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Chapter 68 Part 1: Conclusion

Jiang Li and Meng Hong Jin’s bet, the first three test results had come out.

In the event where the gamble in the gambling dens were separated in two, Jiang Li won the first half of the game.

If it was as simple as Jiang Li winning, then it’s nothing much, Jiang Li was still the first in Ming Yi Hall.

What made other people couldn’t help thinking was the bet between Jiang Li and Meng Hong Jin.

If Jiang Li in the end still resulted in being the first, Meng Hong Jin not only needed to kneel down and apologize, she also needed to take out her outer clothing at the gate of the Imperial College while carrying vitex plants and kneel to apologize.

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For a time, many of the sons from the rich families in the capital sat all day long in the tea houses and wine shops across from the Imperial College.

Just waiting to see a good drama in the coming days.

However, in the final analysis there’s still three more tests.

What would be tested were music, riding and archery.

Moreover, regardless of guqin playing, just with riding and archery, in these two things, Meng Hong Jin was well-known in the entire Yanjing.

Looking at Jiang Li, her odds of success were slim.

Also, in the skill of playing guqin, attention should be fixed on Jiang Li’s younger sister as the Jiang family’s third miss was the most outstanding in this art.

For a period of time, the results became confusing. 

The red notice was out, the music examination was set as the first one tomorrow morning.

Inside the Warm and Courteous Courtyard, at this moment, Jiang You Yao was tearing the fan in her hands hatefully.

The surface of the fan was spotlessly white and smooth, thin like cicada’s wings.

The embroidery was vivid as if the picture was alive.

The handle also must have cost around ten taels of silver.

Yet it was smashed to pieces by Jiang You Yao.   

“Stop tearing already.” Ji Shuran forcibly took away the folding fan in Jiang You Yao’s hand and said: “For how long do you want to continue tearing this.” 

“Mother, I’m not reconciled.” Jiang You Yao’s voice was filled with venom.

“For what reason was Jiang Li able to obtain father and grandmother’s protection.

It’s only been a few days since she returned to the residence, father and grandmother immediately stood by her side.

Don’t tell me they have forgotten the matter of her causing mother to miscarry I hate it so much.

This time, Jiang Li became famous due to Ming Yi Hall’s exams, isn’t it about to fly to the sky I feel suffocated thinking that she will be more and more arrogant in the future.” 

Ji Shuran stroked Jiang You Yao’s long hair without any fluctuation in her expression.

She merely said indifferently: “Don’t think that it’s a good thing for a female to become famous.

Jiang Li has just returned to Yanjing, the noble ladies in Ming Yi Hall can be found anywhere.

She being in the limelight, naturally there will be those who are unsatisfied to put her in her place on your behalf.

You only need to see the play well, there’s no need to handle it personally.

Besides, now she has just returned for a few days in Yanjing, it’s not good for me to start something.

Wait for a few more days when the rumors outside have settled, I, your mother, also have plenty of ways.”

“Really” After Jiang You Yao listened to her, her mind somewhat calmed down, but she still couldn’t help asking. 

“Of course.” Ji Shuran looked affectionately at her: “But you are unable to remain calm like this, you really are still a child.”

Jiang You Yao pouted: “I am also distressed for mother.”

“No need to feel distressed for me,” Ji Shuran said: “Tomorrow’s exam is music.

Your skill is always considerably on top.

This year you even received Jinghong fairy’s instructions and became even better than last year.

Every year, there are countless people coming to observe in the second half of the exams.

Although Jiang Li was first for the first three exams, there were no spectators.

People have a more profound impression by what they see before their eyes.

If you leave a deep impression on the people in the music exam, in the coming three months, your high guqin skill would be the topic under discussions everywhere in the city.

Who would then still remember Jiang Li”  

Jiang You Yao’s eyes brightened.

The Jiang family’s daughters naturally learned the four arts from a young age.

Especially Jiang You Yao as the main branch’s legal daughter.

A pearl in Jiang Yuan Bai’s palm, she did not lack anything at all from childhood.

Ji Shuran paid very close attention to Jiang You Yao’s learning.

