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Chapter 61 Part 1: School Examination


A period of ten days, to say it’s fast, it’s not that fast.

To say it’s slow, it’s not that slow.

It’s actually a big matter to the people of Yanjing.

First, it’s the day of the Imperial College’s examination, the moment when the talented and handsome youngsters revealed their outstanding talents.

Second, it’s also Ming Yi Hall’s examination, where each official daughter revealed their remarkable ability.


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This event happens every year, however this year, apart from this, there was also a bigger amusement.

It was precisely the bet between the chief assistant’s noble daughter, Jiang second miss and Cheng Xuan envoy’s di daughter, Miss Meng.

Whoever lost would need to kneel down in public and apologizes.

For many years, the capital had never come across this kind of thing before, It was not a bit matter to watch the excitement, thus, from the official down to the commoners, everyone waited to see the excitement.

The majority of the crowd of people watching the excitement was inclined towards Meng Hong Jin.

The cause was nothing else but whoever had any brain and eyes would not choose Jiang Li.

Previously, Miss Meng’s grades in Ming Yi Hall could be said to be exceptional.

Also, Jiang second miss’s sentence was unpleasant to hear, which was almost like a child that had just received instructions.

Then what did she use to argue with people

There were also people going against the tide and insisted on supporting Jiang second miss.

Everyone asked the cause and that person touched his chin and exposed a vulgar smile: “If Jiang second miss obtained the top position, Miss Meng has to take off her outer garment and kneel to apologize at the door of the Imperial College.

That Miss Meng is also someone from a noble family, able to see her taking off her outer garment is a treat to the eyes.

By comparison, of course it’s more worthwhile if Jiang second miss won.

I’ll pick Jiang second miss!” 

This reason was simply too low-class and everyone readily spat, no longer taking any notice of him. 

Meng Hong Jing’s carriage was steadily passing through the street and the comments made of her by the people could be heard.

She was extremely angry, but even more resentful at Jiang Li.  

Jiang Li’s three bets, especially the last bet, were enthusiastically discussed by people.

But unexpectedly, what was discussed in the mouths of the people was whether she, the honorable daughter, would take off her outer garment or not.

Obviously it was something that would hurt the reputation.

Old Master Meng was angry due to this and reprimanded her.

When had Meng Hong Jing ever eaten such a big loss The examination had not begun and she was already at a disadvantage.  

“This time I must make her reputation hit rock bottom!” she swore. 

On the other side, Jiang family’s carriage was also on the road towards Ming Yi Hall.

This time around, for the first time, Jiang You Yao actually waited for Jiang Li.

Although she still didn’t ride on the same carriage together with Jiang Li, the two carriages were one after another.

In the end, they left the residence together. 

Jiang Yuan Bai probably thought, what the eye didn’t see, the heart didn’t grieve over, he didn’t even send them away.

On the contrary, old madam Jiang sent a servant girl over to relay a few words to Jiang Li, telling Jiang Li to do their best and did not need to take things too heart, making Jiang Li somewhat astonished.  

Jiang Jing You and Jing Jing Rui would also be participating in the Imperial College’s examination and had left the door early in the morning.

Jiang Jing You and Jiang Li couldn’t be said to be familiar with each other.

With the style of Jiang Jing Rui, Jiang Li reckoned he merely went to the Imperial College’s examination to show up and get the next position in the ranking.  

Jiang Li sat inside the carriage and thought of the kind of ranking Ye Shijie would achieve in this examination.

If Ye shijie performed brilliantly, after the Imperial College’s examination, it was possible that he would be promoted to a government official without needing to wait for next year’s civil service examination.

While being the top scorer was admittedly something to be proud of, however, going through the Imperial College’s examination’s path was even more steady.

After all, in the past there were a lot of top scorers entering the court as officials, their careers were not necessarily broad.  

Except for Shen Yurong, he reaching his status today was not necessarily without the support of Princess Yong Ning.  

Thinking of Shen Yurong, Jiang Li’s eyes turned somewhat gloomy.

