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Chapter 57 Part 1: Three Bets

Xiao De Yin entered Mingyi Hall and immediately started teaching.

Jiang Li looked at her familiar figure and her train of thought flew far away. 

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After Shen Yurong became the top scorer, Jiang Li also had several friendships with all the teachers at Mingyi Hall who taught the six arts.

Beside Ji Luo who held a considerable hostility against her, the other teachers also had their own temperament.

Among them, Xiao De Yin was actually the one who hit it off very well with Jiang Li.

Because Xiao De Yin had the most gentle temperament, whenever Ji Luo targeted Jiang Li, Xiao De Yin would be the one who smoothed things over.

Moreover, Jiang Li really appreciated Xiao De Yin’s talent.

Xiao De Yin, as the first musician in Yanjing, her skill in playing the seven-note guqin was superb.

Due to this skill, she was once nearly asked to enter the palace by the Empress Dowager.

However, rather than becoming a court musician, Xiao De Yin would rather be a minor teacher in Mingyi Hall. 

Jiang Li’s skill in guqin was also extremely high.

The two of them often compared notes, each one had the feeling of bosom friends of high mountain and running water.

But it was precisely this intimate friend that never came even once to visit her after the matter of her engaging in an illicit affair came out.

Perhaps it was because Xiao De Yin cherished her reputation and wasn’t willing to be associated with the she who didn’t know honor and shame.

However, by coincidence, Jiang Li recalled something.

That day, at Mother Shen’s birthday, Xiao De Yin was also among the ranks of people invited to dinner and was seated by Jiang Li’s side.

At that time, Xiao De Yin frequently urged her to drink and it was her who supported her to return to the room to rest.

When she woke up, there was a major upheaval.

Yet Xiao De Yin simply said that while she was supporting her halfway, her personal servant girl took over supporting her back. 

No other evidence could prove that Xiao De Yin was also participating in the matter during Mother Shen’s birthday, but Jiang Li’s intuition informed her otherwise.

Maybe Xiao De Yin was also involved.

It’s just that she truly couldn’t understand what her reason was.

Saying that she was bribed by Princess Yongning, Xiao De Yin even refused the opportunity to enter the palace and became the court’s musician, proving that she really didn’t covet riches and honor.

But Xiao De Yin didn’t have any grievances or animosity with her, so why did she take the side of the evildoer

It didn’t matter if she currently couldn’t think clearly.  In any case, the present her was already in Mingyi Hall.

If Xiao De Yin truly had a problem, she would expose clues.

Furthermore, if Xiao De Yi truly participated in the matter that happened during Mother Shen’s birthday as she had guessed, then waiting for the day when the whole truth was revealed, she would be a superb witness.  

Jiang Li pondered slowly.

From the beginning of class, Jiang Li was pondering over other things.

From other people’s perspective, it was because she was ignorant and incompetent.

On the contrary, Liu Xu had carefully reminded her with a few well-intentioned sentences.

However, Jiang Li merely smiled and continued in her own way as before.

When Xiao De Yin concluded her lesson, she also specially talked about the examination in a few days.

Xiao De Yin spoke: “The person who achieves the top score in the examination this year will attend the palace feast and receive the holy gift.

For you, this was an excellent opportunity.

If the emperor personally gifts something to you, your future prospects will be very favorable.

I hope everyone can exert your utmost effort.”  

The emperor would personally give the gift! The females in Mingyi Hall immediately discussed excitedly.  

“Similarly, if the performance of the examination is unreasonable, you won’t see any light.

I can be regarded to have a few years of teachers and students relationships with everyone these few years, naturally I do not wish any one of you to be expelled from Mingyi Hall.” Xiao De Yin spoke: “Therefore, everyone should practice diligently in the remaining few days.

These few days Mingyi Hall will have no classes, just wait for the next few days when the examination will take place.

Later, the detailed rules and regulations pertaining to the examinations will be pasted in front of the hall.

Everyone, please remember to take a look.” Xiao De Yin had a smile on her face.

After she finished talking, she immediately held her guqin and left without taking any look at Jiang Li.   

Jiang Li saw her being this way and a plan formed in her heart. 

After Xiao De Yin left, the enthusiastic atmosphere in Mingyi Hall didn’t disperse.

Waiting until they finished pasting the rules and regulations of the examination, the females immediately went forward in twos or threes to take a look.

Liu Xu pulled Jiang Li’s sleeve, a hard to cover excitement in her eyes as she spoke: “Let’s go and see.”

Jiang Li was unable to resist her and followed her to the front of the hall.

