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Chapter 55 Part 1: Received and Paid For

“You want to be a government official”

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Ye Shijie was momentarily speechless.

The look as Jiang Li fixed her attention on him was too straight.

So much so that it made him produce a clear illusion.

Ye Shijie immediately avoided Jiang Li’s sight and answered with a nasal sound as his response.  

Actually, he didn’t need to talk about this kind of thing with her.

After all, Jiang Li once regarded them, the Ye family, as enemies.

By curious coincidence he felt that Jiang Li was a person that could be trusted.

“With an exceptional performance in the Imperial College’s examination, it’s possible to be assigned as an official.” Jiang Li said: “ It’s just, you came over from Xiangyang to become a government official, could it be that maternal grandmother and the others are going to move here someday in the future”

Ye Shijie was surprised, Jiang Li was unexpectedly able to think up to this point.

He said: “After being stable here, perhaps they will come over.”

“There are advantages and disadvantages of moving over,” Jiang Li actively expressed her views: “If you are able to establish a firm foothold in the capital, in the future the Ye family could be regarded as having prestige.

If one or two of the Ye family’s younger generation could serve as officials, the Ye family would be protected and be worry-free for a hundred years.

However, moving to the capital would also incite some jealous people.

The same way, the Ye family would also be in more danger.”   

Ye Shijie gazed at her strangely and said: “You actually think so far ahead.” He was aware that it hadn’t been long since Jiang Li returned to Yanjing.

When Jiang Li was sent to the nunnery, Old Madam Ye was anxious and ill in bed.

He still felt very happy.

After all, Jiang Li really had no conscience. 

After eight years, she returned to the capital.

Jiang Li appeared to be able to tell clearly the forces within Yanjing, and seemed as if she fully understood.   

Jiang Li smiled: “In the end, I’m a person from Yanjing.”

Ye Shijie said disdainfully: “Are the people from Yanjing more superior than others Ridiculous.”

Jiang Li knew that this elder cousin’s hostility towards her wouldn’t disappear so quickly and didn’t take offense.

She suddenly recalled something and asked: “A recommendation is needed to enter the Imperial College, the Ye family doesn’t have anyone sitting in a government official post.

How did you enter”

Ye Shijie asked: “What are you asking this for”

Jiang Li felt Ye Shijie’s attitude was somewhat strange and immediately said: “Merely curious.”

“The second son from the Right Minister’s house gave the recommendation.” Ye Shijie finally still answered Jiang Li’s question.

“Right Minister” Jiang Li was puzzled, “how does the Ye family have relations with the Right Minister” 

To say, the Right Minister was Jiang Yuan Bai’s sworn enemy in the imperial court.

The Right Minister, Li Zhong Nan, suddenly emerged in the past few years.

Supposedly, at that time, Li Zhong Nan was still someone that Jiang Yuan Bai promoted.

But afterwards, unknown why, his power gradually grew bigger, nearly reaching the stage of being on par with Jiang Yuan Bai.

It was too late for Jiang Yuan Bai to feel regret and could only stand opposite Li Zhong Nan. 

As a result, upon hearing Ye Shijie mentioned Li Zhong Nan, Jiang Li felt it was odd.

“Li Zhong Nan’s second son, Li Lian, went to visit his family in the neighboring area of Xiangyang.

He was schemed by people and got into a lawsuit.

I inadvertently passed through and saved him in passing.

Afterwards, he found out that I am a person from the Ye family and proposed to recommend me to attend the Imperial College.” 

For the Ye family, being able to enter the Imperial College was the same as having a meat pie falling from the sky.

If Ye Shijie could take the opportunity while learning in the Imperial College to seek a government post, the significance of the Ye family would be very different.

Thus Ye Shijie very frankly immediately accepted Li Lian’s proposal. 

Jiang Li listened to Ye Shijie and felt strange.

Leaving other things aside, due to feeling grateful for Ye Shijie’s help, Li Lian was determined to recommend Ye Shijie Is Li Lian such a person who knows how to repay favor

Chapter 55 Part 2: Received and Paid For

Jiang Li knew, at the beginning, when Shen Yurong became the proud top scorer, in order to understand the characters of his future colleague above him, he had exerted a bit of effort.

