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Chapter 63 Part 1: Good News

Ye Shijie waited for the news together with a friend in Wang Xian Lou.

Though he tried his utmost to control himself, his face still showed a trace of anxiety in the end.

Looking at the noisy scene outside, he had no choice but to wait for the crowd to disperse before the person bringing the news came.

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From inside the crowd of people surrounding the posted notice, a person bearing news took the lead and ran out.

Right outside, he spoke to another person, it should be the results.

The people near the windows in Wang Xian Lou immediately shouted and urged the person who had seen the results to quickly return.

On the wine table close to Ye Shijie, a person left first.

Soon afterwards, he ran in from outside so anxiously that he nearly tumbled.

He hardly ran inside before he was surrounded by the people.

Everyone asked: “Who ah, who’s at the top of the list in this examination”

“The Imperial College’s top of the list is Ye Shijie.” That person had barely stood firmly and he let out long breaths and said: “Second place is the eldest young master from the Right Minister residence, Li Jing.

The third place is Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, Zhou Yan Bang!”

The crowd was immediately bustling with noise.

“Who is Ye Shijie Never heard of this name before, is it a new student of the Imperial College”

“Unexpectedly, this time the eldest young master of the Right Minister isn’t the best, really surprising! 

“I thought Ningyuan Marquis’s heir would place second this time, didn’t expect him to be in third place.”

“So in the end, who is Ye Shijie Do you know this person”

While the people around were discussing spiritedly, Ye Shijie’s friend was pressing Ye Shijie’s shoulders excitedly: “Shijie, did you hear You are the first!”

“I heard.” Ye Shijie maintained his calm on the surface when in fact, his heart had long ago moved excitedly.

Just like the people in the restaurants, in Yanjing city, even in the Imperial College, his name was unfamiliar.

This time he brought the glorious Ye family’s intention, came to the Imperial College and at last, good things came to those who waited.

The Imperial College’s first place, could be directly conferred a government official title.

As long as there was an official position, the Ye family was no longer a commoner.

They would no longer be bullied without the ability to defend themselves.

The Ye family would become more prosperous.   

But, he was still concerned about another matter.

Someone asked from the side: “The rankings of the Imperial College are now known.

How about Ming Yi Hall Who is placed at the top of the list from Ming Yi Hall” 

The person in the middle of the crowd was stunned for a while and suddenly turned silent.

Being silent like this in the middle of the bustling noise of the restaurant really made the people flabbergasted.

The crowd also gradually calmed down, the people looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what’s up with this person.

Someone couldn’t help opening his mouth: “What’s the result actually Quickly say it ah!”

That person hesitated for a moment before saying: “Ming Yi Hall’s rankings, the Jiang family’s fifth miss, Jiang Yu’e, is ranked third, Cheng Xuan envoy’s daughter, Meng Hong Jin, is ranked second.”

When he said “Meng Hong Jin is ranked second”, the crowd sighed.

The bet between Jiang Li and Meng Hong Jin was known by everyone.

Since Meng Hong Jin got the second place, Jiang Li’s wager where she wanted Meng Hong Jin to kneel down and apologize at the gate of the Imperial College was impossible.

Then they only needed to see whether Jiang second miss would rank last.

If she did, then she would be totally lost.

Ye Shijie secretly clenched his fists tightly.

He didn’t know why but he was actually worried about Jiang Li’s fate.

“The top of the list is…….” The person who was listing the rankings suddenly paused for a moment.

Under the pressure of the many eyes, he finally spoke the final name.

“Chief Assistant’s daughter Jiang second miss, Jiang Li.”

Jiang Li!

Ye Shijie’s friend was so shocked he almost overturned his glass.

He picked his ears, “Did I mishear, Shijie He said Jiang Li is at the top of the list!”

Ye Shijie also suspected that there’s a problem with his ears, or possibly he was in a dream.

As soon as the man finished speaking, the crowd was suddenly aroused.

They rained curses: “Is there something wrong with your eyes or are you blind Maybe you are illiterate, that’s how you speak of such delusion” 

That person argued justly.

With a red face he bellowed, “I didn’t speak nonsense, Jiang second miss is at the top of the list!”

Chapter 63 Part 2: Good News

“Pah,” a middle-aged man spat to the ground and said loudly: “If that Jiang second miss is really at the top of the list, I’ll eat that pile-up horse dung at the door!”