She knew that Jiang You Yao did not need to be proficient in everything, but she must be an expert in something.

By lucky coincidence, Jiang You Yao had a natural talent in guqin.   

Thus from young, Jiang You Yao began to receive instructions from all kinds of famous masters.

Leaving aside Ming Yi Hall’s Xiao Deyin, many other great teachers had given directions to her.

As a matter of fact, before the examination this year, Ji Shuran even invited Jinghong fairy who had retired for a long time to be Jiang You Yao’s teacher.   

Chapter 68 Part 2: Conclusion

Her natural talent coupled with having received advice from many experts over the years, Jiang You Yao’s guqin’s skill was not low.

People even rumored that in a few years, Jiang You Yao might surpass Xiao Deyin.

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Ji Shuran had a lot of confidence in Jiang You Yao’s guqin’s skill. 

“Many of the people coming are from noble families with meritorious achievements.

The scene when you are introduced will be magnificent and unrivalled.

In the future, it will be advantageous when looking for a husband.” Ji Shuran calculated. 

Jiang You Yao’s cheeks immediately turned scarlet.

No idea what she was thinking about, she had a somewhat bashful appearance.

She said: “I’m not the only daughter of our Jiang family…….” 

“Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Yu Yan should not be mentioned.

Jiang Li has the past of attacking her mother and murdering her younger brother,” Ji Shuran spoke coldly: “As long as it is a good family, they would never allow such a woman to enter the door.

If seeking for marriage, they would certainly have a plan to some extent and it also won’t be a good match.

Jiang Li has only herself to blame.

In the future, your father also won’t be able to help her.

Furthermore, the more dazzling you appear on the stage tomorrow, the more vulgar she would look.

This is the difference between cloud and mud.”

She looked at Jiang You Yao and smiled suddenly: “The noble daughter of the Jiang family has always been only you.”

“I listen to mother.” said Jiang You Yao. 


In Fang Fei Garden, Jiang Li was also in the middle of bringing up the exam tomorrow with everyone. 

Jiang Jing Rui had again come uninvited.

Since Jiang Li got the first position, his face also seemed to have a ray of light.

He often came to Fang Fei Garden and found things to talk about.

He said: “Tomorrow is music, this time you are done for.

What if you first learn some of the most common ones It’s fine as long as you don’t make a fool of yourself in public.”   

Tong’er poured tea from the side while feeling deeply worried.

Before, when Jiang Li was seven years old, she was too young and had only received instructions not for long, no need to even mention any string instruments.

Afterwards, she was banished to Mount Qingcheng.

Tong’er know those days were full of never ending work.

Without mentioning playing any kind of string instruments, where would Jiang Li find a teacher to teach her to play the guqin Jiang Li basically couldn’t play the qin.

Letting a person who couldn’t play the guqin to take the music exam, Tong’er could only imagine the scene at that time and was so anxious she couldn’t say a word.  

Jiang Li asked: “Are you also going” 

“Of course!” Jiang Jing Rui replied without the slightest hesitation.

“Every year, many people come to see the later three exams.

All the ladies from Ming Yi Hall are beautiful and those wealthy sons are going to get a wife in the future.

So they seize this opportunity to take a good look.

The more magnificent and popular they are in the examinations, there would be more people seeking marriage in the coming year.” 

Jiang Jing Rui spoke casually and matter of factly, saying whatever was in his mind.

He also said: “Therefore, if you wish to get married, you must work well and hard.

If you do not wish to marry, just playing around casually will be fine.”   

“Don’t worry.” Jiang Li laughed softly: “Even if I topped the three exams and there’s no other best in the examination, when the day arrives, nobody would take any interest.” 

Tong’er this servant girl, plus Jiang Jing Rui looked blankly at her.

Jiang Li said: “Who wants to marry someone who attacked the mother and killed the brother”

Her voice was relaxed without any self-mockery or distress.

On the contrary, it was as if she was talking about good matters. 

This was of course a good thing.

Jiang Li was very happy inside.

In this way, she could seize the limelight without any scruples.


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