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Chapter 58 Part 1: Accompany

Supposing that Jiang Li didn’t score last in the examination, Meng Hong Jing would have to kneel down and apologize to Jiang Li.

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Supposing that Jiang Li scored better than Meng Hong Jin in the examination, Meng Hong Jin would have to kneel down at the Imperial College’s gate and apologize to Jiang Li. 

Supposing that Jiang Li not only scored better than Meng Hong Jin but better than the entire female students in Mingyi Hall, Meng Hong Jing had to bring vitex plants and kneel at the Imperial College’s gate and apologize to Jiang Li.

Three conditions, each one more shocking than the next.

Three gambles, from one to the next, made the courage of others tremble!

Mingyi Hall fell into a dreadful silence.

Not only Meng Hong Jin who was dumbfounded, Jiang You Yao this passer-by, even Liu Xu were all dumbfounded.

No one spoke, no one could say a word out. 

A moment later, Meng Hong Jin came out of her stupor and spoke with agitation: “Jiang Li, you have such big guts!”

“My guts have always been big,” Jiang Li smiled indifferently, “I just don’t know what about your guts Just now it looked really big, but now……..

This gamble, can you afford the stake”

Meng Hong Jing gritted her teeth without saying a word.

Jiang Li spoke so carefreely.

Such a scary stake, but she said it without any fluctuation, as if it was just a piece of silver kind of gambling show.

But unknowingly, their stake could be considered as very shocking.

Whoever won, the losing party would have no face in the entire Yanjing, so much so that even the family’s face would also be shamed. 

Jiang Li even went as far as mentioning the Imperial College…….

The students attending the Imperial College were the handsome and talented youngsters in the whole of Yanjing.

There was no shortage of noble children of the official families among them.

Moreover, with noble ladies such as them, perhaps their future husband was among this group.

Losing face in front of the Imperial College was equal to losing face in front of their future husband.

In the future, which youngster would marry someone who had been reduced to a laughingstock.

Jiang Li’s intention was truly ruthless. 

Meng Hong Jin felt a short burst of coldness. 

“If want to bet then just bet!” Each and every delicate young lady standing behind Meng Hong Jin spoke disdainfully: “Sister Hong Jin, quickly accept it.

Jiang second miss is very confident in herself, but it’s really too overconfident.”  

Liu Xu also came out of her daze and looked at Jiang Li with anxiety.

Only then did Meng Hong Jin remember that when she put this stake forward, naturally it was because from the start, she never thought that she would lose.

It should be known that a female that had been staying in a nunnery for eight years, though there were scriptures that could help her practice writing, knowing how to read these scriptures was vastly different from the Confucian Six Arts.

Calligraphy, Mathematics, Equestrian, Archery, Music, Rites and Etiquette, each one required long term practice.

Without mentioning other things, it was very likely that this was the first time Jiang Li was in contact with these.

Within such a short period of time, it was very difficult to comprehend the basics of these subjects.

In addition, the other ladies from Mingyi Hall had been studying for several years.

If they really lost to Jiang Li, then it would be outrageous.  

Jiang Li was bound to come last in the rankings.

Those stakes she made were bound to become her own burial pit. 

With this thought, Meng Hong Jin raised her head and had a smile on her as she said: “Since Jiang second miss has the spirit and courage, of course I would accompany you till the end.

Be as good as your word, today, all the sisters in Mingyi Hall are the witnesses.

When the examination results come out, Jiang second miss must not rely on your position as the young lady of the chief assistant’s house and say that it doesn’t count ah.”

“I won’t,” Jiang Li laughed: “I hope you also won’t.”

She had a calm expression, without any worry or fear.

It dazzled Meng Hong Jin who immediately snorted coldly before she walked off.

Chapter 58 Part 2: Accompany

The audience all dispersed in groups of twos or threes while looking at Jiang Li with pity and contempt, as if they had already seen the ending where her face was lost.

