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Chapter 66 Part 1: Famous Reputation


The matter of Jiang Li getting the top position in Ming Yi Hall’s examination spread very quickly throughout Yanjing.

Naturally it would also be transmitted to Ming Hong Jin’s ears. 

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At this moment, Cheng Xuan envoy’s residence was quiet.

Inside the house, Meng Hong Jin was lying on her side while sobbing softly.

Mother Meng embraced her with distress and said: “My child, don’t cry anymore.

This is just three tests, aren’t there three more that are not yet tested The situation is not yet at the end of the line.”

“Shameful!” Meng You De, Meng Hong Jin’s father, had a truly ugly complexion at this point.

He said: “Making a wager with someone who has a card up her sleeve and now you’ve lost a crushing defeat.

I lost face as your father! Really a useless thing!”

Hearing him, Meng Hong Jin felt so upset that she couldn’t stop her cry even more.

Mother Meng saw her daughter crying so broken-heartedly and her grievance soared.

She said at once: “How could you blame Hong Jin in this matter Didn’t that Jiang Li just return to Yanjing Staying in the nunnery for eight years, everyone thought that her belly is empty1 , who could have guessed that she would suddenly win Could you foresee it”

Meng You De was blocked, he truly was incapable to foresee such a consequence.

Precisely because of this, when he found out that his daughter set up a bet with Jiang Li, he merely reprimanded her lightly with a few sentences of being impulsive and nothing else.

That was because Meng You De was confident that Jiang Li would definitely lose. 

As a result, reality ruthlessly gave him a slap on the face.

Recalling the way his colleagues looked at him with ridicule during court today, Meng You De felt very irritable.

Mother Meng opened her mouth once again: “When I think about it, there’s something wrong with this matter.

Is it possible that Jiang Li used any trick Jiang Yuan Bai’s position in court is extremely important, perhaps he bribed the examiner this time Otherwise, how could my Jin-er lose to her”

“That’s right.” Meng Hong Jin said while sniffling: “I’ve been studying with the sisters in Ming Yi Hall for five to six years.

Jiang Li has just arrived in less than ten days.

Is it possible for her to be studying in a place similar to Ming Yi Hall while she was in the nunnery which enabled her to advance her learning” 

Listening to both his wife and daughter saying the same thing, Meng You De immediately pondered about it.

In the dark, nowadays he relied on the Right Minister and was the Right Minister’s person.

Jiang Yuan Bai and the Right Minister never mixed together, so he could be considered the Jiang family’s enemy.

Jiang Li’s outstanding result in the examination was really strange.

It would be wonderful if he could catch the evidence of Jiang Yuan Bai and Ming Yi Hall’s examiner colluding together.

What the current emperor most disliked was someone tampering with the literary officials.

If he could resolutely strike Jiang Yuan Bai using this, he could be considered as doing a great service.

It was a blessing in disguise, Meng You De was unexpectedly somewhat excited.

He picked his robe up and draped it on his shoulder and said: “I’m going out for a while.” Then left in a hurry.

Seeing his father leave, Meng Hong Jin felt even more wronged.

Mother Meng comforted her: “What are you afraid of Aren’t there still three more tests Tomorrow the three tests begin, guqin, riding, archery.

Your archery skill is excellent, even if there’s a teacher in the nunnery, there shouldn’t be anyone who teaches riding and archery.

Then Jiang Li would certainly lose under your hand.” 

In Ming Yi Hall, Meng Hong Jin was one of the rare few ladies who were very interested in riding and archery.

She originally had a violent nature, but it turned out to be right for the quality required for riding and archery.

At that time, her one-handed riding shocked everybody in Yanjing, her shooting was also accurate and comparable to a man.

In Ming Yi Hall, or perhaps in the entire Yanjing, with regards to riding and shooting, no one dared to contend with her. 


1: didn’t know anything 1

Chapter 66 Part 2: Famous ReputationSeriously, villains and cannon fodder always take the road downhill….

