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Chapter 67 Part 1: Yongning


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“I’ve said before, if there’s no one around, just call me Yongning.” Princess Yongning looked at his handsome appearance infatuatedly.

Ever since she first laid eyes on Shen Yurong, she immediately fell in love with him.

Such a handsome and talented male, knew political affairs and made such a splendid movement.

Upon laying her eyes on him sitting high up on a horse and urging it to parade through the streets, her heart was lost right away and no longer able to return. 

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Unfortunately the gentleman was married.

But in the end, it was not a big deal.

She was a noble imperial princess while his wife was just the daughter of a minor government official.

Even if she was both talented and beautiful, she was as low as an ant. 

So she killed her.

Princess Yongning knew there was Xue Fangfei in Shen Yurong’s heart.

Xue Fangfei was born with a good appearance and bore the name of a talented lady.

Moreover, her relationship with Shen Yurong as husband and wife had been for many years.

Shen Yurong still had a lot of feelings, but Princess Yongning was unable to tolerate his heart not belonging entirely to her.  As for Xue Fangfei, she not only wanted her life; she also wanted her reputation and dignity.

She wanted her to die without having anything at all, in the most disgraceful manner. 

Who let her possess things that did not belong to her

Finally, she was the winner.

Shen Yurong didn’t stay in the imperial garden for long.

After all, there were numerous eyes and ears in the palace.

Although Princess Yongning’s people were guarding, he still feared that accidents might happen.

Xue Fangfei had only passed away less than six months ago, if it was known outside that he had an affair with Princess Yongning, he was afraid that he won’t be able to block the numerous mouths of the crowd. 

Princess Yongning could only watch Shen Yurong’s departing back with reluctance. 

There was no one else under the shade of the tree.

Princess Yongning thought, every few days she entered the palace with the excuse of chatting with Concubine Liu.

In fact, it was in order to take a glimpse of her sweetheart.

It’s so difficult.

Xue Fangfei was already dead, yet she still couldn’t have a close relationship every day with him.

Unable to be out in the open, instead it was like a couple carrying a clandestine affair.

Thinking about it, she couldn’t help feeling melancholy.  

“It’s so hard to stay together ah…….” She let out a long sigh.

Suddenly recalling that she would have a short happy time with Shen Yurong after tomorrow’s examination, a layer of happiness showed on Princess Yongning.

Though she was never really fond of as far as these talented girls went, that was only because it reminded her of Xue Fang Fei.  

Talking about this, Xue Fangfei’s writing was also unique in Yanjing.

But Xue Fangfei’s handwriting was small and fanciful while Jiang second miss’s resembled a man’s.

A talented girl came out generation after generation, after all, Xue Fangfei was already dead.


In Fang Fei Garden, Baixue was looking at Jiang Li who was in the middle of practicing writing.

She pondered for a while before she said: “Miss’s writing is really imposing.”

“Imposing” was already the most verbose word Baixue could think of. 

“Yes, yes,” Mingyue who was coming over and carrying tea swept a glance and smiled: “it’s unlike other young ladies’ handwriting.” 

Jiang Li smiled.

As Xue Fangfei, during the first half of her life in Tongxiang, her handwriting was bold, imitating Xue Zhao’s heroic spirit.

In the latter half of her life when she arrived in Yanjing, she started to revise her writing to be small and fanciful. 

It’s due to no other reason but because the madams and young misses in Yanjing wrote this way.

So as not to appear unconventional and able to quickly blend into the nobility circle, she abandoned what she liked, including her writing habit. 

Even Shen Yurong probably thought she was an expert in writing small fanciful characters.

But times had changed, though it’s true that small and fanciful characters were beautiful, yet as a woman in this world, it went without saying that going against the current was even  more difficult than for males.  Just because people were more tolerant towards males and harsh towards females.

Since it’s this way, not relying on heaven and earth, it’s better to rely on herself.

If she treated herself as a male, naturally she could take on the changeable facts. 


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