Jiang You Yao and Meng Hong Jin were also already there.

Liu Xu attentively looked at the rules and regulations and sighed: “The top scorer of this year’s examination will have a really impressive scenery.

If I could…….

Even if just one, my father would inevitably be extremely happy.”

Chapter 57 Part 2: Three Bets

vitex plants / jingtiao plants

Jiang Li looked at Liu Xu’s lively chatter and also had a smile on her face as she said: “Indeed, with the emperor’s gift, the glory will be unlimited.” 

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“Oh.” A lofty voice suddenly interrupted, it was Meng Hong Jin.

She glanced at Jiang Li and said: “Jiang second miss is also thinking of the fine gift given by the emperor One really dares to wish.

Look at this appearance, quite resembles that person who comes ahead to draw lots.”   

Liu Xu frowned: “Meng Hong Jin, your speech is too mean.”

Meng Hong Jin saw that it was Liu Xu and her eyebrows were immediately raised.

Her father’s position was lower than Jiang Yuan Bai’s, however, it was more than Liu Xu’s.

She immediately said: “I thought who it was, as it turns out, it’s Miss Liu.

Why Is this imitating Jiang second miss yesterday’s ‘speaking out for justice’ on the street Liu Xu, don’t say that I didn’t remind you, you better think clearly with whom you play together with.

Jiang second miss has a chief assistant father but you don’t.

It said that the Chengde Official, Mister Liu, has some troubles……..”

Liu Xu suddenly changed colors. 

Even though Jiang Li didn’t know what happened to Liu Yuan Feng, she knew that Meng Hong Jing’s words must not be empty talk.

Otherwise Liu Xu wouldn’t show such expression.

Liu Xu clenched her teeth and said: “Meng Hong Jin, you must not speak casually…….”

“If you want to say that I spoke casually, then so be it.” Meng Hong Jin smiled complacently, “I merely felt strange, why do you want to offend your fellow schoolmates for a person who’s bound to leave Mingyi Hall” 

“Who said she’s bound to leave Mingyi Hall” Liu Xu’s head was hot and she blurted out. 

“Isn’t it so” Meng Hong Jing opened her eyes wide and looked at the surrounding fellow students.

Each and every girl that was there giggled while Jiang You Yao had an awkward look, as if she was really wishing to step forward to mediate but was utterly timid.

Meng Hong Jing smiled tenderly and said: “Do you dare to bet with me Betting whether Jiang Li would leave Mingyi Hall after the examination.

If you lose, kneel down in front of all the people in Mingyi Hall and apologize to me!”  

Liu Xu was stunned, followed by anger.

She clenched her teeth without uttering a word.

If she agreed, Jiang Li had just entered Mingyi Hall and would most likely come last.

However, if she didn’t agree, that was the same as hitting Jiang Li’s face in pubic. 

There was no room to advance or retreat!

Meng Hong Jin looked at her calculatively.

The surrounding people looked mockingly at Liu Xu, making it difficult for Liu Xu to move.

Jiang Li looked at her and sighed in her heart.

After all, Liu Xu was still a young girl and easy to enter other people’s trap.

Liu Xu struggled for a while, her eyes sweeping at Jiang Li.

Seeing that Jiang Li just silently looked at her without any pleading in her eyes, she grinded her teeth.

With a chaotic mind she immediately said: “It’s a bet then…….”

“Then let’s bet.” Before she finished speaking, Jiang Li interrupted Liu Xu in the middle.

She took over the conversation and said: “No need of involving Liu Xu, I’ll bet with you.

If my examination results come out and I have to leave Mingyi Hall, then I’ll kneel down to apologize to you.

On the other hand…….”

“Conversely, I’ll apologize to you.” Meng Hong Jin was unable to contain her joy and spoke promptly. 

“This can’t be regarded as over like that.” Jiang Li faintly laughed: “If I remain in Mingyi Hall, you kneel down to apologize to me.

If my exam results are better than yours, you have to add one more thing, kneel down to apologize to me by the Imperial College’s gate.”

“You!” Meng Hong Jin was angry.

But Jiang Li was not done speaking yet and continued: “If I not only have better results than you, but achieve the top score…….” 

“You have to take your outer garment off at the gate of the Imperial College, carry a vitex plants and kneel as an apology to me!”

[ 荊條 vitex/jingtiao plant .

There’s a story about a person carrying this plant on his naked back kneeling to apologize.

In ancient China, this symbolized taking the initiative to admit mistake, apologize to others and ask for severe punishment.]


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