Tong’er thought that Jiang Li was worried about today’s examination and took out a block of honey dates with a flower pattern from inside the pastry box, broke it and handed it to Jiang Li.

She consoled: “Miss no need to worry, old madam already said not to take this time’s examination seriously.

What’s more, old master will definitely arrange everything well.

Remember, miss is the di daughter of the Jiang family, the honorable daughter of the chief assistant.

Nobody dares to pressure you.”

In other words, even if Jiang Li lost, she could refuse to acknowledge that she had lost and did not need to fulfill her part of the bet. 

Chapter 61 Part 2: School Examination

Jiang Li took the piece of broken date flower cake and smiled while rubbing Tong’er’s head.

Tong’er was still too naive.

Leaving aside whether this matter would be able to be talked through, that Cheng Xuan official, Meng Hong Jin’s father, Master Meng’s relationship with the Right Prime Minister Li family didn’t seem to be shallow.

The implication of having a relationship with the Right Prime Minister meant that he was the Jiang family’s enemy.

How could the Meng family let go of such an opportunity If Jiang Li lost, naturally Jiang Yuan Bai could use his power to press everything down.

However, the Meng family would certainly use this later, placing Jiang Yuan Bai in a difficult position in the court.

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For either the Meng family or the Jiang family, this wasn’t merely two misses playing a fierce war in a bet.

The deep meaning and reputation behind this was more serious than the wager itself.

“I know.” Jiang Li bit the piece of broken date flower date.

The sweet taste made her smile turn a little bit sweeter, “I’ll try my best.”

By the time they reached the gate of Ming Yi Hall, many people had arrived outside the examination room.

Seeing Jiang Li come, they all seized her up and down and broke out in bursts of laughter from time to time.

Even without thinking, it wa obvious that they were mocking her.

Of the six arts that the school would test on, calligraphy, mathematics and etiquette were done through test papers in the examination room and the results would be published five days later.

Following that was archery, riding as well as music.

They would all be carried out in the public examination place at Ming Yi Hall.

The results would be known on the spot.

Therefore, the examinations held by Ming Yi Hall were considered to be totally fair and just, without the least bit of private concealment.

Meng Hong Jin saw Jiang Li, smiled and stepped forward, then pretended to let out a relieved breath: “Jiang second miss came so late, I still thought you didn’t dare to come.”

“How is that possible” Jiang Li chuckled, “I didn’t take the bet with Miss Meng to heart.”

“That’s good.” Meng Hong Jin smiled ferociously, “I wish Jiang second miss would have good results and live up to expectation.”

“Live up to expectation” Meng Hong Jin emphasized these four words heavily.

Everyone knew Jiang Li certainly did not “enjoy the general support”.

Jiang Li nodded her head with a smile, as if not taking Meng Hong Jin’s words seriously.

Together with Jiang Yu’e, Jiang You Yao stepped forward and anxiously looked at Jiang Li and said: “Second sister, these few days, you didn’t practice at home.


Don’t bring difficulty to yourself.”

Didn’t even practice at home, the surrounding people sneered.

Then Jiang Li even had no good face.

So much so that someone impatiently wanted to see how miserable Jiang Li’s condition would be when she lost.

Jiang Li smiled: “Third sister actually practiced everyday.

I wish today’s examination could live up to third sister’s painstaking efforts these few days and could gain something back to some extent.”

“Thanks to second sister’s beautiful words.” Jiang You Yao couldn’t help producing a sweet smile.

She was proud of herself, in the examination this time, Ji Shuran had spent a lot of energy and mind to nurture her.

Precisely to be under a thousand eyes, using Jiang Li’s vulgarity to set off her own talent.

As far as she was concerned, she just needed to step on Jiang Li to pave a way for herself.

Jiang You Yao felt that this was something to look forward to.

Everyone exchanged a few sentences and soon the time arrived.

Everyone entered the examination room and sat upright in their respective chairs, waiting for the supervisor to come in.

It was like a war where they would be called kings if they won and bandits if they lost.


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