang Li laughed: “Still okay.”

Liu Xu’s heart fell peacefully down: “No matter what, it’s fine as long as you can pass.

Not everything needs to come first.” She comforted Jiang Li. 

Jiang Li said: “Just see later.” While looking at the surroundings, suddenly, her sight locked onto a place. 

At the place where the nobles were sitting, there’s a special small building.

Not too far away, a young lady wearing a gold gauze pleated skirt was in the middle of eating purple grapes from the ceramic glaze jar in her hand.

The grapes were sparkling and still carried water droplets; inside the jar, their luster was like purple gems.

The gem contrasted against her skin, making the slim and slender jade fingers seem more exquisite and beautiful.

The woman looked haughty, slightly raising her head, her eyes glanced fluidly with a bit of charm.

Liu Xu saw Jiang Li fixed her sight in one direction and looked over to follow her gaze.

She absent-mindedly said: “Princess Yongning I didn’t expect her to also come today.”

Jiang Li looked at Princess Yongning, the murderer who caused harm to her family.

Her chest undulated fiercely, yet a three point smile still remained on her face, her eyes glistened coldly. 

Princess Yongning is here, no need to think more, Shen Yurong must be here too.

Her enemies are all here, very good.


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