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Everyone collectively looked towards the door.

In the stable, a tall horse the color of red jujube was in the middle of swinging its tail.

Sensing everyone’s gazes, the horse doubtfully looked inside the restaurant and raised its front hooves.  

“You don’t believe it, then go ahead and see it yourself!” That person had kindly provided everyone with the list of rankings and didn’t expect to be insulted in turn.

He stood on a stool and spoke angrily.

“We’ll see then!” A big man carrying a knife said: “Look at your stupid and illiterate self.”

He just finished speaking, and another diner ran inside the restaurant through the door.

He was probably also a person from the restaurant who went to see the notice.

Compared to the previous person, he was more straightforward and didn’t pique the crowd’s curiosity at all.

Once he entered the door, as if he was bringing huge news, he roared: “Amazing, Ming Yi Hall’s examination rankings have come out.

At the top of the list is the Jiang family’s second miss, Jiang Li.

This time the Meng family’s miss has to humbly offer her apology and her reputation will fall to the bottom!”

With this sentence, the crowd fell into absolute silence. 

The person who was doubted before jumped down from the stool he was standing at and snorted coldly: “You should believe it now.” He straightened his clothes and walked away in a huff, leaving behind a pile of dumbstruck onlookers. 

Ye Shijie looked at the chaos in front of his eyes.

Originally he should be frowning, but unknowingly, he couldn’t help smiling. 

…….It was also quiet today inside the Jiang residence. 

Inside Wang Feng Hall, Ji Shuran was in the middle of having a chat with old madam Jiang.

Jiang Bing Ji was sitting on one side eating pastries, Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e were sitting in another position while Jiang Yuyan was lowering her head to embroider a handkerchief. 

“In a while the person who takes note of the examination list will come back.” Ji Shuran held her upper tummy and smiled: “I’m rather nervous.”

“Elder sister-in-law has nothing to be nervous about.” Lu-shi immediately smiled after: “Your You Yao has nothing to be worried about.

Unlike our second branch, Jing You is not a study material, Jing Rui…….

If he didn’t give me a pile of troubles, the world would be peaceful already.” 

Jiang Jing Rui and Jiang Jing You also participated in the Imperial College’s examination.

However, in the examination year after year, the two brothers were just like that.

Jiang Jing You’s grades were mediocre, Jiang Jing Rui came last in the rankings.

Lu-shi no longer carried any hope. 

Jiang Yu’e listened to their conversation and pursed her lips into a smile.

Today she followed Jiang You Yao to Wan Feng Hall together precisely to wait for the person looking at the list to say the rankings so she could get old madam Jiang’s praise.

Let the people in the Jiang family see her talent and intelligence.  

“Why didn’t the second sister come together” Jiang Yu’e said: “When I came over, I let someone call her to come together.”

“I heard second sister is making tea in her courtyard, saying that she is not interested in the list.” Jiang You Yao laughed generously, “second sister doesn’t wish to come, in that case don’t force her to.”

In everyone’s ears, naturally what was ringing was the wager between Jiang Li and Meng Hong Jin.

Today three out of the six results came out, the overall situation was already half decided.

It could be presumed that Jiang Li would come last.

If Jiang Li lost, she would have to pay a huge price.

As far as Jiang Li was concerned, naturally she wasn’t willing to see it with her own eyes. 

“Wait for the result to come out, I’ll go over to tell her.” Ji Shuran smiled gently.

Old madam Jiang kept quiet.

As she was speaking, Zhenzu lifted the screen and said: “Old Madam, the person who went to check the results has come back.”

“Come in.”

The person who went to see the result was the Jiang residence’s young male servant.

He first gave courtesy to the masters before speaking: “From the four misses who went to participate in the examination, third miss is in fourth place, fourth miss is in 17th place and fifth miss is in third place.”

When Jiang You Yao first heard that she was in fourth place, she was still pleased.

But upon hearing that Jiang Yu’e got third place, she lowered her head, and her heart immediately felt extremely unhappy.

Jiang Yu’e restrained the ecstasy in her heart and looked at the young male servant to ask: “Don’t know which place did my second sister get”

That young male servant took out a rolled transcript of the list of rankings from his bosom and handed it to old madam Jiang.

The corners of his mouth drew back, exposing a wide smile, his mouth said.

“Second miss’s name is first, the best in this examination.

Congratulations Old Madam!”


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