Jiang You Yao walked over, looked at Jiang Li and said: “Second sister, why do you want to compare with Miss Meng Hong Jin is always in the top three in every examination in Mingyi Hall.

This time you clashing with her is really not a sensible act.” 

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Jiang Li looked at her and said: “According to third sister’s meaning, I should now find Meng Hong Jin and ask her to cancel the stake”

Jiang You Yao stiffened for a moment before she opened her mouth anxiously: “But at present all the people at Mingyi Hall have witnessed it.

Second sister, if you cancel the stake then other people would think that you are a sore loser and will implicate the reputation of our entire family.”

Jiang Li spoke: “Since that’s the case, the stake must not be cancelled.

Third sister also doesn’t need to worry about me.

I, this person, have always had excellent luck.

If by any chance this time’s luck is also good, then the bet will be won, right”

Jiang You Yao smiled: “Then it’s great.” Yet her tone was completely unconvinced. 

After Jiang You Yao’s departure, Liu Xu walked over.

She looked at Jiang You Yao’s back and spoke with contempt: “Your third sister is clearly a person who hits a person that is down, waiting to look at you becoming joke.” 

“She’s somewhat stupid.” Jiang Li laughed.

Jiang You Yao wished to see her being thoroughly discredited and lost her face.

But she never thought that both glory and loss were borne together.

If she really lost and fulfilled the stake of kneeling down to Meng Hong Jin, the one losing face was the entire Jiang family.

How could Jiang You Yao, as the daughter of the Jiang family, be singled out as still being good   

Jiang You Yao didn’t understand this principle, or perhaps, although she understood, she would rather suffer damage to herself as long as Jiang Li was humiliated.

Just like Yun Shuang and Xiang Qiao. 

“It’s all because of me.” Liu Xu looked guiltily at Jiang Li, “I was spurred by them just now.

If it wasn’t because of me, you wouldn’t need to be this way.” 

“It’s not just for you.” Jiang Li appeased her, “they are deliberately nitpicking.

Even if it wasn’t this matter, they would always make excuses to create trouble.

Who has the mind to guard thieves for a thousand days It’s better to borrow this chance to deal with it once and for all.”

“But what should you do now” Liu Xu said: “I thought since you dare to agree to the bet, you ought to have some confidence.

However, Mingyi Hall’s 6 arts are really difficult.

I won’t conceal it from you, every year for the examination, I would have one or two subjects that fall behind.

While you just returned to Yanjing.”

“Actually, I have a high retentive memory.” Jiang Li winked at her.

Liu Xu stared blankly and nearly cried out in surprise: “Really”

“Of course it’s a lie.” Jiang Li laughed and patted her shoulder, “but I’m also not as hopeless as they thought.

Don’t worry about me, properly review your lessons.

Just wait for the day after the examination when Meng Hong Jin kneels at the Imperial College’s gate to apologize.” 

Liu Xu still wanted to say something but Jiang Li had changed the topic.

Although she was still endlessly worried, seeing that Jiang Li still had a smile on her face, she didn’t know why, but Liu Xu had an indescribable sense of relief.

She was absolutely certain with Jiang Li’s words. 

Perhaps she really had ways.

Jiang Li smiled faintly inside.

Nothing but a school examination.

Meng Hong Jin’s provocation had indeed made her somewhat impatient.

However, there was another purpose attracting her.

If she came first in the rankings, she could enter the palace to receive the emperor’s gift. 

During the place’s night feast, the court’s new upstart, the current official in the Ministry of Rites, Shen Yurong, should be present.

There would also be Princess Yongning. 

She truly wanted to see these two people.

Even if she couldn’t do anything, even though at the moment she still couldn’t kill the enemies with her own hands, even if she could only sit far away from them, it was okay to just see their faces.

In this way, she was able to keep remembering the Xue family’s miscarriage of justice at all times, the blood feud of close relatives.

Could not forget, didn’t dare to forget.

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