-_- A trip doesn’t make you stumble if you step your foot in the right direction people!!! Aiyoo, why care so much about face ahh

If talking about calligraphy, mathematics and etiquette, Meng Hong Jin could still be considered as outstanding; the following music, riding and archery, without mentioning music for the time being, riding and archery, these two, were actually her specialty.

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Thinking of this, Meng Hong Jin’s heart was a bit settled.

Even so, the feeling of disgrace given by Jiang Li didn’t disappear.

Because of Jiang Li, her bold words before seemed like a joke.

Couldn’t even compare to an idiot who just entered Ming Yi Hall, she didn’t know how many people were talking behind her back.

As long as Meng Hong Jin thought of other people’s sneering gazes, her hatred towards Jiang Li rose.

She wished in the next examination she could trample Jiang Li under her horse’s hooves…….

Suddenly, an idea emerged in her mind.

If Jiang Li was trampled under the horse’s hooves…….

On the examination field, the sword had no eyes…….

Her heart that was like rolling in cold water had hot water poured into it.

It warmed up and slowly boiled.


On the other side, Meng You De who was looking around for Jiang Yuan Bai and the examiner’s “collusion”, was also bound to return without any result.

To prove that Ming Yi Hall’s examinations were fair, they intentionally posted the top three papers at the side of the hall’s door.

Momentarily, countless people viewing them.

Meng You De was almost squeezed out by the people and could only hear the discussion of the people beside him: “Whose mother1 said that Jiang second miss doesn’t know any character I simply must hit the person hard with a pole until his brain is broken.

I see that Jiang second miss’s characters are written much better than the scholars studying in village school who’ve passed the county level imperial examination.

Although I can’t recognize a single character, I know that it looks good!”

This was probably a commoner.

Gentle scholars appeared to be there as well, their voices stood out from the crowd and were transmitted into Meng You De’s ears: “The literary work is still the most amazing, quoting the classics and her unique insight.

Jiang second miss must be a person who reads extensively.

I’ve studied painstakingly for 15 years, but no better than a young girl.

Ashamed, ashamed!” He then covered his face and sighed deeply.

“Everyone says seeing characters as seeing the person, Jiang second miss’s writing is just like a male.

Considerable vision, open and bright, resembling a heroic youth.” A muffled voice that seemed to be coming from a rough bearded man with the style of a soldier was heard.

“This skill of accounting is good, it’s a new method.

This method is good, I’ll copy it first and when I return I’ll use it to balance the accounts in the shop.

It’s actually much easier than the previous method.” There’s also a merchant with a golden abacus hanging on his neck eyeing the paper with radiant eyes.

In short, when the copy of Jiang second miss’s paper came out, all the rumors disappeared.

It’s impossible to leak out Ming Yi Hall’s exam papers, so Jiang second miss ought to be doing them on the spot.

In contrast with the other two top positions, Jiang second miss’s exam paper was evidently much more brilliant.

This number one position was really worthy of its name.

Ming You De walked out from the crowd in a daze.

He no longer needed to spend money and attention to look for the evidence of Jiang Yuan Bai colluding with the examiner.

Jiang Li’s exam papers did not just distinguish herself, the Jiang family also received glory.

And the more praise Jiang Li got, Meng Hong Jin would equally be less in comparison.

In fact, she would seem more inferior.

It’s not uncommon in the officialdom for one person to rise by stepping on another person’s in a higher position.

Meng Hong Jin also represented the Meng family.

In this round, the first half of the bet, the Meng family had lost.

Meng You De walked towards his own residence with empty steps.

The surrounding excited discussions gradually blurred in his ears.

Now, the gamble this time was no longer a game between children.

It’s influence was too big already, perhaps even the palace had already known.

If Meng Hong Jin could not turn the table in the next three tests, the Meng family would no longer have a chance at success.

That would be troublesome.


1: cursing


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