The Right Minister, Li Zhong Nan, had two sons.

The eldest son was a handsome and talented youth in everyone’s mouth, but the second son, Li Lian, was clearly a hedonistic and evil son.

Such a hedonistic son used paying a debt of gratitude as a cover, Jiang Li intuitively felt that something was fishy. 

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Probably because she thought it was fishy, she tried to recall a bit deeper.

Suddenly Jiang Li recalled, the person who was looking for trouble yesterday, Liu Zimin, was a part of Li Lian’s pack of scoundrels.

Moreover, he was on good terms with Li Lian. 

If Li Lian was really thinking of repaying Ye Shijie, it’s not possible not to tell Ye Shijie’s name to Liu Zimin.

If Liu Zimin was aware that Ye Shijie and Li Lian had relations, how would he dare to find trouble with Ye Shijie

Unless, Li Lian knew about Liu Zimin finding trouble with Ye Shijie, or even acquiesced, or perhaps it was him who incited the matter.   

But why did Li Lian want to do such a thing

Within a short time, Jiang Li had already guessed any possibilities she could think of. 

Ye Shijie didn’t know what Jiang Li was thinking about.

Seeing Jiang Li lost in thought, he asked: “What are you thinking about”

“Elder cousin,” Jiang Li said resolutely: “Li Lian, this person’s ways are not proper, his reputation in Yanjing is wrong.

If you are thinking of becoming an official, it’s best for you not to have any relation with him.

Otherwise, you might be implicated in the future.

If it’s just you alone then consider it over, but if the Ye family is involved, the gains do not make up for the losses.” 

Ye Shijie had a solemn expression as he asked Jiang Li: “Is there something that you know”

An intelligent youth, Jiang Li silently exclaimed in admiration.

However, at present, she herself also wasn’t clear on what Li Lian was trying to do, moreover it was not good to guess carelessly.

She could only remind him tactfully: “It’s still unknown for now.

But I think according to Li Lian’s temperament, he’s absolutely not a person who knows how to repay favor.

Therefore, him recommending you to enter the Imperial College may not necessarily be without other reasons.

Elder cousin Ye, in the future, you are someone who has to take on the task of carrying the people of the Ye family.

It’s important for everything to be done cautiously.

As for people like Li Lian, if you could keep away from them then keep away, okay!”  


Not waiting for Ye Shijie to talk, Jiang Li spoke again: “Liu Zimin and Li Lian are good friends.

Yesterday you saw  Liu Zimin’s conduct.

Birds of a feather flock together, think about it yourself.”

Ye Shijie’s eyes moved.

Jiang Li knew he was listening to what she was implying.

“Then what about you” Ye Shijie inquired: “What are you trying to do Although you said that yesterday you acted unintentionally, but our Ye family does business and pays most attention to not owing people.

You helped me, what is the cost that you want me to pay You want to repair the relationship with the Ye family” 

Tong’er who was standing and serving by the side heard the entire conversation and couldn’t wait to jump up.

The Ye family’s young master’s words were really unpleasant to hear, as if Jiang Li was the same as those calculating merchants. 

“How can I ask you to help me rebuild the relationship with the Ye family” Jiang Li laughed carelessly and spread her hand out towards Ye Shijie. 

Ye Shijie looked at the jade-like lily-white outstretched hand in front of him, the fingers were pointed like scallions, tender and spotlessly white.


Ye Shijie could also see the calluses between her fingers. 

Ye Shijie stared blankly, he suddenly recalled that Jiang Li previously stayed in the nunnery for eight years.

A period of eight years, after all she was a young girl, it was unknown how much suffering she had received.

He originally had a sharp tongue but a soft heart, his speech was harsh but after seeing these, his heart unconsciously softened.  

He heard Jiang Li’s not urgent nor slow speech: “Since elder cousin Ye said that I’m trying to do something, if I insisted that I do not want anything, elder cousin Ye would feel uneasy.

In that case, just give me.”

“Give what” Ye Shijie frowned.

“”Silver ah.” Jiang Li spoke righteously: “100 silver taels.

The Ye family does business and should be familiar with this sentence, the goods are delivered and the bill is cleared.”


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